11 Signs that An Angel is Watching over You

11 Signs that An Angel is Watching over You

Have you ever thought that a little unnoticeable thing may be an indication that your guardian angel is watching over you? You may not have thought of. But in reality, they are trying to communicate with you in many ways.

If you find a white feather, angel numbers, undescribed smells, and perfumes, you shouldn’t ignore these things. These are signs that an angel watches over you and wants to communicate with you.

Angels often communicate with people through these signs. But the signs aren’t limited to them. There are many more ways that angels use to communicate with people. Let’s dive deeper to know those ways.

Ways to Know When a Guardian Angel is Watching over You

1. Finding a White Feather

If you find a white feather while walking on the road, in your home, or in an unexpected place, it’s a sign that the guardian angel is watching over you. Especially, if you find the feather in an area where its presence is questionable.

Although any color of a feather may carry the same sign, white is thought to be the angels’ “calling card.” White feathers symbolize encouragement. That’s a sign that your guardian angel wants you to keep trying, and you’re nearing the end of your struggle. Your guardian angel will be there to support you.

2. Light Orbs

If you see light orbs or bright light frequently, you may think it’s a trick or a play of light. Light orbs, however, are considered to be angelic vehicles and transportation of souls.

You can see them in your everyday life as well as in photos. If you see them often, you shouldn’t ignore them. This is a sign that your guardian angel is watching over you.

3. You see angels in the cloud

11 Signs that An Angel is Watching over You - Clouds

Clouds are a favorite medium for angels to communicate with us or send us messages. If you see a unique shape or form in the clouds, it means that the angels are watching over you.

The founder of Angel Therapy, Doreen Virtue says, “Angels love to use clouds to communicate with us because clouds are easy to shape and beautiful to look at.” How do you identify that the shape is from the guardian angel? You will usually find a heart shape, flower, or any other symbol connected to you personally.

Apart from clouds, these symbols can also be found in places where they can easily form, such as shadows, foam, and so on.

4. The feeling of Being Touched

You may feel a soft touch in your arm or neck, or you may feel someone is hugging you. When these types of incidents occur repeatedly, it is a sign that a sacred soul is close to you.

Sometimes, you may feel a temperature change in a specific portion of your body, like the neck or arm. It may feel a little cool or a little warm. Most of the time, these incidents occur while you are meditating or praying in a concentrated manner.

It’s the guardian angel trying to convince you that you’re not alone. Pay attention to the hints they give you to figure out the message they are trying to convey to you. Once you unfold the message, begin working on them.

5. You feel like You are not Alone

Even when you are alone, it sometimes feels like someone is watching you or accompanying you. While watching a movie or listening to a song, you feel the presence of someone nearby.

Some angel believers claim that they can sense the presence of their guardian angel. So, if you are facing these situations right now, be calm and live in the moment. Soon, you will realize that you have an angel watching over you.

Once you confirm, try communicating with them. Try to understand what they want. It may be that they are telling you to begin a new journey, or they are here to help you turn your existing struggle into the end.

6. A ringing in your ears

You may hear a ringing in your ear when the angel is trying to communicate with you and send you messages. You may receive information that you do not currently need, but that will be useful to you in the future. It is up to you whether to receive the message.

You can hear various sounds such as bells, very loud sounds, and quiet and calm sounds. You can ask your angel to turn down the volume if the sound is too loud.

Their presence can also be felt through music. Sometimes, you hear a piece of music repeatedly in your head. Does that happen to you? It doesn’t matter what you do; it keeps repeating in your head? It may be that the guardian angel is sending you a message through the lyrics of that music.

7. You spot angel numbers

An angel number appearing repeatedly is a good indication that your guardian angel is watching over you. According to Ask-Angel, showing an angel number is the most common way angels use to capture your attention and guide you further.

Angel numbers may repeatedly appear on the road, on your mobile phone, or on the clock. The number may vary based on the individual. There may be a number sequence, such as 911, 11:11, 333, or a magical number, such as your birthday or anniversary. Let’s say your sleep breaks every day at 3:33 a.m. These are the clear signs that an angel is watching over you and trying to communicate with you.

8. Phone Calls

Maybe you were thinking about someone, a relative or an old friend, and then the phone rang. The amazing part is, it’s the caller you’ve been wishing to speak with. Many times it’s just a coincidence, but that’s not always the case.

Could it be that the angel has intervened and has reminded your friend to call you? If this happens once, it may have been a coincidence. If it happens repeatedly, it’s a sign that your guardian angel is always watching over you.

9. Babies and Animals looking at something

A Pinguin looking and walking around

As adults, we cannot see angels with our own eyes. However, it’s believed that babies and pets can see angels in their eyes.

Seeing your baby or pet staring at something and smiling calmly could indicate that they are looking at their guardian angels. In the presence of angels, they will behave like calm and quiet and will be staring towards something.

You may try to block their sight by standing in front of them or keeping your hand on their eyes. They will probably peek to see or will hold your hand to keep it aside.

10. You Notice a Sweet Smell

Angels sometimes fill the air with sweet smells or fragrances, such as delicious food, flowers, and pleasant perfumes. It may indicate that they are very near.

It sometimes happens when you’re with a group, and you feel the smell strongly while others don’t. Thus, angels try to hint to you that they are with you to protect you, and they will be there to help you.

11. Goosebumps and Temperature Change

The presence of angels can cause many physical sensation effects in your body. Sometimes, it causes goosebumps or chills on the back of your neck or on your upper arm. You may also experience a tingling sensation on your head while you are about to be asleep.

Sometimes, you will feel warmth in a particular portion of your body or sometimes chill. Most of these sensations are caused by angels trying to communicate with you. They are trying to uplift your energy level and make you more strong. While they are uplifting your energy, you may feel tingly or buzzy.


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The signs of the presence of an angel are simple but noticing it is hard. Isn’t it? I have covered almost all the common signs to understand whether a guardian angel is watching over you or not. I’m sure you’ll easily recognize angels’ presence if you remember these signs.

Remember, just realizing the presence of an angel isn’t enough. Angels don’t come to watch everyone. They came to you for a reason, and they are attempting to communicate with you for a reason. Try to find out the reason why they are watching over you.

They will show you signs, and those signs will contain the command or the message. You yourself have to solve the puzzle and fulfill the commandment.

Although they will never force you to do anything, it’s up to you whether you want to respond to their message or not. Though you are free to accept and reject their command, you shouldn’t reject. Their mission is to accompany you and help you through your journey.

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