4 Steps To Calculating Your Soul Urge Number

4 Steps to Calculating Your Soul Urge Number

If you’ve ever had a numerology reading done, chances are you’ve experienced someone calculating your Soul Urge Number. This is one of the primary numbers in anyone’s numerology chart. And it holds a great deal of important information about your life.

The Soul Urge Number, also known as Heart’s Desire Number, is one of the core numbers calculated in numerology. When working with a numerologist, they’ll include this number in your chart. It plays a vital role in your reading because of the information it carries. But calculating your Soul Urge Number yourself is easier than you might think.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into calculating your Soul Urge Number. We’ll also explore the meaning and impact of your Soul Urge Number on your life path.

But first, let’s define what precisely this magical number is and why it’s so vital for you to know.

What is Your Soul Urge Number?

When having a numerological reading done, the numerologist will draw up what is known as a numerology chart. This chart will comprise a host of numbers calculated using your birth name and date.

Together these numbers give the numerologist a clear insight into who you are at your deepest level. The numbers carry clues to the type of person you are, what you want, and the path you’re intended to follow.

The Soul Urge Number is one of the 5 core numbers in your chart. The other core numbers are your Personality, Birthday, Life Path, and Expression Numbers. You may also be interested to read our in-depth blog post on everything you need to know about Expression Numbers.

Many numerologists might refer to the Soul Urge Number as the Heart’s Desire Number. Either way, it all means the same thing when calculating your Soul Urge Number. This spiritual number reveals that which you desire most in life. And we don’t mean this in a material sense. It’s more about what you long to achieve and where true happiness lies for you.

Your Soul Urge Number also tells us about what keeps you motivated and inspired to keep moving forward. And it indicates the authenticity in the goals you’ve set for yourself in this lifetime.

After calculating your Soul Urge Number, you’ll understand why you think, say, and do what you do. It speaks of your likes and dislikes, the people you choose to spend time with, and the choices you make.

We hope that this gives you a better idea of your Soul Urge Number and why it’s crucial. Now, let’s dig into the calculation required to uncover your Soul Urge Number and deepest desires.

The 4 Steps to Calculating Your Soul Urge Number?

How to calculate Soul urge number

1.   Knowing Which Number/Alphabet Chart to Use

Calculating your Soul Urge Number is actually pretty straightforward. Numerologists use a simple calculation based on the values present in what is known as the Pythagorean number/alphabet chart.

Different number/alphabet charts exist because there are slightly varied forms of numerology present in the world. For instance, other charts are used in the Chaldean, Chinese, Indian, and Kabbalistic numerology practices.

However, the Pythagorean chart is considered the standard and is, thus, the most widely used chart globally. And, for this reason, we’ll also be using the Pythagorean number/alphabet chart when calculating your Soul Urge Number.

The Pythagorean number/alphabet chart looks like this:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
S T U V W X Y Z  

2.   Pinpointing the Vowels

Simply put, you’ll use only the vowels in your full birth name, including all middle names, when calculating your Soul Urge Number. In other words, you would only include the values associated with the letters A, E, I, O, and U.

Once you’ve obtained the values associated with the vowels in your name, you’ll add them up. You should continue to add the numbers together until you’re left with a single-digit number or Master number. A Master number is either 11, 22, or 33.

However, some numerologists include the letter Y as a vowel. But only where Y functions as a vowel. For instance, where the letter Y is present and takes on the vowel’s sound in the name. As an example, in the name Karyn, the letter Y takes on the sound of the vowel letter I.

Obviously, when the letter Y is included, it influences the result of the calculation. Some numerologists include the letter Y, and others don’t. Granted, this does complicate things to a certain extent. But, it’s entirely up to you as to whether you want to include it.

3.   Calculating Your Soul Urge Number

Herewith we’ll detail two Soul Urge Number calculation examples. One in which we include the letter Y and the other without the letter Y in the calculation. We’ll be calculating your Soul Urge Number using Pretty Woman star Richard Gere, whose middle name is actually Tiffany, as an example.

R I C H A R D   T I F F A N Y   G E R E
  9     1         9     1   7     5   5

Example including the letter Y:





Therefore, when including the letter Y, Richard Gere’s Soul Urge Number would be 1.

Example excluding the letter Y:




Therefore, without the letter Y in the calculation, Richard Gere’s Soul Urge Number would be 3.

Now that you know the process of calculating your Soul Urge Number let’s look at what it means.

4.   Understanding the Meaning of Your Soul Urge Number

4 Steps to Calculating Your Soul Urge Number

Soul Urge Number 1

With Soul Urge Number 1 in your chart, you know you are destined to be the consummate leader. Your desire is to excel at everything you put your energy into and to stand head and shoulders above the rest. And you expect a similar standard of those close to you.

With your innate creativity and intelligence, you should see yourself rising to the pinnacle of your chosen field. Your willpower and drive will edge you toward achieving your goals.

Soul Urge Number 2

Love is at the forefront of your deepest desire. You seek to find the perfect partner and bring balance to your personal life. But you also need harmony in other spheres of your life. And your relationships with others play a huge role in this.

Ever the diplomat, you try to ensure a sense of equilibrium when it comes to your interaction with others. And this need also extends to how they communicate with each other.

Soul Urge Number 3

Those with Soul Urge Number 3 in their charts desire nothing more than to express themselves. Your natural creativity and ability to entertain others give you a platform to make your voice heard.

But you want nothing more than to use your talent and voice to affect the lives of others. You’ve been through your own challenges in life and have grown immensely through them. Now, you’d like to inspire others to find the strength to face life’s difficulties head-on.

Soul Urge Number 4

The characteristics of hard work and trustworthiness are synonymous with those who have Soul Urge Number 4 in their charts. They value an honest day’s work and seek to build a strong foundation in their personal and professional lives.

Self-achievement is high on the agenda. And the importance of leaving a legacy is paramount. Your deepest desire is to ensure that your life’s work has meaning and impacts the lives of others.

Soul Urge  Number 5

When you think of Soul Urge Number 5, you immediately think of freedom. And, in this context, it relates to an individual who is a wild and free spirit at their core. These are people who embrace life and everything it has to throw at them.

Therefore, with this Soul Urge Number in your chart, your lack of fear allows you to run free in whichever way you choose. But you desire more than that. At your core, you want to inspire others to find happiness and peace by embracing and adapting to change. You want to help them cast away their fears and set them free too.

Soul Urge Number 6

If Soul Urge Number 6 is in your chart, you can rest assured that it’s your desire to serve and nurture others. Your life will revolve around your family or community. And your mission will be to help, uplift, and encourage them.

You have a great deal of love and compassion in your heart, and you want to share it with the world. There’s no doubt that those around you will appreciate your kindness. And, with this as your desire, you are destined to touch the lives of many.

Soul Urge Number 7

Understanding the meaning of life is the focus for those with Soul Urge Number 7 in their charts. If this is you, know that your true desire is to find the answers to the more profound questions in life. You seek to have a better understanding of who we are and why we’re here.

Through your search, you’re likely to develop a more spiritual outlook on life. You want to find the meaning behind your existence. Your faith in the universe and your spiritual guardians will help you. You’re, therefore, bound to see yourself progress toward significant spiritual awareness in your life.

Soul Urge Number 8

Soul Urge NumberThe number 8 is always associated with financial abundance. And this link is just as relevant to Soul Urge Number 8. You strive for the security and freedom that comes with financial wealth. And you have an inherent need to build as big a foundation as possible in this regard.

But this is not to say that you are selfish in any way. In fact, your desire for financial freedom stems from a need to support others. You want to ensure that your family never wants for anything. And you would dearly like to provide the less fortunate with the means to get back on their feet.

Soul Urge Number 9

Understanding the importance of spiritual growth and well-being drives those with Soul Urge Number 9 in their charts. You want nothing more than to achieve a state of spiritual enlightenment and to help others accomplish the same.

You’re a leader gifted with an incredible amount of intuition and compassion. And you realize the difference between the material and spiritual world and know what’s really important in life. As you grow and learn to elevate your consciousness, others will be drawn to follow you.

Master Soul Urge Number 11/2

With any Master Number comes great responsibility. And when it comes to Master Soul Urge 11, your mission is guided by your desire to serve others. Your ability to love unconditionally makes you a beacon for positive change and upliftment of those in need.

There’s a creative side to you that desperately wants to express itself. And when you let go of your insecurities and stand centre stage, your voice will touch many hearts and souls. This will usher in the peace and harmony you need and want in your life.

Master Soul Urge Number 22/4

Your desires are rooted in the need to build a solid foundation when Master Soul Urge Number 22 is in your chart. And with this foundation, you want to create a means to teach and inspire others to follow their dreams.

That said, you tend to want to champion projects alone due to your strong sense of independence. But try to understand that you’ll achieve much more when you allow others to support and work with you.

Master Soul Urge Number 33/6

With Master Soul Urge Number 33 in your chart, you’re destined to become an incredible healer and teacher. And you’ll achieve this through your deep desire to spread love and compassion to others. Service is at the forefront of your mind, and you want nothing more than to ease suffering where you can.

Your heart is open wide, and your intentions are pure. And with your natural creative abilities, you’re bound to bring change to others in the most joyful way. When you allow yourself to express yourself, the world will respond to the warmth you exude.


4 Steps to Calculating You Soul Urge Number Infographic

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Through this blog post, you’ll have developed a deeper understanding of what a Sou Urge Number is. And you’ll have realized its importance in determining what you truly want from life.

As you can see, interpreting and calculating your Soul Urge Number yourself is not too complicated. However, it’s best to consult a numerologist to understand how this special number ties in with the rest of your chart.

Once you’ve determined your Soul Urge Number and the meaning behind it, you’ll have better insight into your life. You’ll understand your wants and needs and know how to better manage and direct your deepest desires.

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