6 Ways To Communicate With Your Guardian Angel

6 Ways To Communicate With Your Guardian Angel

Wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to communicate with your Guardian Angel? Well, it’s not as difficult as you might think. And I can say with absolute certainty that your Guardian Angel wants to communicate with you.

There are a few different ways to communicate with your Guardian Angel. You could try speaking to your Angel or journaling with them.  Or you might try meditating, praying, or going for a walk to make a connection. Writing a letter is also something to consider. Irrespective, it’s essential that you’re in the right mindset and environment to send and receive messages.

In fact, you might not realize it, but your Guardian Angel is already sending you signs and messages. They’ve been at your side since birth and have been trying to communicate with you all this time.

Believe it or not, each of us has a Guardian Angel that is always with us. It’s their duty to protect and guide you through the highs and lows of life. And, if you open your heart and mind to them, they’ll make their presence known.

Messages from your Guardian Angels are usually symbolic and are most often intended to encourage you. These signs are commonly in the form of Angel numbers, feathers, visions or messages in your dreams, Angel colors, and more.

Understanding how to communicate with your Guardian Angel can be extremely rewarding. This will open the door for you to gain their help with significant challenges and decisions in life. And it will ensure that you always feel safe and cared for.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the 6 primary ways to communicate with your Guardian Angel. But first, let’s discuss how you should prepare before contacting the spiritual realm.

Preparing to Communicate with Your Guardian Angel

There are a few things I recommend you do to prepare before trying to contact your Guardian Angel. Doing these will ensure that you’re in the proper physical and mental state to effectively communicate with your spiritual guide.

Your Frame of MindCommunicate with your guardian angel

First and foremost, you must be in the right frame of mind to channel any communication between yourself and your divine Guardian. In other words, you must ensure that any negative mental blockages are removed. If not, these will create a barrier to receiving messages from the other side.

Mental blockages can occur if you’re scared of contacting what you might view as the unknown. It’s also possible that you have some doubt in the back of your mind and don’t 100% believe your Guardian Angel is contactable.

Or, perhaps you don’t feel like you aren’t worthy of your spiritual guide’s love and attention. Whatever the issue might be, you must address these before proceeding.

Therefore, before attempting to make contact, try to understand the following:

  • There is no reason to fear your Guardian Angel. This Angelic being loves and cares for you. They want you to feel safe and protected and will never do anything to make you fearful.
  • You are a divine soul with a unique purpose in this life and are a co-creator of all that exists. The beauty of the Cosmos lies within you, and your spiritual guides want nothing but happiness and fulfillment for you. Understand that you deserve their unconditional love.
  • Perhaps you’re not convinced that your Guardian Angel exists or can be contacted. You must admit that the possibility exists and that you have nothing to lose by trying to communicate with them. So, why not give it your best shot? You may be pleasantly surprised by the results of your efforts.

Your Immediate Environment

For the best results, make sure you’re in a peaceful and relaxing environment before trying to communicate with your Guardian Angel. Setting yourself up in a quiet room where you can close the door is optimal.

You should also have a comfortable place to sit or lie down, whichever you prefer. But bear in mind that the communication session might take some time. So, you’ll likely be sitting for at least half an hour or so.

Adding some soft meditation-type music usually creates an inviting ambiance. And it’s always a good idea to light a candle while you’re connecting with the spirit world. So, if you have one available, place it in a safe spot close to where you’ll be sitting.

Perhaps there’s a specific issue you need help with and would like to discuss with your divine Guardian. In this case, it may be beneficial to use a color relevant to the answer you seek.

There are specific colors that carry special meaning when it comes to the Angels. These are known as Angel colors and can be used to summon a particular type of vibrational energy. And to do so, you should incorporate the relevant color into your immediate environment.

For instance, you could burn a candle of your chosen color when speaking to your Guardian Angel.

If you’re able to find a serene spot outdoors in nature, that would be perfect. But I would advise that you take a cushion and/or blanket with you for added comfort.

Once you’ve secured your cozy, noise-free space, you’re ready to try and communicate with your Guardian Angel.

6 Easy Ways to Communicate With Your Guardian Angel

You’ve found the perfect spot, and you’re in a positive frame of mind. Now you’re ready to strike up a conversation with your spiritual guide.

But, before you get started, think about whether there’s anything specific you’d like to ask them. And consider how you’d like to receive your response from your Angelic Guardian.

While Angels cannot speak to us directly, they’ll make their presence known in other ways. And they’ll often make use of our five senses to do so. Therefore, you should consider whether you’d like to see, smell, hear, feel, or taste something.

Many typically want to know the name of their Guardian Angel to address them correctly. So, this is something you might want to consider asking at the start of your session, but it isn’t essential.

The following 6 methods are easy to follow, and all represent an effective means to communicate with your Guardian Angel.

There is no one method that is better than the others. They’re all equally beneficial and effective. It’s up to you to decide which form of communication you would be most comfortable with.

1.   Talk to Your Guardian Angel

This is probably the most obvious approach and is most effective for those who have communicated with their spiritual guardians before. Anyone can converse with their Guardian Angel. But you must usually increase your vibrational energy a little before you can make contact.

For some, this requires just a few minutes of relaxational breathing. And for others, this could mean half an hour or more of meditation. It all depends on how often you practice relaxation and meditation.

But when your body, mind, and spirit are calm and open, you might try simply asking your Angel a question. You can ask the question verbally or mentally.

Speak to your guide about a challenge you’re facing and ask for their advice. Or perhaps you want to know whether you’re on the right path with your career or relationship.

Whatever the question, it’s essential to remain in a peaceful state after you’ve asked it. And you must keep your mind open and clear to receive a response.

2.   Journal with Your Guardian Angel

Another way to communicate with your Guardian Angel is to do some automatic journaling with them. When doing so, you’ll essentially be channeling any energy you receive into words on the page.

It’s best to have a dedicated journal and pen for automatic journaling with your spiritual guide. This way, you can keep your messages safe and reflect back on past conversations.

Again, you should be in a calm and peaceful state of mind before you begin. Have your journal and pen at hand and ask your Angel whatever you’d like to ask. Take a deep breath, open your journal to a blank page, pick up your pen, and start writing.

It’s important not to try and control the process or let your thoughts get involved. Just write whatever comes to mind, no matter how strange or silly it may seem. It might not all be pertinent, but there’s a good chance you’ll find the answer you’re looking for in there.

3.   Write a Letter to Your Guardian Angel

You might be wondering why on earth you would write a letter to your divine guides and where you would send it to. But this would not be a letter you’d send in the mail.

As I’m sure you know, writing a letter can be therapeutic because it’s a way of getting your thoughts out of your mind. We sometimes carry a great deal of worry or burden in our minds, and writing them down is a way to lift that weight.

This letter to your Guardian Angel will serve a similar purpose while also being a means to contact them. And you’ll still need to be as calm and relaxed as you can before putting pen to paper.

Think about what you would like to say in your letter. Write the letter in a similar tone to that of speaking to a friend about a problem. Make sure that you express yourself as best you can and get everything off your chest.

Remember to ask for advice in your letter too. Don’t assume that you’ll receive a response from your Angel without asking a direct question. When your letter is complete, continue to sit quietly and be receptive to any feedback you might receive.

4.   Meditate with Your Guardian Angel

Meditate with your guardian angel

Meditation is an enriching practice and a great way to raise your vibrational energy. It’s also a very effective way to communicate with your Guardian Angel.

To begin, sit comfortably in a quiet space and focus on your breathing. It’s not necessary to breathe rhythmically or very deeply. Just try to fill your lungs naturally and sufficiently and observe the air going in and out of your body.

When you feel relaxed and at peace, allow your mind to focus on the question you’d like to ask your Angel. Make sure you think about this question with the intention to connect with your spiritual Guardian.

Continue to do so for as long as it feels comfortable. Remember to open your heart and mind to receive a response.

5.   Pray to Your Guardian Angel

While most will reserve prayer for communication with God, it’s also possible to use prayer to speak to His spiritual helpers. Prayer doesn’t have to be a form of worship. In the case of the Angels, you would simply be utilizing prayer as a medium of communication with the spiritual realm.

This is particularly helpful if you are very religious and uncomfortable with practicing meditation which is often associated with Eastern religions. That said, there are many similarities between praying and meditating.

However, when praying, you would be focused on God first. After that, you would draw your attention to your Guardian Angel and direct your words to them. Again, you can speak to them through your thoughts or express yourself verbally.

Ensure that you have the time and space to sit quietly for as long as you need to. After asking your Angel for assistance, wait a bit. Place your senses on high alert in anticipation of a sign from your divine Guardian. You could receive a message from them in more ways than one.

6.   Go for a Walk with Your Guardian Angel

going for a walk with your guardian angel

Exercise can be a meditative experience for some, especially walking outdoors in the sunlight and fresh air. In fact, when you walk, both hemispheres of your brain are active. This helps you to think more clearly and to be more perceptive to receiving a sign.

Immersing yourself in nature would be most beneficial, such as walking in a nature reserve or on a trail. If you’re fortunate enough to have a garden with plants, shrubs, or trees, that will work just as well.

Nature is alive and, as such, radiates vibrational energy that is pure and uplifting. This is why it’s so beneficial to carry out any spiritual practice in the great outdoors. Here we feed off the incredible energy around us, and our vibrational energy increases, making us more receptive.

While on your walk, talk to your Guardian Angel. Tell them about what’s on your mind and ask them to guide you through any challenges you’re facing. You may receive a response sooner than you think.

Receiving a Response from Your Guardian Angel

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t receive a response from your Angel immediately. Know that your spiritual Guardian is super keen to contact you. But opening the channel of communication may require a little practice.

Make sure that you’re open to the experience and ready to communicate with your Guardian Angel. Just a slight amount of doubt or fear could hinder your progress. The best way to overcome this is to meditate or pray as often as possible.

However, you mustn’t place any pressure on yourself. If you haven’t received any signal or message yet, simply try again. Your Angel will communicate with you. It’s just a matter of time.

Remember that our Guardian Angels won’t speak to us directly. They’re most likely to send you a signal with meaning attached, such as an Angel number or Angel color. Angel number 1111, for instance, is one of the most common signals sent to humans by their spiritual guides.

That said, their reply to your request could come in the form of any of the following:

  • An intense emotional feeling
  • An unusual or prominent sound
  • A strange or familiar smell
  • An image or vision in your mind or in your dreams

If you have a Tarot or Oracle deck of cards on hand, you could make use of them when waiting for a response. You could even make your own Oracle deck for future conversations.

Use one of the 6 methods above to open the door of communication with your divine guide. Then, after asking your question, pull a card from either your Tarot or Oracle deck.

If you understand the Tarot, interpreting Tarot cards should be pretty straightforward. Otherwise, simply use your natural intuition to determine the meaning behind the card you’ve selected. You have a deep connection with the universe than you realize and have all you need to decipher the message.

Bear in mind that messages from your Guardian Angel are always sent with love and your best interests at heart. And they will always be positive and uplifting in some way.


6 ways to communicate with your guardian angel infographic

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It’s easy to communicate with your Guardian Angel using any of the 6 methods above. But remember to be patient when waiting for a response. Your Angel wants to connect with you, and if you persist, you will get a reply.

Ensure that you have a positive mindset and are in a tranquil setting before you try to connect. Noise, interruptions, fear, and doubt could prevent you from receiving any feedback from your spiritual guide.

If you receive a signal you believe could be a message from your divine Guardian, take note. Use your innate intuition and go with your gut. Chances are that your initial thoughts are correct.

But it shouldn’t end there. If you’ve received advice from your Guardian Angel on how to move forward, you must act on it. There’s no point in asking your divine Angel for help if you don’t follow their advice.

And always remember to thank your spiritual guide for their help. Let them know that you’re grateful for their love and support. This will strengthen the bond between you and your Guardian Angel.

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