10 Best Books About Angel Numbers

10 Best Books About Angel Numbers

Many people who see repeating numerals turn to the best books about Angel Numbers for answers. This is because Angel Number books often give readers a deeper understanding of the concept. And people who’ve extensively studied Angel Numbers have written these books.

Angel Numbers are coded messages sent by spiritual beings from the angelic realm. They’re how Guardian Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters communicate with humans. An Angel Number can appear when you need guidance in your life. You may notice it in places like on a receipt or clock. Some renowned writers who authored books about Angel Numbers include Kyle Gray and Mystic Michaela.

With so many books about Angel Numbers published, finding the true gems may be a daunting task for you. Therefore, this post will discuss 10 of the best books about Angel Numbers. We’ll also explore the significance of Angel Numbers.

What Are Angel Numbers?

Several spiritual beings you may be familiar with exist in the angelic realm. You may know them as Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, or Archangels. One or more of these beings watch over you, and you can look to them for support in your life.

When you call upon an angelic being, they can’t speak directly to you. This is because their vibrational energy is higher than that of humans.

Therefore, they’ve found a creative way to communicate with you. They send Angel Numbers, which are coded messages you can decipher.

An Angel Number can appear anywhere numerals are used. This can be a clock, number plate, or billboard. They can also show up in your dreams. These numbers rarely go undetected because the human brain automatically notices patterns.

Angel Numbers are collectively signs of guidance from the divine and messages that provide comfort and hope. However, each Angel Number has a unique meaning for every individual. They’re often tailored to your situation, providing direction and encouragement specific to your needs.

When you see an angel number, you’re responsible for finding the meaning behind it. And acting according to the guidance you received.

The 10 Best Books About Angel Numbers

10 Best Books About Angel Numbers (5)

1.   ‘The Angel Numbers Book’ by Mystic Michaela

The Angel Number BookThis popular book contains everything you need to know about the recurring numbers you see in relation to Angels. Mystic Michaela is a fourth-generation psychic medium, podcaster, and New Age expert.

Michaela is all about helping people on their spiritual journey. Her insights have been featured in several publications, including Mashable, Cosmopolitan, and Well+Good.

In ‘The Angel Numbers Book,’ you’ll learn about:

  • What Angel Numbers are
  • Understanding Angel Numbers
  • Angel Number interpretations
  • How to use Angel Numbers
  • Recording and reflecting on your Angel Numbers

The first portion of the book helps you understand, identify, and interpret Angel Numbers. It explains the foundational numbers 1 to 9 and the significance of double, triple, and quadruple-digit Angel Numbers. From there, Michaela briefly analyzes each number from 1 to 999.

Compared to online content about Angel Numbers, this book doesn’t provide a detailed analysis of each digit and numeral sequence. Instead, Michaela provides cliff notes, which are ideal for quick referencing. The brief interpretations are also perfect because they encourage you to explore the meanings and guidance of the Angel Numbers yourself.

The book contains a journaling section at the back to help readers further take charge of their spiritual journey. You can note the Angel Numbers you notice in this part of the book. And you can write a brief journal entry. This way, you’ll know which numbers are recurring and which aren’t.

‘The Angel Numbers Book’ is one of the best books about Angel Numbers for beginners. This book is worth reading if you’re new to Angel Numbers and want to learn the basics.

2.   ‘Angel Numbers’ by Kyle Gray

This book is a Wall Street Journal Bestseller written by Kyle Gray, an international speaker, bestselling author, and spiritual teacher. It has received various acclaims and praises, making it one of the best books about Angel Numbers.

In ‘Angel Numbers,’ you’ll discover:

  • The meaning behind various number sequences
  • Which numbers represent significant changes in your life
  • When to expect miracles

The book contains interpretations for every number between 0 and 999. It also discusses digital clock number messages.

Each interpretation is simple to understand and straightforward. It’s also practical, so you can apply the message to your situation.

‘Angel Numbers’ doesn’t provide the guidance you’ll find online. The interpretations are based on Gray’s experience receiving and deciphering messages. Therefore, you may notice differences between what you read in blog posts and the book.

This book is not one you read in a single sitting. Instead, you can use it as a reference guide. You can return to it whenever you see an Angel Number sequence to better understand the specific message.

Besides interpretations, Gray tells the story of how he first started noticing Angel Number sequences. This gives ‘Angel Numbers’ a relatable feel compared to other Angel Number books.

3.   ‘Angel Numbers Mastery’ by Sarahdawn Tunis

This is another one of the best books about Angel Numbers. It takes readers on an earnest journey, covering various topics such as:

  • The meaning of Angel Numbers
  • How to identify Angel Numbers
  • Understanding Angel Number messages
  • How to be more perceptive to notice Angel Numbers

Sarahdawn Tunis, a dedicated teacher of the power of Angels and spirituality and a qualified therapist, walks readers through these subjects. She also includes nuggets of her personal experiences dealing with anxiety and negative thinking.

The book teaches you how to connect and communicate with Angels daily. And the meaning and messages of primary and Master Numbers.

This book will answer why you keep seeing repeating numbers. And it may help you regain your connection with your Angels.

‘Angel Numbers Mastery’ is written in a clear voice, and it’s basic enough for beginners to understand. You can use it as a reference guide instead of reading it cover to cover. Therefore, this is one of the best books about Angel Numbers to have in your personal library.

4.   ‘The Spiritual Meanings of Numbers’ by Belle Motley

The Spiritual Meaning of Numbers BookIf the Law of Attraction and manifestation are techniques you practice on your spiritual journey, this book is worth reading. It explores how you can use these practices with numerological synchronicities to realize your dreams and deepest desires.

In ‘The Spiritual Meanings of Numbers,’ Belle Motley will guide you through:

  • The basics of Numerology
  • Understanding core and repeating Angel Numbers
  • Interpreting multi-digit Angel Numbers

Parts of this book focus on Numerology, so you’ll learn how to make various numerological calculations. Motley also offers valuable tips to connect with your spirit guides through prayer and meditation.

‘The Spiritual Meanings of Numbers’ is highly interactive. And it’s a great resource if you want to know more about Angel Numbers. Also, you can use it as a reference guide for Angel Numbers for years to come.

Angel Numbers intrigued Belle Motley after her mother passed. She states that she received messages from her in the form of numbers. Therefore, she aims to help people find harmony, healing, and purpose in life through her book.

5.   ‘Angel Numbers 101’ by Doreen Virtue

‘Angel Numbers 101’ is an expansion of ‘Healing with the Angels,’ a book by former New Age author Doreen Virtue. And it’s another one of the best books about Angel Numbers.

Although it’s dated, its interpretations still prove relevant. The book covers:

  • How to receive accurate messages from your Angels
  • The meaning of Angel Numbers 0 to 999

‘Angel Numbers 101’ contains a brief interpretation for each double and triple Angel Number. However, it doesn’t cover quadruple digits. Also, the interpretations aren’t as detailed as those you’d find online.

Despite this, the interpretations of ‘Angel Numbers 101’ are constructive, helpful, and positive. They can encourage you on your spiritual journey. And they may reveal a perspective you never considered to change your course.

‘Angel Numbers 101’ is a handy reference guide to have in your bag or personal library. It’s a great introduction to Angel Numbers and their messages. As with the previous books mentioned in this post, Angel Numbers 101 isn’t one to read cover to cover either.

6.   ‘Signs of the Universe’ by Wendy Robbins

This book is a holistic guide to the ‘Signs of the Universe’. Written by an empath who taught herself Numerology, Astrology, Tarot reading, and Palmistry, it explores these topics and more.

‘Signs of the Universe’ is considered one of the best books about Angel Numbers because it can help you quickly understand the concept. It’s also worth the read if you want to learn more about Numerology. It touches briefly on these topics, so it’s not a detailed guide.

The book is written in an objective voice, and the information is straightforward. It’s more suited for anyone new to occult practices than intermediate or advanced students.

7.   ‘Angel Numbers 1-9 Meaning’ by Dawn Hazel

Angel Number 1-9 Meaning BookThis book is another one of the best books about Angel Numbers. Dawn Hazel has been surrounded by the concept of Angel Numbers for years. She has been reading cards for over twenty years and monitoring Angel Numbers for more than ten.

With this book, you can learn about the messages your spirit guides send you. It focuses on messages about grief, twin flames, love, friends, and change.

‘Angel Numbers 1-9 Meaning’ will help you:

  • Understand the repeating numbers in your life
  • Learn about the unique primary numbers that are vital to your life
  • Connect with Angels by identifying recurring numbers

The book contains a codex to help you gain a deeper understanding of the Angel Numbers you see. Hazel also clearly delivers the interpretations for each number so that beginners can understand the text.

‘Angel Numbers 1-9 Meaning’ is the ideal book for anyone who needs support during their twin flame journey. It’s also a powerful tool to help you heal. If all you want is to understand Angel Numbers, it’s also worth the read.

8.   ‘The Divine Practice of Angel Numbers’ by Leeza Robertson

This book by international bestselling author Leeza Robertson explores the concept of Angel Numbers as they relate to Archangels. Therefore, it provides more than interpretations of messages from the divine. Still, it’s one of the best books about Angel Numbers available.

‘The Divine Practice of Angel Numbers’ contains various actionable and practical content, including:

  • Angel connection prayers
  • Exercises to put an Angel Number’s energy into a crystal
  • Guidance to connect with Angels through visualization and meditation

The book opens with guidance on specific spiritual practices, such as meditation and automatic scripting. Robertson also shares her thoughts about the meaning of healing.

She then discusses thirteen Archangels, including Michael and Metatron. The book offers insight into their individual ascension lessons for enhancing your health and well-being.

Therefore, this is one book to add to your shelf if you strongly connect to Archangels. It’s also worth reading if you want to strengthen the link with these divine beings.

Robertson’s book contains short affirmation-style messages from the Archangels who send Angel Numbers. It also describes the Angel connected to the repeating number you see.

The insights in ‘The Divine Practice of Angel Numbers’ are easily digestible. They may help you understand how you can start receiving blessings and support from the Angels watching over you. Also, you may learn how to make deeper soul connections and abandon negative thinking.

If you work with crystals, this book may also be handy. It contains a color insert for crystal identification.

9.   ‘Angel Numbers Explained’ by Daria Burnett

This book is another one of the best books about Angel Numbers. And it’s beginner-friendly.

As an author, counselor, and numerologist, Daria Burnett is well versed in Numerology. She’s written several books on the practice and others on astrology.

In ‘Angel Numbers Explained,’ you’ll learn:

  • What Angel Numbers mean
  • What to do when you see an Angel Number
  • How you can fulfill your life’s purpose by listening to your Angels
  • What the most critical three-digit Angel Numbers mean

The book contains interpretations for several Angel Numbers, from 111 to 999. Besides gaining insight into repeating numbers, you may also learn about your true destiny. And how you can live it every day.

10.       ‘Repeating Angel Numbers’ by Sherry Lee

This is one of the best books about Angel Numbers for anyone looking for a crash course. ‘Repeating Angel Numbers’ is a short book. It’ll help you understand:

  • Why you’re seeing repetitive numbers
  • The deeper meanings behind repeating numbers
  • The importance of noticing Angel Numbers
  • What to do when you see Angel Numbers

Lee provides a detailed explanation of Angel Numbers in the book’s introduction. She also dives into what makes a digit sequence an Angel Number.

The book further explores how to tap into the extraordinary spiritual power of Angel Numbers through their interpretations. It’s also a guide to aligning your life to the energy of Angel Numbers.


Several books have been published about Angel Numbers. Some are ideal for anyone new to the concept. And others offer detailed interpretations of various repeating numbers.

One of the best books about Angel Numbers is ‘The Angel Numbers Book’ by Mystic Michaela. This book provides a wealth of information to anyone unfamiliar with Anger Numbers. It covers everything you need to know about the concept and much more.

Another book worth adding to your shelf is ‘Angel Numbers’ by Kyle Gray. This is because it’s beginner-friendly, clear, and concise.

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