Angel Number 666 Explained: The Meaning Of 666

If you have noticed the Angel number 666 pop up now and then, do not worry. The number 666 meaning is often associated with something evil in pop culture. But, seeing 666 frequently should not be considered a bad thing.

Due to society’s negative association with this number, you may be nervously and reluctantly questioning, “What does 666 mean?”. But I am here to put your mind at ease.

The truth is that Angel number 666 meaning does not convey what you think it does. It should be seen as a good omen and should fill you with confidence and pride.

In this article, I will examine the core meaning of Angel number 666 and its various interpretations. I will also be giving you more information on what an Angel number is and why we see them.

Angel Number 666 Is About Balance

So, you have seen the number 666 on the digital clock, receipts, barcodes, and more, and it freaked you out a little bit. To find out why you have seen this number, you have done a Google search for “What does 666 mean?” and landed up on this page.

Welcome. And do not panic. The number 666 meaning is not what you think it is. Angel number 666, as we refer to it, is a positive signal, and it relates to an overall message of balance in life.

Angel number 666 is made up of three 6’s grouped together. The number 6 alone is often associated with the need for inner peace, spiritual strength, and a balance between the material and spiritual world.

Three 6’s, however, represent a more amplified messaged linked to these meanings. But should be seen as more of a warning that something must be done to get you back onto your spiritual path.

The core message behind the number 666 meaning is that of balance. In other words, it is a warning that you are losing focus. You must reflect on your life as it is, listen to your heart, and make a change to get yourself back on the path to spiritual growth.

angel number 666 infographic

What Are Angel Numbers?

Before we delve into answering the question “What does 666 mean?” I will dig a little deeper into what Angel numbers are.

Essentially, an Angel number is any number that you see regularly. It would be a digit or series of digits that you see often enough to make you question why are keep seeing this number.

This number comes with a meaning attached and a message addressed to you. Only you can decipher the message once you have investigated the interpretations associated with that Angel number.

There has been a link between numbers and different vibrational energies and meanings since before Christ. Ancient civilizations used numbers as symbols for various purposes, such as mapping the stars. It is believed that the ancient Egyptians used numbers to predict the flooding of the Nile river.

Today, the practice of analyzing and expressing the meaning behind numbers is known as numerology. Numerology can determine many things, including an individual’s life path using his/her birth date.

The numbers 0 to 9 each symbolize specific vibrational energy. This vibrational energy has a meaning attached to it, and when combined to form multi-digit numbers, the message becomes more complex.

For instance, if we consider the number 666 meaning, the root of this Angel number would be the number 6. Because there are three 6’s grouped together in Angel number 666, the message communicated intensifies threefold.

If, however, you were to see Angel number 1212, on the other hand, this would represent a combination of the meaning of Angel numbers 1 and 2. These meanings combined would give you a new interpretation associated with the number 12. And, because the number 12 is repeated, it intensifies the message of 1 and 2 two-fold.

Hopefully, the above gives you a clearer idea of what an Angel number is. And, now that you know more about Angel numbers, I feel it necessary to discuss the reason behind the Angel number messages we receive.

So, before we uncover the deeper interpretations associated with Angel number 666 meaning and how they apply to you, let us have a closer look at why we see Angel numbers in the first place.

Why Do We See Angel Numbers?

We now know that we see Angel numbers because there is a meaning attached to the numbers and because that meaning will convey a hidden message to us.

While we have already discussed the overall meaning of Angel number 666, we still need to explore the various interpretations associated with the number 666 meaning. These interpretations will help you to figure out how the meaning of Angel number 666 applies to you.

That said, you may be asking yourself why you are receiving a mysterious message in the first place. Where is this message coming from, and why is it being sent to you? Let me answer that for you.

Let us first tackle the question of where your Angel number 666 message comes from.

The short answer is that someone sent this message to you from the spiritual realm. And there is a reason we refer to it as an Angel number.

Whether you are aware or not, we all have Guardian Angels who watch over us. They are servants of God, and it is their sole mission to guide and protect us as we walk through the journey of life from birth to death.

But Guardian Angels are not our only guardians. Another group of spiritual beings known as the Ascended Masters is also keeping a close eye on us to help us when we need guidance.

As spiritual beings, the Guardian Angels and Ascended Masters operate at a much higher vibrational frequency than humans. As a result, these divine beings generally cannot communicate with us directly.

While it is possible for humans who are well on their way to spiritual awakening to temporarily raise their vibrational level and communicate with a being in the spiritual realm, it is rare. Also, it is not usually a level of vibration that can be sustained.

For this reason, our Guardian Angels and Ascended Masters send us signs in the form of Angel numbers, which are also sometimes referred to as spiritual numbers.

They make sure that we see the numbers often enough to spark our interest. It is up to us to investigate further and discover the hidden meaning and personal message behind the number.

What Does Angel Number 666 Mean?

What Does 666 Mean

So, we now know what Angel numbers are, where they come from, and why we see them. But we still have one question to answer.

I can hear you saying, “What does 666 mean?”. And you are not far off the mark. The question we need to answer is, “What does 666 mean to you?”.

Without further ado, let us explore all the interpretations associated with Angel number 666 to determine how you can apply the message behind the number to your life.

Remember Your Spiritual Roots

The first interpretation of Angel number 666 we will look at is that of balance. It could relate to balance in any aspect of your life. However, the number 666 meaning is most often associated with a lack of balance between your material and spiritual focus.

In essence, your spiritual guides are trying to warn you that what you believe does not correlate with what you show the world. There is an imbalance between what is in your heart and your actions.

Angel number 666 will come to you when you are so focused on the material world that you have forgotten your spiritual roots. Your Guardian Angels want you to take stock and realign yourself with the universe.

There is a link between 666 and a fixation with accumulating material possessions in the hopes that you will find fulfillment. The truth is that no matter how much money or possessions you acquire in life, it will not lead you to happiness or fulfill you.

It is easy to be attracted to the material things in life, especially if exposed to television, radio, and social media. We often buy things we do not need, sold by companies that do not have our best interests at heart.

However, be wary of falling into this trap. Your spiritual guardians are warning you that it is time to pay attention to your spiritual path and let go of the unhealthy attachment you currently have with the material world.

How To Focus On The Spiritual

You must understand that the material possessions you are accumulating are not bringing you lasting joy. There might be a moment of euphoria associated with acquiring something shiny and new, but that feeling will soon pass, and you will find yourself looking for the next new thing to buy.

Stop, and take a step back. Realize that your brain dictates your thoughts and gets in the way of what is in your heart. Find a quiet place to meditate and reflect inward. Focus on what your heart tells you and realign your focus to that of love and spiritual healing.

It is important to pay more attention to your spiritual growth and improve your alignment with the spiritual realm. Know that this signal is both a warning and message of encouragement from your Guardian Angels and the Ascended Masters.

Know that if you place more attention on your spiritual growth, good things will come your way. Do not forget that your divine guides are with you every step of the way. They are there to assist you and want you the lean on them whenever you need assistance.

Love And Care For Yourself

While still linked to the overall theme of balance, Angel number 666 could be associated with self-love and self-care, specifically.

This is especially relevant if you feel a great deal of insecurity or if you are going through a difficult time. If this is the case, you should see the number 666 meaning as a message of encouragement.

Perhaps you have been feeling unworthy of people or things in your life. Or, maybe you are anxious about an upcoming event that will put you in the spotlight. And you are anxious because you do not feel you deserve to be there.

Your Guardian Angels want you to know that you are a beautiful and perfect being and deserve everything good in the world. With your guardian army at your side, it is time to lift your chin and believe in yourself.

You have so much to offer this world, and it is so important that you begin to take that brave step forward into the light. As soon as you do, you will see your confidence grow, and the universe will reward you in the most delightful ways.

If you have experienced a recent spell of hardship, know that your spiritual guardians are watching over you and are there to support you whenever you need them. They want you to know that you are not alone in this struggle but are urging you to take some time for yourself.

How To Give Yourself What You Need

First, you must understand that you deserve your love and attention more than anyone. Then, realize that you have the unconditional love and support of your spiritual guardians.

Let your inner voice guide you by practicing some introspection. This practice can be done through meditation or simply by sitting in a quiet place listening attentively to your heart.

Practicing meditation and gratitude daily will help you cultivate positive and loving thoughts toward yourself. These thoughts will increase your vibrational energy and alignment with the universe.

Part of loving yourself is taking care of yourself. If you spend too much time focused on work or others, it is time to take a break and give yourself some loving-kindness.

One of the most rejuvenating activities you can do is to immerse yourself in nature. Look for a nature reserve or hiking trail close to you and take a walk amongst the fauna and flora. If you can find a place with a small stream or brook, that would be perfect.

If that is not possible, simply relaxing at home with a good book, your favorite movie, or some relaxing music would go a long way. You could also take a salt bath or take a good nap.

Whatever you decide to do for yourself, try to ensure that it gives you some joy and replenishes your energy. Also, take some time to talk to your Guardian Angels and the Ascended Masters about the difficulties you are facing. They are there to help you and might be able to help you navigate these difficult times.

Serve Your Community

Another offshoot of the core meaning of balance, related to Angel number 666, is that of balance between your life and your life purpose. In other words, is your current lift in line with what your life should be to fulfill your life purpose?

Your life path reflects through what is known as your Life Path Number. In numerology, this number is determined through a simple calculation using your birth date, which links to a specific purpose in life.

Life Path Number 6 is associated with The Nurturer, who is someone destined to serve others for the greater good. This service could be in the form of caring for people in need. But it could also be associated with other living things, such as animals and plant life.

The life of a nurturer is instrumental to the upliftment of the community and goes a long way for developing trust and compassion in both yourself and others.

When seeing Angel number 666, your divine guardians are asking you whether the decisions you make in life are moving you toward your life purpose, or if they are moving you away from it.

How To Serve Others

Again, you will need to get in touch with your true self to determine what means something to you and how you can put this passion into service.

Serving others could be in the form of assisting them with basic needs such as food and shelter. It could, however, also relate to you providing skills and training to help empower others.

Often this life of service will align with something close to your heart. For instance, if you are an animal lover, you might find yourself building enclosures at an animal shelter.

Or perhaps you have a passion for the elderly, which could see you arranging regular activities at a local government-run retirement home.

Take the time to explore the needs of your immediate community and try to figure out where you might fit in based on your skills and experience.

You could always begin by helping out at your local soup kitchen. This may not be your life’s work, but it is a place to start. And it could help you determine what it is you want to do.

Have No Fear

Here we continue to follow the foundational meaning of balance behind Angel number 666. This time it relates to conflicting inner dialogue, which often leads to fear and anxiety.

In this case, the number 666 meaning should provide you with the courage to conquer your fears and embrace the unknown.

Negative self-talk is extremely dangerous but, unfortunately, quite common. Many are hesitant to act on their ideas or chase their dreams because they do not believe they will succeed. They do not feel as though they are good enough.

Therefore, on the one hand, you create exciting ideas in your mind which you would like to act on. Then, on the other hand, you tell yourself you are not good enough to succeed at this, so you never pursue the idea.

The Ascended Masters and Guardian Angels are letting you know that these thoughts are not founded in truth and should not receive any attention. They want you to know that you can do anything you put your energy into and that they are there to support and guide you every step of the way.

How To Let Go Of The fear

Understand that your negative self-doubt affects your vibrational energy and pulls you out of alignment with the cosmos. The fear, therefore, prevents you from receiving positive energy, which could lead to all sorts of issues later in life, including mental and physical health problems.

It is important to realize that the negative thoughts you have about yourself stem from things others have said to you and are not true. When others make negative remarks aimed at us, it has nothing to do with us. The problem lies with them and their self-worth. In other words, they feel so insecure that they need to break you down to feel better about themselves.

Unfortunately, most humans find it easier to believe the bad about themselves than the good. So, we take these negative remarks onboard, sometimes subconsciously, and begin to repeat them to ourselves in our minds. Soon, your brain develops a habit of thinking in this way, and we start to believe that we are not capable of doing things that we dearly want to do.

Realizing this can be powerful in itself. But it is also important to develop healthier habits consisting of positive thoughts.

Practicing meditation daily will help, especially if you focus on letting go of your fears and opening yourself up to love, compassion, and opportunity.

Writing a list of affirmations to say each morning will help to set the tone for the day. It will also put you in a good mindset to take on whatever the world has to offer.

It will also be beneficial to take a moment to list all the things in your life you have already achieved. You will be surprised at what you have accomplished in life if you think about it.

Finally, remember that you have an amazing spiritual support system in your Guardian Angels and the Ascended Masters. In fact, Angel number 666 is confirmation that it is time to take that leap of faith and that they are ready to help you along the way.

Making The Most Of Your Angel Number 666 Message

angel number 666 Meaning

One of the most important things to focus on, to remain open to positive change and connect with your spiritual guides, is to align yourself with the universe.

In other words, when you are in alignment with the divine, in body, mind, and spirit, you open your heart and soul to receive in the most opulent and uplifting ways.

Some of the most common ways to align yourself with the universe are to practice meditation, mindfulness, and gratitude daily.

However, even the little things we do in our day-to-day interactions with people and the world can assist with this balance between ourselves and the universe.

One of these is the practice of forgiveness. If you have been experiencing an imbalance in your life, a lack of self-love, negativity, or fear due to the words or actions of someone that has caused you to feel pain or doubt yourself, the following may be helpful to you.

How To Practice Forgiveness

Some may feel that the act of forgiveness is easier said than done, but it does not necessarily have to be that difficult.

We must recognize that all of us are simply in search of love and happiness. And that each person is just trying to avoid pain in their own way. When we understand this, we begin to understand why people behave a certain way.

You cannot control what someone else says or does, but you can control how you react to it. If someone has hurt or disappointed you, and you are feeling angry or insecure as a result, follow these steps. They will help you to forgive that person and find balance within yourself.

Understand The Process

When someone has hurt or upset you, and you continue to hold onto that negative feeling, it becomes a burden. The first step to forgiveness is to realize that the burden you are carrying is hurting you more than the actions or behavior of the offending person.

Holding on to this feeling will not do you any good. Understand that you are not condoning what the person said or did but are simply taking the steps to release yourself from the pain.

Show Yourself Compassion

Be kind to yourself when you are feeling low. If you have been hurt and are angry about whatever has transpired, take some time out to nurture your soul a little.

You could get a massage, or go for a hike in the mountains, but it is important to get out and do something for yourself for a bit. It will bring some balance back to your emotional state and help you to think more clearly.

Work Through What You Feel

When we feel strong negative emotions, such as anger or sadness, we must not simply bottle them up and ignore them. We should face these emotions head-on and work through them. Bottling up your emotions will often lead to further emotional complications down the line.

Think about what you are feeling, and why you are feeling it. Think out loud and name the emotions you feel. Remember that what you feel on the surface is often covering deeper underlying emotions.

Anger, for instance, is often a mask for guilt or embarrassment. Could there be something beneath what you are feeling now?

Speak To Someone

Speaking about how you feel is always helpful. But it is important to speak to someone you trust. Preferably someone who will listen with an open heart and mind and who will be honest with you.

Sometimes our perspective on a situation is so narrow that we cannot see the situation in any other light. Speaking to a third party will give you a fresh outlook on the issue and might present ideas and possibilities you had not thought of.

Approach The Situation With Compassion

One of the hardest things to do is to try and see the situation from the other person’s point of view. But, when doing so, try to remember that people generally do not intentionally go out of their way to hurt other people for no reason. It is quite possible that whatever transpired had more to do with the other person than with you.

Try to approach this exercise with as much compassion as you can. I know it is not easy to feel compassion toward someone who has hurt or angered you. But, if you can feel compassion for that person, it will lighten the emotional burden and help you to analyze the situation more clearly.

Approach The Offender

It is time to approach whomever it is that caused you distress. Having a face-to-face conversation with this person may not be something you are willing to do. Writing them a letter or email will be just as effective and may even help in getting your point across more clearly.

Let this person know what they have done wrong, and how it has made you feel. Then, let them know that, despite everything, you have come to terms with what has happened. Tell them that, while you do not condone what they did or said, you forgive them.

Have Zero Expectations

You may not hear back from the offending person immediately, or they might respond quickly, but in a manner that you do not expect. You may not hear back from them at all, but that is fine.

Send your message of forgiveness and expect nothing in return. Know that you have said what you needed to say and are at peace with your decision to forgive, irrespective of how the other person feels. Remember that the process of forgiveness is for you and not for them. So, just let it go.

What We Have Learned About Angel Number 666?

Angel number 666 brings with it an overall message of realigning your thoughts and action to strike a balance in your life.

Often that balance relates to the material and spiritual world. But it can also pertain to an imbalance in your thoughts, where you place your energy, and your perception of yourself.

What we have learned about the message behind Angel number 666, is to know that our Guardian Angels and the Ascended Masters are always with us, supporting and guiding us. We should not fear anything or doubt our potential and should walk with these divine beings to further our spiritual growth and happiness.

You can download the Angel Number 666 Infographic from the top here

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