1111 Angel Number – Meaning About This Special Number

1111 Angel Number

In this article, we will talk about the beautiful angel number 1111.

If you’ve been seeing it lately, and you’ve asked to yourself the question “what does it want to tell me”, or if it holds some kind of meaning, stay here and keep reading, because I’m going to tell you something very special.

Angelic numbers are divine messages that transmit coded instructions or information sent to human beings by angels and beings of light. They help us find a certain sense of balance and guide us to lead a better life on this plane.

Depending on the current situation in your life, this message from angels may be a warning of an event that is about to happen in your personal life, a great change waiting on the horizon, or a promise of better moments. In any case, keep in mind that it is a sign intended to guide us and bring us back on the right path.

The angel number 1111, universe and synchronicities

Universe of Angel Numbers

Angels are always communicating with us, but we are not often able to hear them directly, and that is why they use numbers as their means of communication. There are many ways that the signs might appear: the time of day, a seat number, amount in a bill, etc. It can also appear to us in lucid dreams and patterns, and they do so often until we decipher the message that angels are trying to send us or incentivize the change they believe we need to make in our lives.

If you’ve been praying, making your intentions clear, or you’ve been performing some kind of manifestation ritual, I want you to know, that this number is a clear sign, that the angels the universe and your guides, are sending you to tell you that you’ve been listening. As with the other angelic numbers, this number is a communication from the top to let you know that you are being guided along the way to get what you have asked for.

From this moment on, it is very common that you continue to see this number, and therefore, what is called “synchronicities”; this is nothing more than the coincidence between some content from your mind such as your thoughts, emotions and/or dreams, with an event from the outside such as seeing someone on the street who you were thinking about or, in this case, seeing angel number 1111.

If you’re aligned with your desire, this is your way of knowing, that you are in total alignment, at least at that time, and that you will only need to maintain your good thoughts and emotions to continue attracting your goal or desire.

An angelic sequence or number will no longer appear when you have decrypted the coded statements you are sending or ignored it for too long. If you ignore the call, the chances of getting it back are slim and you may lose what angels are trying to tell you through that number.

Remember that 1111 is a door that opens for you to manifest. It is a door from which you have the key; And what’s the key? your third eye, so your mind. It is very important, therefore, that you are aware of what you speak, think and/or do. From this moment on, you need to live a fully conscious life, drop the pilot mode which this third dimension gets us used to live, and live in fully aware of what we do, see, think etc. Meditation and mindfulness are very good practices to be a master of your mind, dominate it and put it to work for what you really want, for your most longed-for dreams.

What to do when seeing 1111

Seeing an AngelWhen we see that number several times, you may feel inside you that this number is a message/signal to you. Your intuition does not fail; sometimes I have seen numbers that I haven’t felt like they wanted to tell me something at the time, and I haven’t seen them again, and on other occasions, I see a number, with which I immediately resonate and feel like it’s the signal I have been asking for, or maybe I have been thinking about my desire and then I have seen that number. All of these are clear indications that it is a response, a signal.

It is important that when you see an angelic number, you remain silent, remember what you were thinking or if you have been making a wish; breathe and ask if this is a sign for you; the answer will come to you and it is crucial that you pay attention to your environment from now on.

When you don’t know what meaning saves certain numbers, you can search for their meaning and write it down in case you see it again later.

When you see the angelic numbers, thank them, remember to thank the beings of light for their help for staying with you and for reminding you to see the number at that time. You’re being guided, thank that guide. It would be important to decipher what angels are telling you about your life. To align with this energy, you first have to recognize it. The best way to pick up the line and connect with these higher energies is, of course, through gratitude.

Then take advantage to connect with spiritual energy as strong as that of ascended Masters and beings of light; This way you’ll take your vibration to another level and soon find yourself realizing your full potential in every area of your life.

When you see 1111 declare your desire in a present sentence, as already fulfilled; “I declare that I am happy, blissful and safe with my beloved soul mate” or simply say, “thank you, thank you, thank you, because I feel happy, blissful and safe with my beloved soul mate.” The following statement is very powerful, and was written by the author Charles F. Haanel to pronounce it at the time of viewing that number: “I am perfect, I am complete, I am strong, I am powerful, I am harmonious and I am happy.” If the moment allows, do it for 60 seconds!

Keep in mind that whenever you meditate, pray for an answer or solution, angels are responding to you through signs and symbols, open your heart and accept these messages of light that are sending you, to support you so that you can follow your path harmoniously.

What does it mean regarding love?

Angel Number 1111 Love

If you’ve been focusing on love, finding a partner, surrounding yourself with compassion etc, understand that this number is a call for attention for you; refers to new beginnings and changes.

You must reflect what you really want and what you want to be. The universe has opened an energy door for you and you must seize the moment since fullness is about to manifest itself in your life.

They’re definitely positive influences on your romantic life. If you’re in a negative relationship, changes can come in the way you relate to your partner and the way you perceive them. If you’re in a good relationship, things are definitely going to get better and better; the union between
you both is getting stronger.

If you ask for romantic love and the arrival of love in your life, definitely number 1111 tells you that the right person is coming into your way. This number represents the union between souls. It’s time to send love to your soul mate; imagine that ideal person wrapped in an intense pink halo, sending him/her all your love and compassion, affection and respect from your heart.

This number in love gives you the opportunity to focus on creating balance in your life. I could also point out the beginning of something you haven’t even been waiting for and that’s very positive for you. It also reflects great things for your future from now on, and changes in your vital energy that will help you go for what you want and focus on the good things to reach your full potential and splendour.

What does it mean regarding health?

On the other hand, in the sense of health, seeing the angel number 1111 can also mean that we are going through a period of stress or anxiety. When this happens, the number appears as a sea of calm, inviting us to see in repetition a situation of serenity.

Health of the Angel Number

When the angel number 1111 appears to you, take note of the thoughts you had right at the time, because if you are going through a period of
stress and anxiety thinking about doubts, uncertainties etc. 1111 indicates that your thoughts and beliefs align with your truths, so relax, listen
and leave the doubts that are making you feel unhealthy; what you feel as true, this is a sign that you’re right.

Number 1111 makes a call for attention from the angels, they want you to learn and follow a lesson: self-esteem is self-love, you need to love
what you are inside and the outside, learn to really love you. When this happens, you don’t care what others think of you, and therefore you stop feeling overwhelmed, stress, guilt, shame, and expose your true “I” to the world. Maybe you’re constantly looking for the approval of others to validate your own value or to make decisions. All these feelings and attitudes make your health suffer.

The beauty of Number 1111 is that it is the symbol of faith; angels are sending a message through this number to people who lost their faith and hope in life. If you are one of them, you must understand that beings of light are sending you lessons of faith and that you know that they are there to help you, so ask them for help in what you want to solve, receive or clarify!

What is the spiritual meaning when seeing 1111

But what is the spiritual meaning of this angelic number? this number is very powerful because it contains master number 11. Many people feel and believe, that this number is ideal to make a wish if you see it, and nothing further from reality, because this number, is the number of the manifestation and therefore allows your desire to manifest much faster.

Number 1 revolves around success and motivates you to go down the path you have chosen to achieve a life of success and bliss. This number also resonates with new beginnings, which motivates you to take over in your life and accept the changes that are taking place, even if sometimes those changes seem “bad”, trust that the universe always has a better plan for you.

Spiritual Number 1111

In this sense, number 1111 is like a call of attention, it inspires you to remember that you are a spiritual being, a soul embodied in a physical body and that you continue to work that part to manifest your request, which is already on its way. It’s time for you to manifest your goals and dreams if you see this number!

1111 resonates with abundance and prosperity, so what you have been asking for is resonating with success, that is, you will achieve it, and whatever comes, will be very positive for you; just keep the positive attitude and thoughts aligned with that desire, and above all, keeping the faith.

If you constantly see the number 1111 it also means a change at the consciousness level! so it’s time to start meditating, to return to yourself, visualize goals connect with your superior being and specifically ask for what you want by adding all kind of details, sensations and positive emotions.

It is time to rise, to connect more than ever with your spirituality, to nourish yourself with knowledge in this regard and to learn new ways to connect with your interior, to contact your guides and angels.

Angel number 1111 is a spiritual awakening for you, to analyse you and let your truth come to light. This could mean changing your direction in life. We tend to be afraid of change, but in reality, change is the only constant in our lives that makes a direction change in things. Show to the world your light, express your truth and do not be afraid of the opinion of others, there are people who need your light in their darkness!

Conclusion about Angel Number 1111

In short, we could say that when you see 1111, angels are telling you something like:

*New beginnings!
*The portal has been opened for you!
*Something cool is coming!
*Prepare to ascend!
*The road is the right one… please continue!

Remember that number 1111 is the bearer number of light, and that if you are seeing those numbers, you are therefore a bearer of light too; similar attracts similar; somehow you know how to help people, and you have to take advantage of it to contribute and add. Ask yourself the next question, what can I do for the people today? for example family, friends etc; seek your purpose in life.

Keep the Eyes open and focusKeep an eye out for the signals sent to you by the universe through the beings of light; it’s time to take full control of your life. Remember that if at any time you feel overwhelmed, you can ask the angels for help; they love to help us, you just have to stay awake, pay attention to your surroundings, and accept their help and signs that will guide you along the way; wonderful things will soon begin to happen for you and your surroundings!

If you liked this article, you can share it and comment on your experiences in the comments section. On the other hand, if you think this article might help someone, please don’t forget to let them know; remember that you are here for a reason and that we are all one, we all come from the same source of energy.

I have also a short written article for this number 1111 here.

I wish you have a nice day and,

Happy manifestation!

5 thoughts on “1111 Angel Number – Meaning About This Special Number

  1. Bryce says:

    Hi Manolo,

    I have been trying to learn about numerology for a couple of years now and found this sight to be very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to write about it so all can learn.

    I won’t go into detail, but many family members that I didn’t get along with, died recently. 1st mom, then dad and lastly, my sister, she passed a month after dad.

    Since Mom died, I had been seeing many repeated numbers, all in 6’s, they were in several Yahtzee games I played with others, and they all were witness to it.
    After dad died, it was 11:11, 1:11’s, and sister, 4:44’s. I usually see it on clocks, but we play Yahtzee often and my atheist friend was witness to almost all of these repeated numbers. She even told me never to call on my mom to play Yahtzee again because it wasn’t fair.

    I talk to the “spirits/angels” often and try to figure out what they are trying to tell me. I know they are with me, but what are they trying to tell me? That I do not know.
    I know people are busy but if you have any insight you’d like to share, I would be very grateful.

    Thanks again,

    • Manolo says:

      Hy Bryce

      Thanks for your message, it’s a pleasure for me to hear, that my blog is helpful for others. It means a lot to me when my articles get read and appreciated.

      First of all, i want to express my deepest condolences. It’s never easy when we lose people around us.

      Overall i can tell you, that all this numbers you mentioned have a positive signal.

      If you see repeated 6, it means to love and care for yourself, have no fear, remember your spiritual roots. Then the repeated 1, means you are important, stay positive, get rid of all the negative feelings. The gate of opportnits and happiness will open for you.
      Then the repeated 4, means that the angels have your back, walk firmly on the ground, follow your path. You are on the right path, you are protected.

      As you can see, this numbers show a positive signal.

      Be open for changes or opportunities. They can appear as a person, situation, new job. Look for balance in your life. Also observe your love life, maybe you need more balance in your life. And take proper care of yourself.

      I wish you all the best and warm wishes from the bottom of my heart.

    • Robert says:

      I see 1111 al the time,but I can’t seem to grasp what it neans,means, have seen other number combos to 444 555 222 1222 ??????, keeps saying I’m on right track abs change yet I have not seen change except more aches and pains,if that’s ti make me feel better,wel I’m not fir it.

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