8 Tips on House Number Numerology (Detailed)

house number numerology

Did you know that your house number can affect your relationships and happiness? As all of us usually spend most of our time at the house. House number numerology shows that house number has a strong influence and impact on your life.

Before buying a new house do complete research on house numbers and make sure that your apartment or house number is compatible with you and the others living there. It also creates the energy that is conducive to your lifestyle.

House number numerology can guide you in planning a house move, buying or renting, and helps you to decide which house can be suitable for you.  Your house number tells you a lot about the energy and its impact that surrounds you when you are there.

If you are not going to choose the house according to your house number numerology then you will find yourself irritable, depressed, and unhappy while there. You don’t want this. Don’t need to worry about that in this article you will get all the tips on house number that will help you to make the right decision to choose the right house number for you.

1. What does your house number mean?

Numbers have a great impact on our life. Your house number is varied can open you up to a whole new way of thinking. Each number in numerology has its personality and impact on life.

A good house number helps to choose the home where everything just feels right. Numerology shows that every house number carries with it a vibrational matrix that becomes the personality of the home and impacts the life of the people live there.

When you already know the personality of the house before buying it. Then you can understand if you are a good match or not for this.

2. Are you living at the Right Address?

Have you ever lived in a house where everything is just perfect? Where you feel happy and comfortable. And have you ever been to the apartment or house where you felt wrong and had negative energies? If the answer is ‘yes’, then it is easy to understand for you that house numbers impact the personality of the house.

We are surrounded by many numbers. House number numerology proved that the number of your house impacts the personality of your house. And definitely, the relationship between the member of the house live there.

3. How to Calculate the Numerology of your home?

To find out the impact of your house number on your house you need to write down the number of your home or apartment at first.

Add the number together until you find out the single digit.

For Example,

If your House number is 4321

Then add these numbers together 4+3+2+1=10

Reduce the sum in the single digit so 10= 1 + 0 = 1

It means your house number is ‘1’

Use your house number while doing calculations, not your street number.

All numbers in numerology have their meaning after calculation you can easily know the meaning of your house number and its impact on your house personality.

4. Can you change the Numerology of your house?

If you are not happy with your current house number for any reason you desire to change the frequency of your home. You desire to create great financial abundance in your life or want happy relationships between all of your family members.

You can easily change the vibration by putting the number inside or near your home front door. The number you put inside your front door can be added to the frequency number of the house.

For Example, your house front door number is 8 and would prefer a 10 vibration, then you have to put the number 2 inside your door and it becomes a 10! Now you can change your house frequency to a 10 home.

It is also important to get clear why you desire to change the frequency of your house. And also set the desired intentions what you would like to experience more of as a result.

house number numerology 2

5. What is the best House Number in Numerology?

Every number has its effect and value in numerology. Also, numerology house number has its impact on the house members.

If you have any problem in your current house. First, go and pick up the numerology house number according to your desire and replace this numerology number with your current house number. All you need to do is just transform your house address into its numerological number.

You will find out more about your living space once you change your house address in numerological number. Including what kind of themes your home represents and its impact on your life. Who this kind of house is ideal for, and what kind of impact energies around you have on your life.

6. How to choose your dream house number?

Choose a house that is completely compatible with your life path and desires.

According to numerology odd number lifepaths (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) do better in odd-numbered houses.

And even number lifepaths (2, 4, 6, 8) do better in even-numbered houses.

To understand it more clearly first all you need to do is now about your life path number and then you will get to know more about your dream house number in numerology.

7. How to calculate your numerology path number?

The easy way to calculate your numerology path number is by analyzing your unique date of birth. Numerology tells that your birthdate says something essential about yourself. Numerology is all about getting to the root number.

To do this reduces the digits until you get the single-digit number. This single number will be your numerology path number and can help you to find out your house number.

Your numerology path number will reveal your great purpose, strengths, talents, weakness, and ambitions. It also exposes the tone of your experiences.

Let say, your birthday is December 13, 1992. To calculate your path number reduces each component of your birthday date to a single digit.

The month 12, reduce it 1+2=3

The date 13, reduce it 1+3=4

The year 1992, reduce it 1+9+9+2=21 then reduce it 2+1=3

Now add the reduced date, month, year number together 3+4+3=10

Finally, add 1+0=1 It means that your life path number is ‘1’. This is how you can easily find out your numerology path number.

How to unlock your Home Hidden Personality?

As we know that our home has a story. Numerology proved that your home has its personality and character. This is not easy to unlock if you don’t know about your house number numerology.

Numerologists believed that there is a connection between the numbers and events of our life. Your numerology number also has its personality and effect on your daily life routine.

Your house number also has its impact on your daily life routine and relationships. Numerology is a fun and fresh way to think about your home.

“House Number Numerology 1-9”

In numerology, each number has its own specific and powerful meaning that impact our daily life. In this, you will get to know the meaning of each numerology number 1-9 and how your house number impacts your home relationships.

numerology house number 34

The Power of Numerology House Number 1

House number 1 is good for self-employed or single people. It encourages you to maintain your independence and personal freedom.

It is good for you if you want to start a business, work from home, and want to discover more about yourself. Living in this house number can strengthen your determination and confidence, including some challenges that you have to face while living in that space.

The Power of Numerology House Number 2

The meaning of house number 2 is opposite to house number 1. This home is built for belonging. It promotes positive energies, loving relationships, and it is a harmonious house to live in.

It is a good house for romantic partners, families, and room-mates who are good friends. You will feel comfortable and happy there. This number spread the sensitive and sentimental energies. This house number can be a great choice for you if you enjoy being surrounded by photographs of family and friends. And love gets to gather especially where feelings are expressed.

The Power of Numerology House Number 3

Numerology tells that number 3 spreads the creative energies and vibrations. If you are creative or you work in any creative industry then this house number is going to be the best choice for you. This place is especially for the artist or anyone in a creative field.

It also provides an excellent environment for social gatherings, home entertaining. This house is just perfect for hosting parties and get together with the people you love. If you want to start a family or an artistic endeavor then this house would be a great place for you.

But it can also lead you towards being scattered, unfocused, or spending too much money on useless things. As the house has artistic vibes this is why it promotes the activities like traveling, painting, writing. This house is going to be ideal for you if you want to bring change in your personality. This house number is also good for joint families and for the friends who prefer to live together.

The Power of Numerology House Number 4

Number 4 in numerology has very serious and grounded vibrations. The number 4 house supports the discipline, structure, and responsibilities. It is a great place for you if you want to achieve your goals like expanding your business, grow your family, or taking control of your financial success.

House number four is going to be a wonderful place for you if prefer stability to change. Even if the rest of your life is adventurous! It does not mean that work all the time and no play or fun.

This home is for you, if you want to live a structured life, stay hardworking, and practical in your life to achieve your life goals.

The Power of Numerology House Number 5

The number 5 house is an active, social, and party house. This house maintains the vibrant energy and is a great place for you if you love having the people over and entertaining the guests.

If you are looking for a quiet and stable place then this place is not for you. This house will encourage you to live life to its fullest, to tackle the problems with fearless abundance, and to face life challenges.

This house will teach you the lesson about acceptance, freedom of life, dynamic changes, and facing your fears with courage. If you want to attain freedom, looking for immediate financial success.

The Power of Numerology House Number 6

House number 6 has love and harmony vibration energies. It is a home where everyone feels welcome.  The number six is one of the most domestic numbers in numerology. It is a home where your guest and friends will feel at home.

It is a lucky place to start a new relationship. This home has a vibe that promotes creativity and love. If you are creative and indulge yourself in creative activities like cooking, dancing music, etc. Then this house number is going to be the best choice for you. This house number is best for you if you are planning to start a new family. This house is suitable for individuals who are born on the same date.

House number six is not for you if you prefer to stay alone or independent. It has homely vibes this is why this house is not for you if you want to enjoy your freedom. This house number is not going to lucky for you if you are looking for financial growth and materialistic success.

The Power of Numerology House Number 7

The number seven house has private, spiritual, and reflective vibes in it. If you are an introvert or anyone who loves coming home to have a quiet place then this house number will be the best choice for you.

This house is for you if you are someone who is working on a specialty like a scientist, writer, or professor. It is a great place for self-discovery and to get to know more about you. It is a heaven of spirituality. Number seven has calming energy in it that makes this house a quiet and relaxing place for people who want a break from their life.

This house can be a challenging place for couples. This house is ideal for meditative spaces. This house can be used for personal and mental healing.

The Power of Numerology House Number 8

The number 8 home sports growth, prosperity, and ambition. Making it a great place for entrepreneurs, and the career is driven, people. Especially if you have a business that you are running from home.

If you want to work on yourself to expand your status in the world, position in life, need financial growth, this is a great home for you. It brings everything in abundance including love and money. It has a strong vibe of success and fame. This house number has leadership vibes in it.

This home is not for joint families. It can create uncomfortable situations among family members. If you are obsessive this home is not for you. But this home is usually considered as a very lucky number and usually sold at a very premium cost. If you have an entrepreneurial mindset and want to achieve your goals of life then this place is for you.

The Power of Numerology House Number 9

The number 9 home has compassion, acceptance, and community vibes in it. This house number has loving energy that attracts anyone from all over the world. You will learn a great deal about yourself living at this place.

This house number spreads the charitable vibes that promote creativity, selflessness, spirituality, forgiveness, and happiness. This house number has very positive energies that encourage you to change the world to make it a better place for you.

It is the best place for selfless individuals. If you love to serve others then you will find out this place is great to live in. If you chose your career based on love then this place is for you.


Discovering your numerology number and chart number and the meaning of the numbers will provide you to decide which number is best for you to choose your house number.

We are surrounded by numbers and these numbers have a powerful impact on our daily life according to numerology. Our house number also impacts the relationships, and peace of our home. This is very important to choose the house number that can bring happiness to you.

First, discover your lucky numerology number and then replace it with your house number by following the given method in this article. Then you will find out the positive and great change in your house environment.

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