4 Types of Numerology (You Should Learn)

numerology types

There are many uncertainties in this world. We live our lives, trying to make the right decisions and choose the best path to lead us where we’re meant to be. However, sometimes it can feel that there is little guidance to lead us in a direction that will bring us happiness and well-being. We have to find that spiritual guidance that opens our eyes and helps us have a little foresight. Those looking for this spiritual guidance will find a variety of options. Some simple and some complex, but all stemming from past wisdom and strength. One of these methods of gaining information and guidance is through numerology.

It can be confusing when you first begin to study numerology. There are several schools of thought and methods for how to read the numbers in our lives. The best way to begin is by learning more about numerology and these different methods. I’ve put together a list of the four main methods, as well as their history and how they can be used in your life. This way you can proceed with a clearer understanding and a more informed mind.

What is numerology?

Numerology is the science of using numbers, either by observance or design, to create doorways and allow us to move forward in a more prepared and confident manner. It gives us insight into our spiritual selves and reveals our inner strengths that we can then utilize to our advantage and growth. While there are several types of numerology and how you use these tools can vary, cultures from around the world have recognized the value of numbers in our everyday lives and in significant events that we experience.

Numbers are a constant, regardless of where you are. Although the languages change and the traditions are different, the value of numbers and their correlating significance has been and will always be consistent. Many systems of numerology are built on the connection between numbers and the letters of an alphabet. By pairing each letter with a certain number, you can find out about a person’s personality or important dates in their life. This helps to understand someone’s natural strengths and weaknesses. Other systems focus more on the numbers themselves. If you’re surrounded by a specific number or if it keeps appearing it could be signifying something.

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Pythagorean System

pythagorean system

Often called Western Numerology, the Pythagorean System is probably the most popular and most used type of numerology. The system has its roots in ancient Greece, with Pythagoras who lived from 570 BC to 495 BC. A well-known philosopher and mathematician who made many advancements such as the Pythagorean Theorem, he recognized the significance of numbers and began to see the correlation they have with music. He was able to find the mathematical explanation of the vibrations of stringed instruments and their resulting sound, and hypothesized there would be a similar connection to a person’s personality and their name.

With the Pythagorean System, each letter has a number assigned to it. You would take your full name and add the numbers together, then reduce it until you’re left with one digit. The same can be done with your birthdate. The numbers and letters are matched like this:
1 for A, J, and S
2 for B, K, and T
3 for C, L, and U
4 for D, M, and V
5 for E, N, and W
6 for F, O, and X
7 for G, P, and Y
8 for H, Q, and Z
9 for I and R
For example, if you were named Mary Sue Ellen, the numbers would come out to 4+1+9+7=21 for Mary, 1+3+5=9 for Sue, and 5+3+3+5+5=21. At this point, you can add them all together to reach 41. Then you would take that 41 and reduce it by adding the two digits together like this: 4+1=5. This would be your Destiny Number.

This is only one aspect of your life that can be revealed using this system of adding together numbers then reducing them. One of the more sought after numbers is the Life Path number, which is found by adding the digits in your birthdate and following the reduction pattern to reach one digit. Unlike most numbers, if you come across an 11, 22, or 33 you don’t reduce these. They are called Master Numbers and are different. You can also find your Soul Number, Personality Number, and Maturity Number by adding different parts of your name, such as the vowels. This system is more focused on revealing things about yourself in order to reveal your path.

Chaldean System

From 625 to 539 BC Babylon was ruled by a people called the Chaldeans. Similarly to Pythagoras and before he created the Pythagorean system, the Chaldeans began using numbers to explain things based on sound vibrations. Their focus was less on the mathematical explanations of sound vibrations and more on the energy released when certain sounds are spoken or thought. They believed that different sounds and tones affected those listening and therefore someone’s name would have a direct impact on that person.

One big difference between the Pythagorean System and the Chaldean System is the Chaldeans considered the number 9 to be sacred and therefore left it out of their numerology. Because the Chaldean System is based on the sound vibrations of someone’s name, you would use the name they are most commonly called. Someone named Edgar who goes by Ed would use Ed. The Master Numbers of 11, 22, and 33 are also considered special in the Chaldean System. To find your truth with the Chaldean System, the correlation between numbers and letters is:
1 for A, Q, Y, I, and J
2 for B, R, and K
3 for G, C, L, and S
4 for D, M, and T
5 for E, H, N, and X
6 for U, V, and W
7 for O and Z
8 for F and P

While the Chaldean and the Pythagorean systems seem very similar, the Chaldean in more depth. The number from the first name is related to that person’s public persona and interests, the middle name is a reflection of the soul, and the last name is a reflection of family traits and influence. There is also an even more advanced form that incorporates the two-digit numbers before they are divided to create a deeper image of a person.

Kabbalah Numerology

The Kabbalah system of numerology comes from Kabbalism, which is a form of Jewish mysticism and spiritual science. It’s believed by some that Kabbalism has its roots in the Garden of Eden and has been passed down, primarily through oral teachings, from there. Over the ages, this type of numerology has been incorporated and molded into different beliefs and theories, and has been accepted by many as reliable. Famous individuals such as Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow grew interested in this type of spiritual science.

Unlike the previous two systems of numerology we mentioned, Kabbalah Numerology only needs a person’s first name instead of incorporating their birthdate. It’s similar in the fact that each letter has a correlating number. Once you add the numbers for your name together, including your middle name, you divide that total by 9. Then, once you’ve found the remainder, you add 1 to it. This is your Kabbalah number. There are around 400 different paths that can be discovered using Kabbalah, so many will break these down into a more basic list in order to make it easier to find for the beginner or novice. The correlating numbers and letters are as follows:
1 for A, J, and S
2 for B, K, and T
3 for C, L, and U
4 for D, M, and V
5 for E, N, and W
6 for F, O, and X
7 for G, P, and Y
8 for H, Q, and Z
9 for I and R

Kabbalah is entirely about finding your inner self. If you’re not honest with yourself, you won’t be able to gain as much from it. Similar to the Pythagorean System and the Chaldean System, the Kabbalah System shows you your strengths and weaknesses, and therefore can lead to very reliable and revealing truths about your future. It can increase your understanding of your own soul and lead you to make the best decisions and choices for your future and your happiness.

Chinese Numerology

Chinese Numerology has been discovered in ancient written texts from over 4000 years ago. It’s so incorporated into the Chinese culture that many still practice this form of numerology. According to Chinese lore, Emperor Fu Hsi was one of the great five mystical emperors. He made many contributions to ancient Chinese society like cooking with fire and marriage. He also was said to recognize a significance with the number 3. One particular legend about him says he saw a lucky turtle with a 3 by 3 grid pattern on its shell. This led him to develop what’s called the Lo Shu grid. This grid remains the same, with number 1s in the bottom left corner, 2s above that in the middle left space, and 3s in the top left space. 4s go in the bottom middle and you continue from there. Chinese numerology also has a great bearing on Feng Shui principles.

chinese numerology

Chinese Numerology is reliant on the numbers having a direct impact, whether negative or positive. It’s not as focused on a system of adding together numbers from your name or birthdate, though there is some adding when it comes to your birthdate. It’s more based on the simple fact that some numbers are lucky and some numbers are unlucky. What determines where a number falls comes from how the number is pronounced and what it sounds like. For example, 4 in Cantonese sounds similar to their word for death, so it’s considered unlucky. When it comes to using this system to learn more about oneself, you use your birthdate. If there’s a 0 in your birthdate, you simply ignore it as if it wasn’t there. Then you fill in the Lo Shu grid, placing multiples in one space depending on how many times a number appears in your birthdate. The meaning comes from the rows and columns within the grid. When you’re trying to find the best way to use Feng Shui to incorporate numerology into your environment, you can find what’s called your Kua numbers. To do this for men, you add the last two digits of your birth year and reduce it until you get a single number. For women, you do the same except you add 5 to the result, then continue to reduce until you have a single digit again.

The method of Chinese Numerology shows traits you have and allows for different levels of those traits. The top row horizontally is a reflection of your mind. It reveals your thinking. It’s a sign of the analytical abilities you possess and your imagination. The middle row horizontally represents your heart. It’s a reflection of your emotions and feelings. The bottom row is like your connection with the earth. It’s your physical reflection and how you’re grounded, both in common sense and in athletic abilities. The Lo Shu grid also reveals the actions you need to take in order to achieve your goals. This is revealed by the vertical columns of the grid. The middle vertical column shows how determined and stubborn you are in achieving your goals and your persistence and resolution. The left vertical column shows your creative ability and how capable you are in carrying out your ideas and intentions. The last vertical column, the right one, is likely the most important as it relates to taking action. It will show your capacity to move forward and take the steps needed. Having this knowledge will help you know your own abilities and the best way you will succeed when moving forward with your plans. In connection to Feng Shui, your Kua number will show you if you’re aligned with the East or West group and shows you the best directions for working or sleeping.

How Accurate is Numerology?

The accuracy of numerology is not an easy thing to measure. Everyone can agree that numbers remain an important and significant part of our lives and the world around us. Many things in nature display a consistency that indicates a higher meaning, and the numerological systems have been used in so many rich and advanced societies around the world. These ancient people recognized something amazing and created different ways to read these signs to better their lives and find answers to their questions about the future and themselves.

No matter where it stems from, numerology has always been just as much about discovering oneself as it is about determining the right course to take in life and knowing future possibilities. If you remain open to understanding yourself, even if it’s something you may not want to know or agree with, there is no doubt that it can instigate improvements in your life that leave lasting positive results.

How Can I Incorporate Numerology Into My Life?

There are so many differences in the types of numerology that you may be wondering how to get started with using this for your own benefit. Knowing which one to use can be challenging. While many of the different systems seems very similar, such as the Pythagorean System and the Kabbalah System seeming to share the same number correlation, the meanings and revelations these numbers symbolize are different and can show different aspects of your life.

My suggestion would be to use the system that you feel the deepest connection to. This could be due to heritage, where you live, or simply that it feels right. If you’re willing, you can also use more than one or even all the ones we mentioned to form a complete profile of yourself and your inner strengths and weaknesses. Understanding numerology is both complex and simple. Understanding how to use it in your life is the same. You must approach it with a sense of acceptance and openness to receive the full amount of wisdom it can offer you. If you approach it with a closed mind and heart, you will only be denying yourself the lessons you could learn that will help you improve your life.

The majority of numerology shows both positive and negative aspects, revealing your natural weaknesses. This can help you know what you need to watch out for and what you need to work on the most to improve yourself. Having this knowledge will give you the ability to build yourself into a stronger and happier you.


Numerology has been used and debated for ages. Ancient thinkers and brilliant minds were able to recognize the power that numbers have in our universe and wanted to understand that power more intimately. This is what led them to form these different systems of reading the numbers that appear significantly in our lives. World changing decisions have been made with the help of numerology. People have used it’s guidance to make plans and build up themselves and their loved ones. The entire purpose, no matter the type used, is to bring about a better self-awareness and to create a better balance and structured life. You can bring this power into your life and help those around you simply by achieving this awareness.

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