4 Meditations To Raise Vibrational Energy

4 Meditations To Raise Vibrational Energy

Learning a few short meditations to increase vibrational energy can strengthen your connection to your spiritual guides. Guardian Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters possess a higher level of vibrational energy than humans. So, it’s up to us to find ways to foster an open communication channel with the spiritual plane. And increasing our vibrational energy is the best way to do this.

Besides prayer and yoga, meditation is a common way to raise your vibrational energy. Much like the Ascended Masters did, you can use meditation as a tool for spiritual awakening. You can increase your vibrational energy by letting go of negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The positivity generated through meditation opens your heart, mind, and spirit to the teaching of your guides.

This post will cover the importance of meditation to strengthen your connection to these divine beings and the universe. We’ll also walk you through four short meditations to raise vibrational energy.

How Meditation Raises Your Vibrational Energy

Of all the options available to increase your vibrational energy, you may wonder why meditation should be your first. Every emotion, thought, and feeling you have influences your vibrational energy. The more negativity you allow into your life, the more your level of vibration decreases.

Through meditative practice, you can increase your vibrational energy. This is because you’re encouraged to let go of negativity and embrace positivity. You learn to generate thoughts centered on courage, love, and compassion.

Most Ascended Masters used meditation to achieve enlightenment. Practicing meditation consistently brought forth their spiritual awakening and subsequent ascension.

Practicing meditations to raise your vibrational energy opens communication channels between you and the spiritual realm. The more often you practice, the stronger your connection will be.

It will also bring you closer to realizing your true spiritual self. And you’ll walk a path that attracts positive experiences and energy into your life.

Meditation has several benefits besides enhancing your vibrational energy. These include:

  • Boosting your mood
  • Giving you a more positive outlook on life
  • Increasing your attention span
  • Reducing stress and anxiety

All you’ll need is a comfortable spot to sit or lie down and a quiet place to practice.

4 Meditations to Raise Vibrational Energy

The following meditations to increase vibrational energy can each be done within ten minutes. We recommend having a timer with you to ensure you don’t go over this limit. However, feel free to rest in your meditative position for a few extra minutes afterward.

Meditation isn’t easy at first because your thoughts tend to wander and steal your focus from your breath. But that’s just how the brain operates. It has no off switch. But, through practice, you’ll learn how to guide yourself back to a place of calm and quiet when this happens.

Also, you may find yourself dozing off. That’s completely normal. Don’t be discouraged to continue the session if you find that you’ve been asleep for part or all of it. Simply pick up where you left off or try again when you’ve had some rest.

It’s best to start with short sessions on your meditation journey. This is because it takes practice to become comfortable with maintaining focus for prolonged periods. But the more you do it, the easier it will be to focus. And you could eventually build up to meditations sessions as long as 60 minutes or more.

Before beginning any meditation practices detailed below, find a quiet place for the session. You can sit on a pillow to support your posture or lie down on the ground.

Feel free to light a candle or incense or play soothing tunes in the background. If you’re not comfortable closing your eyes while meditating, you can keep them open. But avoid having any immediate visual distractions and focus on a specific spot in front of you during the process.

Meditation #1: Heart Coherence

This one of the meditations to raise vibrational energy focuses on creating heart coherence. Heart coherence allows you to reach peak levels of mindfulness. It also enables you to tune your heart and mind into the frequency of your spiritual guides.

  1. Begin by relaxing your body and closing your eyes. Feel the weight of your limbs and the pull of gravity on them. Tune in to the rhythm of your breath and the movement of your chest and lungs.
  2. Trust that you’re where you need to be. And allow your focus to drift away from the hyperactivity in your mind and towards your breath.
  3. Feel the space at the center of your chest expand with a powerful yet gentle light. Enjoy this feeling.
  4. Bring to mind one person you feel grateful for in your life. And feel the energy of gratitude enter your heart space and easily expand with the light. Embrace the love you feel within you.
  5. Stay with these feelings of gratitude and love, letting them take over this moment. Ask your intuition to guide you towards something important you should know right now.
  6. Have a moment in silence to get closer to your true intelligence. And, afterward, you’ll prepare to disperse the light you cultivated within.
  7. Picture this light expanding around you, your home, and your neighborhood in your mind’s eye. See it reaching everyone in your city, country, and on earth.
  8. Feel the expansion of light holding you in a safe space. If you’re comfortable with it, place your palms over your heart as a sign of the compassion you feel for others.
  9. Before opening your eyes, recall the feeling of love and gratitude housed at the center of your heart. Remember that you’re the embodiment of light, love, and power.
  10. Allow the session to continue for 10 or more minutes. When you’re ready to end the session, open your eyes gently.

Meditation #2: Light Visualization4 Meditations To Raise Vibrational Energy

This one of the meditations to raise vibrational energy involves visualizations. It’ll help you release negative energy and anchor into a higher vibrational frequency.

  1. Begin by placing your hands on your knees or sides, palms facing upwards. Close your eyes if you’re comfortable, and imagine your spine elongating. Let your breath be gentle and natural.
  2. Picture a sphere of white light floating a few inches above your head. Notice the radiant energy.
  3. Imagine the sphere opening and pouring that radiant energy into the top of your head. Feel the energy flowing down your neck, spine, and into your pelvic floor.
  4. Visualize it flowing into the earth and settling a few inches from you. You’re held in this space between the light energy and the earth. Breathe into this.
  5. Notice the sparkling white light flowing through you. Imagine it opening your energy center to receive the highest, most loving energy from the universe.
  6. Now, picture a giant orb expanding from your center. It encapsulates you and this pillar of white light.
  7. See yourself surrounded by this glowing orb, with a strong column of light holding you tall. If you feel called to it, welcome your spirit guides to help you in this state.
  8. Release any thoughts, feelings, or emotions that aren’t serving you through the top or bottom of the pillar of light. Visualize them leaving your body through one or both sides.
  9. You’ll notice the column of light becoming more vivid as you release all the negativity within you. The orb surrounding you becomes more vibrant.
  10. Feel your energy rising and your body lifting from the ground. Imagine the vibrational energy of your physical being increasing.
  11. Continue to focus on this feeling of upliftment until your 10 minutes are up, at least.
  12. When you’re ready to end the meditation, take a deep breath and hold it as you capture this higher vibrational energy. As you exhale, picture yourself lowering to the ground. Then open your eyes.

Meditation #3: Breath Work and Visualization

In this one of the meditations to raise vibrational energy, you’ll use your breath as your primary tool. The breath can be used to align your heart and mind with a higher frequency.

  1. Let your eyes fall shut. Allow your breath to slow down and deepen. Breathe as naturally as possible.
  2. Sit up tall, allowing your face, tongue, shoulders, and abdomen to relax. Feel a wave of relaxation loosen your muscles and rid them of all tension.
  3. Visualize and feel your breath passing through your heart on your next inhale. When you exhale, feel your heart move out through your heart.
  4. Repeat this two more times while following a pace that feels natural to you. With every inhale and exhale, feel your breath and the energy of the universe moving through your heart.
  5. Now that your heart and mind are operating on the same frequency, it’s time to raise it by expressing gratitude. Think of something or someone you’re grateful for.
  6. Invite that feeling of gratitude. Sense it in your body and name the feeling.
  7. Once you’re vibrating to the frequency of gratitude, you can invite in love. Bring to mind something or someone you love truly and deeply.
  8. Feel that love in your body and name the sensation you feel. Embrace the gratitude and love filling your body. Focus on them. Hold onto them. Try to do this for the duration of your meditation session.
  9. When you’re ready, gently wiggle your fingers and toes. Restore movement to your body and open your eyes.

Meditation #4: Solar Plexus Visualization and Affirmation

4 Meditations To Raise Vibrational Energy (3)

The peripheral nervous system is the focus of this one of the meditations to raise vibrational energy. Our peripheral nervous system is how you connect and interact with the outer world. After being out in the world, it’s vital to tune back into the stability of this system.

  1. To begin the meditation, make sure you’re comfortable. Close your eyes or focus your gaze on the floor.
  2. Inhale, then exhale with a sigh. Draw in another breath with your shoulders rising towards your ears, then exhale and release. Repeat this movement for two more breaths.
  3. Bring your right hand up to your solar plexus, palm facing down. Place your left hand beneath the right with the palm facing up.
  4. Position your hands as if you’re holding an invisible orb. Picture the orb radiating light of any color that speaks to you.
  5. Feel the orb’s energy within your hands and imagine its color in your mind’s eye. Take a few deep breaths as you take in and sense the orb’s energy and light.
  6. Imagine the orb’s energy strengthening. Expand this energy around you by reaching your hands outwards.
  7. Picture the energy encapsulating you in a bubble. Feel the light filling your bubble and imagine yourself floating up off the ground.
  8. Chant in your mind, “I’m safe here and held by my spirit guides.” Inhale, then gently release your breath.
  9. Tune into that relationship with self and the world. Notice your bones and the quality of your breath. Embrace the clarity of the surrounding atmosphere.
  10. Bring the energy you cultivated to the orb you created. Guide the orb into your heart space. With love, say, “I’m safe here and held by my spirit guides.”
  11. Take a deep inhale, then exhale with a sigh. Blink your eyes open when you’re ready.


We all have doubts, fears, and moments where we feel ungrateful. These feelings and emotions can hold us back from connecting with our divine guides.

By incorporating meditations to raise your vibrational energy into your daily routine, you can attract new opportunities. You’ll replace all that is negative in your mind with positive thinking. The more you let go of thoughts, feelings, and emotions that aren’t serving you, the more you can raise your vibrational frequency.

Now, meditation is something you should go into with patience. Some days, it’ll be more challenging to concentrate than others. Be patient with yourself. Remember, it’s worth it to strengthen your spiritual connection with your highest self and most loving guides.


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