Angel Number 118: Your 5 Hidden Messages

A message of hope arrives in your life when you see Angel Number 118. If you’ve repeatedly seen this sign on license plates or in your dreams, know that your Angels are calling you.

Angel Number 118 is a sign from the divine realm. It appears when you’re entering a new phase in your life and likely experiencing a low. This Angel Number is a reminder that things will get better. Angel Number 118 comprises the number 1, which signifies new beginnings, and the number 8, which symbolizes abundance and high achievement.

When you experience a state of synchronicity in life, it’s a sign that you’re at a pivotal point in your journey. Your divine guides are sending you signs to grab your attention, so you can receive what you need to fulfill your destiny. So, it’s not a coincidence when you see repetitive Angel Numbers.

Angel Number 118 bears the vibrational energy that grants achievements, wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Read on to learn more about why you’re seeing this Angel Number.

What Are Angel Numbers?

As you probably know, everyone has a Guardian Angel. You might even have more than one Angel watching over you. These divine beings are tasked with guiding and protecting you.

Since we live in the material world, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Guardian Angels can’t communicate directly with us. This is because they are light beings comprised of energy and exist at higher vibrational levels. These spiritual advisors rely on signals to send messages from the spiritual realm to the physical world. One of the types of signals they send us is Angel Numbers.

Angel Numbers are signs sent from divine beings in the form of numerals. We might see them on billboards, on digital clocks, and in dreams. Your Angels rely on the fact that the human brain automatically notices patterns. As such, you’ll easily notice an Angel Number when it’s repeatedly present in your life.

Each number in a message sent to you by your spiritual advisor holds meaning unique to you. For example, perhaps you want to change jobs because you aren’t moving up at your current place of employment. Or maybe you feel generally lost in life. In these instances, the divine beings watching over you will guide you in the right direction.

Angel Numbers are messages of divine guidance, hope, and comfort. When they appear in your life, take notice, discover the hidden meaning, and act on the message. Read this post if you’re interested in learning more about Angel Numbers.

The Meaning of Angel Number 118 in Numerology

Angel Number 118 - Your 5 Hidden Messages

Angel Number 118 comprises the numbers 1, 8, and 10. It also contains Master Number 11. Each of these numbers has the following significance:

  • Number 1 invites new beginnings, originality, assertiveness, initiative, and leadership.
  • Number 8 brings high achievement, wealth, prosperity, self-confidence, and abundance.
  • Number 10 is associated with new beginnings.
  • Master Number 11 resonates with karmic law and spiritual enlightenment.

With these numerals combined in Angel Number 118, the message it delivers is powerful. Opportunities to apply your knowledge in a business venture or creative project arise. Your Guardian Angels want you to connect with your higher self to realize your life’s purpose and your soul mission.

Interpretations of Angel Number 118

1.   You’re Transitioning Into a New Phase

We all go through phases of growth and transformation in life. These help us get rid of habits that don’t serve us. And they eliminate ways of thinking that prevent us from fulfilling our individual destinies. We gain a new skill set to tackle life’s curveballs when we grow.

Angel Number 118 appears to you with a message that a particular phase of your life is coming to an ending. If you interpret this number in numerology, calculations will leave you with numbers 1 and 10 (1+1+8). Both numbers symbolize new beginnings.

You’re transitioning into a new cycle, with spiritual lessons and opportunities that will allow you to rise to new heights. Angel Number 118 also promises that entering the new phase in your life will be fruitful and blessed.

If you’ve been feeling stagnant in your career or your business hasn’t been profitable lately, listen to your Angels. The doors of opportunity are going to open for you. These will help you create a rewarding and lucrative career or business. So be prepared for drastic changes.

When you face Angel Number 118, don’t doubt the message your spiritual advisor is sending you. Align yourself with your Angels, and you’ll attract abundance and have the prosperous life you dream of. Also, remember that you have the ability and expertise to do, be, or have anything you desire.

2.   Abandon Negative Thinking

Angel Number 118 will likely enter your life when you feel lost and confused. Spiraling negative thoughts can get the better of us. And it may seem like nothing you do ever works out. Or you may be unable to see your way out of an unpleasant situation, so the negative thoughts pile on.

Angel Number 118 - Your 5 Hidden Messages Negative thinking can hold you back from your destiny, so your divine beings will guide you out of these spirals. They send Angel Number 118 to encourage you to think positive thoughts and manifest prosperity and abundance in your life. They are reminding you to direct positive energy to your life’s financial and material aspects.

When you have high expectations for yourself and a positive attitude, you’ll be surprised at what enters your life. The Angels help you manifest your highest ideals. And they guide you towards success in everything you do with intention and effort.

Angel Number 118 bears the energy of number 1. This tells you to open your eyes to the various opportunities in your life. Know that you have the resources to attract abundance, wealth, and success. You’re on the path to high achievement. All you have to do is abandon negative thinking.

This sign affirms that your dreams and aspirations are valid. And your Angels want to remind you to keep a positive outlook for your future and goals. So look past the negative energy from your past. Double down your efforts and know that your future is bright.

3.   You’re About to Receive in Abundance

Angel Number 118 comprises number 8, which indicates abundance. Be ready to receive a significant boost in all areas of your life. You’ll soon be abundant in good health, development, love, wealth, growth, knowledge, and friendships.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling depleted in all these areas in your life. If so, Angel Number 118 may appear to you for a reason. Your spiritual advisors are telling you to keep your chin up. They want you to remember you’re loved and supported. You’ll receive the mental and emotional clarity you need in no time.

Your life will soon be filled with everything you need to get back on track. Open yourself up to receive the blessings from the divine. And in the meantime, cherish your friends and family.

4.   Pay Attention to Your Spiritual Well-being

When Angel Number 118 appears in your life, your divine guides remind you to pay more attention to your spiritual needs. They’re inviting you to seek spiritual growth and progress. Allow them to take your hand and guide you down the right path to achieve your spiritual goals and dreams.

Angel Number 118 encourages you to break free from a dark past. Release any failures, pain, and disappointment you’re holding onto. Remember that good things are coming your way. Keep putting energy into those areas in your life you want to see grow.

5.   Don’t Let the Bad Days Get You Down

Life is not a linear succession of events. We all experience highs and lows. Sometimes the lows can hit hard, making everything feel like a struggle.

Angel Number 118 reminds you to stay strong when facing a challenging situation. It’s a sign that the divine beings watching over you will help you move past the hardship.

The hurdles in your way will be easier to jump. You’ll build resilience to face whatever other difficulties present themselves in the future.


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While seeing Angel Number 118 repeatedly may make you feel a bit anxious, it’s not a reason to panic. Your spiritual advisors are telling you to listen to their message and allow them to lead you on the right path. They want you to know that they’re supporting you through whatever you’re facing in your life.

Angel Number 118 is a reminder to pay attention to the new phase you’re transitioning into in your life. It’s also a sign that positive thinking will take you much further than being negative. You’re about to receive abundance in all significant areas of your life, so be ready for what’s coming.

If you’ve neglected your spiritual needs, Angel Number 118 will also appear. It reminds you to take the reins and take care of your spiritual well-being. And finally, this Angel Number reminds you to stay strong through whatever battle you’re facing.

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