13 Common Angel Colors and Their Meaning

13 Common Angel Colors and Their Meaning

When seeing or summoning our Guardian Angels, we must understand the different Angel colors that may appear. A few elements dictate these colors, but there’s often a great deal of meaning behind them.

Angel colors are the colors we see when our Guardian Angels or the Archangels appear to us. As beings made up of vibrational light energy, they can take on any color within the spectrum. However, the color they most often embody relates to the type of Angel they are. The color of their light is also influenced by the message they want to deliver to you.

Contrary to popular belief, our Guardian Angels do not reveal themselves to us in human form. This is because they are, in fact, not human. Their presence is signified by the light energy that emits vibrational energy.

Our spiritual guides use Angel colors in the same way that they use Angel numbers to deliver messages to us. And they send us these signals because they cannot speak to us directly.

The light we see is often white, which is considered the purest of light energies directly from the source. But sometimes, the light radiated by the Angel is a specific color, which is often symbolic.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the different Angel colors and what they might mean. We’ll also discuss how you can summon a spiritual guardian to help you using these Angel colors.

But first, let’s examine why we see different Angel colors and what factors influence the colors we see.

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What Are Angel Colors?


What are angel colors

When your Guardian Angels or the Archangels want to convey a message to you, they might appear to you as light energy. And the color of the light they emit could be symbolic of the message they want to deliver.

As is the case with Angel Numbers, these divine beings may instead bring specific colors into your life. In other words, you may find yourself suddenly surrounded by items of a particular color or see a specific color more often.

You might even see these colors in a dream or while you are praying or meditating. The colors they show us are known as Angel colors, and they carry energy intended to help you.

Each Angel color will give you further insight into the following:

  1. The frequency or wavelength at which the Angel vibrates
  2. What type of Angel is contacting you
  3. What the Angel wants to assist you with
  4. The kind of healing energy they want to deliver to you

You could be graced with a visit by more than one Angel at a time. In this case, they might each exude different vibrational energies and Angel colors. If this is the case, the color you see may end up being a combination of their unique colors blended together.

But, if this does take place, it would be intentional. These Angels would then combine their energies and Angel colors to produce unique healing energy specifically for you.

Let’s dig deeper into what each of these unique Angel colors might mean and how they apply to you without further ado.

The Meaning Behind the 13 Most Common Angel Colors

1. White

As mentioned before, white light represents the utmost purity and is associated with God or the source. It also indicates an open channel of communication to the Angels.

White is seen as being untainted, which could be symbolic of the message your Angels want to convey. They might want you to surround yourself with people and energy that is truthful and genuine.

Angels that emit white light energy are usually sent to provide protection to those who see them. So, if you see this Angel color, know that your spiritual guardians are keeping you safe.

These divine beings are also bringing you healing energy to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. Make the most of this energy by giving yourself the care and rest you deserve.

2. Gold

If you’re visited by an Angel bearing gold light energy, this Angel color relates to your spiritual and personal growth. It’s all about your soul mission and spiritual awakening, which is what the Angels want you to achieve.

Your angelic guides might send Angel number 1010 your way to convey the same message.

Gold light is associated with wisdom and, ultimately, your spiritual enlightenment. It’s about learning from your experiences in life and developing compassion for yourself and others.

This spiritual color is also linked to the manifestation of abundance. You would usually be rewarded with abundance by the universe in some way when you fulfill your life purpose. This may be an indication that you’ll receive a great deal of money, love, knowledge, or something similar soon.

Your Guardian Angels may be encouraging you to place more focus on your purpose and spiritual growth. Or they could be indicating that you are on the right path and close to reaching your goals.

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3. Silver

Silver light energy is said to be feminine. But it is also considered to be a somewhat neutral color. The core message when seeing this Angel color, however, relates to introspection.

You could even start seeing Angel number 808, which the Angels might send to reinforce the message.

If an Angel radiating silver light energy has appeared to you, it’s time to do some soul searching. Your Guardian Angels want you to look within to discover your true self and unique voice.

They’re urging you to remember the experience you’ve had in this life and those that have passed. Past life regression will help you understand how your actions in previous lives affect your circumstances in this life.

It’s all about Karmic Law and your spiritual development through time. As you edge closer to whom you really are, you’ll experience happiness, fulfillment, and abundance. And this all your Angels and the universe have ever wanted for you.

4. Black

black angel colorSeeing black light energy from an Angel is nothing to worry about. While most people have a negative association with the color black, the truth is that it doesn’t symbolize anything negative.

In fact, if this Angel color is revealed to you, there’s a good chance that a positive change is on the horizon. One chapter of your life will end, and a new and exciting chapter is about to begin.

Black is symbolic of the cycle of life, from the start to the end and then back to the beginning. Life, and its process, are all about change. It’s the only thing you can be sure of, and black light energy represents that.

So, expect a significant change soon and know that it will be for the better. You may find yourself thrust into new experiences but try to remain optimistic and embrace everything that comes your way.

5. Brown / Beige

Your Guardian Angel might appear to you emitting a brown or beige colored light. Granted, brown might not be the prettiest color on the spectrum. But the meaning that comes with this Angel color makes it just as unique as the others.

Brown light energy is all about being grounded and having a solid foundation in life. The message is that it’s essential to know who you are and to remain rooted in your core beliefs. And it’s also about staying true to yourself and being humble in all you say and do.

This color also represents a more literal grounding and connectedness to the earth itself. It’s important to remember that you don’t exist alone in isolation. There is life all around you, and you must maintain a bond with it.

Your spiritual guardians might be encouraging you to spend more time outdoors and appreciate your natural environment. They’re also likely telling you to beware of letting things go to your head or trying to be someone you’re not.

6. Red

This Angel color is closely linked to brown light energy in that it’s also related to the earth and our connection to it.  In fact, red light energy is representative of fire, which is one of the four elements of nature.

The fire itself is associated with passion and desire. But it’s also linked to the generation of energy, upliftment, and growth. And these meanings form part of what divine red light represents.

Red light energy is about the development of inner strength and self-sufficiency. In this sense, your Guardian Angels want you to learn to stand on your own two feet. They’re telling you that you have the power within to provide for yourself and shine.

They want you to follow your passion and stay motivated as you make positive changes in your life. Doing this will bring you closer to your hopes and dreams.

You may also be interested in reading about Angel number 1212, which holds a similar meaning and message.

7. Orange

Orange Angel Color

When seeing an Angel radiating orange light energy, you must remain optimistic. Your divine guardians want to give you the strength to face challenges and adapt to change. And having a positive outlook is vital.

Orange also relates to attracting joyful energy and happiness into your life. And this is definitely possible if you’re able to maintain a positive mindset, no matter what. It’s not always easy to do, but, like any habit, it’s possible to train yourself to feel optimism in almost any situation.

Remember that you are the co-creator of your reality. And through this Angel color, your guardians want you to exercise your creative muscles. But creativity is not just about being an artist or designer.

You can create energy through your thoughts, words, and actions, affecting yourself and others. And the energy you create is the energy you will receive. Knowing this, you’re about to manifest your reality and realize your goals in life.

8. Yellow

The message behind orange and yellow light energy is quite similar and is often mistaken as meaning the same thing. But there is a slight difference, which is why your Guardian Angels separate the two.

It’s true that yellow also represents feelings of happiness and joy. This Angel color is also a message to keep your chin up and train your mind to see the glass half full.

But, in addition to this, yellow light energy symbolizes healing, protection, and connecting with your true self. It’s more about your spiritual journey and the wisdom you’ll receive as you progress toward enlightenment.

As you discover your true self, you’ll develop a sense of confidence and inner strength. Your Guardian Angels want you to grow and find your personal power this way.

9. Green

Green light energy is synonymous with healing more than anything else. But it’s also often associated with good luck and financial gain. Some also believe that green is a representation of nature and our connection to it.

You may also like to read our article about the top 8 Angel numbers that mean good luck.

Irrespective, your overall well-being is likely the primary subject of the message your Angel has brought. When emitting green light, your spiritual Guardian is encouraging you to take care of yourself and those around you.

They want you to restore your personal energy and inner peace by making the time to rest. Your divine guides want you to take better care of yourself to better care for others.

You have likely been blessed with the task of serving others. In this case, your Angels want you to elevate your innate kindness and unconditional love as you help your community. Through caring for others, you’ll find joy, happiness, and fulfillment in life.

10. Blue

When blue light energy appears to you, your Guardian Angels want you to focus on your communication skills. Your ability to communicate effectively is vital, as it governs how you express yourself to the world.

In essence, your spiritual guides want you to develop your inner voice and learn how to express yourself clearly. When your speech is pure, articulate, and from the heart, you will quickly draw the attention of others.

You may have something important to share with the world. Perhaps you’re meant to take on the role of a leader or teacher. In this case, your Angels are asking you to take the time to develop your voice.

There is also an element of protection that forms part of the message from your spiritual guides. And, in this case, it is usually associated with health and finding a balance in life.

11. Indigo

If an Angel visits you radiating indigo light energy, it’s likely because you’ve been working on your spiritual growth. Indigo symbolizes spiritual understanding and awakening, and there’s a good chance you’ll experience these soon.

One of the core messages communicated through indigo light energy is about developing your intuition. If you’ve focused on your spiritual practice, chances are that you’re more self-aware and have more insight into your life.

Through this Angel color, your Guardian Angels want you to know that you’re on the right track. They want you to keep it up because if you do, you’ll begin to see things as you’ve never seen them before.

In other words, your spiritual growth will lead you to comprehend life and the cosmos as it is. Your understanding of yourself and others will change, and you’ll have clear insight into your role in this life. You might even be on the path to spiritual enlightenment.

Your divine guardians may also send you this message in the form of Angel number 77.

12. Violet

This Angel color also relates to your spiritual growth but is more about finding fulfillment in what you do. It’s about using your natural creativity to navigate life and achieve your dreams.

Should your spiritual Guardian appear to you through violet light energy, you should focus on your life purpose. It’s time to surround yourself with positive energy and elevate your vibrational energy.

This way, you’ll attract fruitful opportunities into your life. You’ll also open the door of communication with the universe, Angels, and Ascended Masters.

Your spiritual advisors will be there to protect you and help you overcome the ups and downs on your journey to fulfillment. They’ll help you make those crucial decisions to ensure you stay engaged and motivated.

13. Pink

Pink Angel Color

Pink light energy is renowned for being the Angel color of love and kindness. There’s a feeling of warmth and safety that comes with it, and it often accompanies other Angel colors.

If you’re seeing pink light energy, your Guardian Angels may be letting you know that love is coming your way. Or they might be asking you to work on your compassion. In other words, you should fine-tune your ability to love yourself and others unconditionally.

Exercising unconditional love at all times is no easy task and requires a great deal of reflection and practice. It’s part and parcel of one’s progression to spiritual enlightenment. And you can also use meditation to develop this further.

But when you feel genuine loving-kindness towards all beings, you’ll find a sense of peace and contentment. You’ll also be as close as ever to seeing things through the eyes of the divine.

Angel number 2233 carries a similar message and might appear to you as well.

How to Summon Your Angels using Angel Colors

As we’ve discussed above, Angel colors carry different vibrational energies and meanings. And, when we see these colors, it’s most often a symbol of something your Guardian Angels want to tell you.

However, you can also attract the Angels and energies these colors represent into your life. And you can do so by using the color that resonates with the meaning you’d like to draw in.

For instance, if you’re feeling run down and low on energy, you may want to attract some healing green light energy. And there are two steps to follow to bring this Angel color into your life.

The first is to start surrounding yourself with the color green. Make green a prominent color in your immediate environment, and wear as many green items of clothing as you can. The objective is to ensure that you see the color green as often as possible.

Then, set aside 20 to 30 minutes each day to meditate on this green light energy. If possible, light a green candle and allow it to burn while you meditate. You can also hold or place green crystals close to where you’re sitting.

The important this is that you visualize the color green in your mind and try to draw upon the energy it emits. You can also incorporate a mantra or affirmation that speaks of attracting green healing energy toward you.

You can use the same methodology no matter which Angels and colors you want to invite in. Speaking to your Guardian Angels may also do the trick. They are always with you and ready to help whenever you call upon them.


13 commen angel colors infographic

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After reading this blog post, you should better understand Angel colors and what they mean. Therefore, when an Angel appears to you and emits light energy of a specific color, you’ll be prepared.

Your next step would be to take a close look at what the color symbolizes and try to apply it to your life. Chances are that your Guardian Angels want you to act on the message they’ve delivered. And it’s up to you to decipher that message.

If you’re unsure how to proceed, you can always ask your divine guides for more information. And you can do this by praying or meditating with a focus on the questions you have.

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11 thoughts on “13 Common Angel Colors and Their Meaning

  1. A. Oliver says:

    When I was a little girl, my siblings and I were given a glass/crystal angel in a box that claimed to be a guardian angel. I would rub on it and pray/wish with it in my little hands. One night, I stayed up very late playing with dolls in my bed one night. I shared a room with my older sister and we had separate beds. When I was finally ready to sleep, I climbed down the ladder of my bunk bed to lay at the opposite end of my sister’s bed (as I commonly did). I could see the door from where I was laying. The door was open and all I saw was blackness. I remember just staring out into the hallway. I don’t know what compelled me to continue looking out there, but a golden light appeared dimly, as if it started down the hall, and continued to get brighter until there was this amazing golden light peaking into my room. I could make out a head, arm, and part off the torso as it seemed to be peering in from around the corner. In the moment, I was scared so I covered my head with my blanket and when I pulled the covers back down, the light was gone. Telling this story, whether over text or verbally, brings me to tears a little bit. I never knew who it was but I truly believe it was an angel. Up until now, I had never thought to look my experience up until now. I’m still unclear about what the angel was trying to tell me. I have thought that maybe it was my guardian angel telling me to go to bed but I could be wrong. I haven’t seen them again but I hope that the next time an angel comes to visit me, I have the courage to fully embrace their presence.

  2. Sue says:

    Thank you for this information as for the past 5 years I’ve been surrounded by all the major colors of energy light and felt was the angels. Just didn’t know which ones are associated to the colors.

    • Manolo says:

      The green-winged angel would be Archangel Raphael, as he is associated to the color green and the 5th ray of light on spiritualism. That said, Angels and Archangels are most often depicted wearing a robe or “dress”, as this was common attire in Biblical times. Hence, any artist who paints or draws an Archangel, is likely to visualize them in human form and wearing what the people of the time were wearing. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean the Angel appeared this way.

      In addition, you’ll find that Archangel Raphael is often shown with a staff in one hand and a large fish in the other. The staff is representative of his guardianship over humans, animals, and nature. The fish relates to a story told in the book of Tobit in the Old Testament, where Archangel Raphael is said to have saved Tobias from being killed/eaten by a large fish.

  3. lia says:

    Thank You For This Article,..
    It Really helps me A Lot, i think im paranoid to see a Green color all over the face of my Son and My Partner, Its like a Paint on their faces, and a Red color on my 10 fingers. It happened two times and i dont know if it just a coincidence because it always happened at 12am,. Last Night, I woke up again, at 10pm and saw my Son Peacefully sleeping, But he has Color Orange all over his Face, I tried to Touch it but, it feels like im Touching his Normal skin…

    • Manolo says:

      It’s my pleasure. Thanks a lot for sharing your story with me and all the readers. It means a lot to me when i hear, how my articles are helpful, since i put a lot of passion and effort in them.
      Best wishes to you.

  4. richard snyder says:

    have photo of guardian angel can send photo to a phone number showed photo to many others with disblief how this can be possible

  5. Allison says:

    When I was 12, I was home alone. I’ve had anxiety since before that age, and just felt really uncomfortable and wished my parents would get home. I was in the kitchen and heard my mom come in the door, keys jingling and all but as I turned towards the door I saw silver wings and robes walking down the hall towards my bedroom, followed by my mother entering the house 10 seconds later than I had heard. The comfort I felt when I saw what I really truly think was an Angel was such a relief, but I was also very confused because I actually *saw* it. My mom even noticed I was staring at the hall. I’ve never had an experience quite like it before or since.

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