Archangel Colors: The 7 Divine Rays of Light

Archangel Colors - The 7 Divine Rays of Light

Did you know that we receive Archangel colors as signals just as we are sent Angels colors from our Guardian Angels? And seven specific rays of light are considered Archangel colors. And when the Archangels communicate with us, they may use these particular colors.

The seven powerful Archangel colors are blue, yellow, white, green, pink, red, and purple. However, seven divine Archangels represent each of these light ray colors. These Archangels assume the role of leader of the Angels and work with colors they represent. And, of course, each color carries a particular meaning aimed at helping humans with specific challenges.

We often discuss our Guardian Angels and the signals they send our way. Whether they communicate through Angel numbers, Angel colors, or by another means, it doesn’t matter. Your Guardian Angel is always with you and is the one you would normally communicate with.

However, we may receive messages from the Archangels from time to time. This most often happens when we need additional assistance to move forward along our life paths. And the messages you receive from the Archangels will usually be represented by one of these 7 angelic rays of light.

This blog post will discuss the different Archangel colors and the Archangels associated with them. We’ll also dig a little deeper into the meaning behind these colors and what the seven primary Archangels represent.

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What are Archangels?

So, what are Archangels, exactly, and how do they differ from Guardian Angels?

First, you should know that there is an order of hierarchy in the spiritual realm. And Archangels are considered to be of a more advanced order than the rest of the Angels. You could say that Archangels are the managers of the spiritual realm.

Another difference lies in the amount of time they spend with us. Our Guardian Angels carry out their work close to the humans they guide and protect. While Archangels generally operate closer to the source (or God) and only work with humans on occasion as needed.

And the final differentiating factor is the type of work they do. Guardian Angels work with specific people and assist them in navigating various issues and life challenges. And they do so in collaboration with the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Cosmos.

Whereas the Archangels each have a highly specialized skillset in a concentrated area of expertise. They’ll, therefore, temporarily work with one or more humans at a time to achieve a specific goal. And the objective is most often related to life path and spiritual advancement.

In fact, Archangels carry a great deal of responsibility on their shoulders. Despite this, they are never tired or overwhelmed. They embody an abundance of energy and enthusiasm for their work. And they’re capable of executing several sizeable tasks at once because they’re able to be present in multiple locations at one time.

Knowing the colors these magnificent beings represent is key to understanding which Archangel is trying to help you. It will also give you some insight into the message they might be trying to convey. And you can even use this knowledge to call on the Archangels when needed.

What are the 7 Prevailing Archangel Colors?

Archangel Colors

Right. We now know the difference between Archangels and Guardian Angels. Let’s move to discuss those 7 majestic Archangel colors and the main Archangels associated with them.

While we’ll only be focusing on seven Archangels here, there are more. The exact number of Archangels is, however, debatable. But we know that there are at least more than seven. That said, the seven Archangels mentioned below are considered to be those most called upon to assist mankind.

The rays of light these Archangels radiate carry immense vibrational energy. And some believe that these seven streams of energy combine to manifest all that exists. This indicates that these Archangels are considered influential contributors to the creation of the Universe.

And the following Archangel colors play a massive role in how these energies affect the world and whatever lies beyond it.

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1.   Blue: The First Ray

The first ray of divine light can appear as royal blue or cyan and is often associated with the Sapphire gemstone. It is believed to represent qualities of will, power, and strength. And some consider this ray of light the power of God.

Should you wish to meditate on this Archangel color, you should concentrate on the throat chakra as your focal point.

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael embodies this magnificent Archangel color. Therefore, this may be the color you see if Archangel Michael attempts to contact you.

This angelic being is considered the chief of all the Angels in the spiritual realm. And is often referred to as the defender and protector of the Cosmos.

The Meaning Behind the Color

This blue ray of the Archangel colors carries energies of encouragement and motivation to those who receive it. It’s a message to the recipient to focus on their goals because they have the strength to achieve them.

Seeing this Archangel color is a call to those who haven’t allowed their inner light to shine through. Each of us has the power to reveal our true selves to the world. When we open up our hearts, minds, and souls to give of ourselves in this way, we are also open to receiving.

Receiving the blue first ray of light is like getting a nudge from the Universe. The spiritual realm tells you to keep moving forward and don’t hold back. Be all that you are in this moment, and you’ll attain dreams you didn’t think were possible.

2.   Yellow: The Second Ray

This second ray of the celestial Archangel colors often reveals itself in a vibrant yellow hue. But it can also appear as a glowing gold light. Either way, its energies are often linked to the yellow diamond or golden-yellow imperial topaz.

The yellow rays of light typically represent wisdom and understanding but also relate to positive thinking. As a result, this Archangel color is also sometimes referred to as the wisdom of God. And it also happens to represent the crown chakra when related to meditation.

Archangel Jophiel

When we think of Archangel Jophiel, we think of blissful thoughts, depth of understanding, and an abundance of joy. And as the embodiment of the yellow second ray of light, Archangel Jophiel is synonymous with bringing knowledge and upliftment.

You may see this Archangel color if you call upon Archangel Jophiel or find that you’re overwhelmed by negative, depressing thoughts. Seeing the yellow-ray of light is an indication that Archangel Jophiel is with you and is there to help you.

The Meaning Behind the Color

This is one of the Archangel colors that may enter your life during times of doubt and uncertainty. It will most often appear to those suffering from a tremendous number of negative thoughts and emotions.

Seeing the yellow ray of light should be seen as reassurance from the Universe that everything will be fine. In this case, Archangel Jophiel would be letting you know that all things happen for a reason. No matter how dire circumstances may seem, there is a lesson to be learned which will contribute to your personal growth.

This divine Archangel color signifies that you should search within yourself for the knowledge to understand your life. You carry all the tools you need to navigate life’s challenges and overcome difficulties. When you do, you’ll find joy and contentment.

3.   Pink: The Third Ray

Archangel Colors - The 7 Divine Rays of LightThe third ray of light emits the color pink, synonymous with love the world over. It’s one of the lush Archangel colors that comes to is in deep shades of pink and sometimes even a soft rose color. However, the message it carries relates to unconditional love, kindness, and balance.

Rubies and rose quartz are elements often associated with this angelic ray of light. And this color is, of course, linked to the heart chakra when used in meditation. As you may have guessed, the pink light ray is sometimes referred to as the love of God.

Archangel Chamuel

The pink third ray is represented by Archangel Chamuel, who is also the expression of unconditional love across the Universe. This Archangel’s mission is all about helping mankind embrace loving-kindness toward others and themselves.

Archangel Chamuel may send this pink ray of light your way as a reminder to be kind to yourself and others. You may also see this one of the Archangel colors when the Angels want to celebrate your selflessness and spiritual growth.

The Meaning Behind the Color

Unconditional love is a concept many do not yet understand. But it’s something that eventually becomes clearer as you progress toward spiritual enlightenment. Loving others unconditionally is not always easy when the ego is involved. And loving oneself without condition is even more of a challenge.

Drawing the pink or rose Archangel colors into your life can help. And when this third divine ray of life comes to you, it’s a sign that you should focus on striking a balance. This would typically relate to a balance in your relationships, whether platonic or romantic.

The pink ray of light is often a reminder to take care of ourselves and those around us. Taking care of others is the ultimate in service for the greater good. And it’s incredible nourishment for your personal and spiritual growth. But loving yourself is the first step.

4.   White: The Fourth Ray

The fourth ray comes to us in the form of a brilliant white, and sometimes almost translucent, light. And it brings with it energies that represent purity, clarity, and emergence from darkness.

White pearls and diamonds are associated with this variant of the Archangel colors. And it can be used as an object of focus in meditation. The first chakra at the base of the spine is also linked to the fourth white ray of light. And some refer to it as the purity of God.

Archangel Gabriel

This brilliant and divine light ray is carried by Archangel Gabriel, who is often referred to as the great messenger. This celestial being is believed to have been tasked with delivering divine messages across the Cosmos.

When we receive messages, they shed light on new information and provide guidance in one way or another. In this way, Archangel Gabriel provides clarity and revelation through pure and divine communication. And, when you’re looking for answers, you may see this divine white light.

The Meaning Behind the Color

Should the white fourth light ray be revealed to you, it may be a sign that any darkness in your life will lift soon. This likely relates to personal difficulties you may be facing. And it’s an indication that positive change is on the horizon.

Many focus on this Archangel color when they need clarity and understanding. In this way, they call upon Archangel Gabriel for guidance and knowledge when they feel they’ve reached a dead end.

The white celestial ray of light brings hope and understanding of what may lie ahead to those who receive it. It’s also a reminder to ensure that your speech and actions are pure if you want to attract goodness into your life.

5.   Green: The Fifth Ray

When seeing the fifth spiritual ray of light, you’ll most often be met with a distinct, rich green color. However, some have reported seeing a green reminiscent of oxidized gold. Either way, this is one of the Archangel colors that brings healing energy to those who receive it.

This celestial color is typically associated with emeralds and jade in terms of gemstones and minerals. Many refer to the fifth green light ray as the truth of God. And it is linked to the third eye chakra when used in meditation.

Archangel Raphael

Known as the Angel of Healing, Archangel Raphael represents the healing green energies of the fifth divine ray of light. As a result, this Archangel is often referred to as the divine healer. But this spiritual being’s healing powers are not only aimed at physical ailments.

Archangel Raphael may come to us in times of emotional pain or when suffering from mental illness. This angelic entity is focused on the overall well-being of mankind and the Universe. Therefore, if you need any kind of healing, you should call upon Archangel Raphael’s green healing light.

The Meaning Behind the Color

The divine green light is said to carry more than one message. It’s widely known to be the healing light of Archangel Raphael in the spiritual community. However, some consider this Archangel color a beacon of truth and honesty.

Therefore, if the green light ray appears to you, it could be a signal of the need to pursue the truth. Or it may be an indication that the truth will soon be revealed. But most often, it will be a sign that whatever your pain, healing energy is entering your life.

6.   Red: The Sixth Ray

While red is often associated with anger or danger, it’s related to peace and inner strength in the spiritual realm. For this reason, many refer to the sixth light ray as the peace of God. And it’s often represented by the ruby gemstone.

However, this sixth ray of the Archangel colors is usually seen as either deep red, maroon, or mauve. Some even refer to it as purple. But this is not an accurate description. When meditating on this divine color, you should focus on your 3rd chakra located at your solar plexus.

Archangel Uriel

The red sixth angelic ray of light is represented by Archangel Uriel. He is often called the pillar of solitary strength. Therefore, this spiritual being is the nurturer of inner peace and strength through this specific one of the Archangel colors.

One might want to call upon Archangel Uriel in times of loneliness. In this case, you would use deep red candles or crystals while meditating or praying for guidance. And when this lush red divine light energy is present, you know that Archangel Uriel is near.

The Meaning Behind the Color

It may be that you’re surrounded by conflict and negativity in your life. Or you could be experiencing inner turmoil that’s leaving you anxious and unsettled. When the majestic red sixth light ray presents itself, it’s a sign that you must silence the chaos.

Creating peace is all about learning to forgive those who have wronged us. But forgiving ourselves for anything we might feel guilty about is just as vital. This way, you create peace both within yourself and around you.

This is the message and lesson communicated through this sixth ray Archangel color. When you see it, you’ll know that Archangel Uriel is nearby. And this spiritual guardian is asking you to let go of your anger and resentment to find the peace you seek.

7.   Purple: The Seventh Ray

The seventh ray of divine light manifests in the form of purple light. This could be a hue within the range of deep purple to violet. And the energy it emits relates to compassion, mercy, protection, and freedom. This celestial color is believed to be the freedom of God.

Amethyst quartz is the most common stone associated with this divine ray of light. But aquamarine beryl is also often used when drawing upon the energies of this Archangel color. This divine color is also linked to the second chakra, known as the sacral chakra or seat of the soul.

Archangel Zadkiel

The purple ray of spiritual light is represented by Archangel Zadkiel. This angelic guardian is often referred to as the Angel of mercy. But some have labeled this celestial being as the divine guide of life paths.

That said, Archangel Zadkiel is usually called into action when the qualities of compassion and freedom from suffering are required. And you can call upon Archangel Zadkiel for help using purple candles, crystals, or similar.

The Meaning Behind the Color

Perhaps you’re seeing the purple or violet Archangel colors. In that case, it may be a reminder from your spiritual guardians that you are protected. It could also indicate that you can free yourself from the challenges you face through faith and positivity.

The purple light ray could also come your way to signify that you should take care of yourself and those around you. Engaging the world with loving-kindness for yourself and others will attract opulence from the Universe in reward. And it will help you move forward along your life path toward personal and spiritual growth.

Therefore, know that your Angels are with you when you see this highly energized purple ray of light. Have faith in them and their loyalty towards you. Remember that they are there to watch over you and that they want nothing but the best for you.



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Understanding these majestic Archangel colors is key to communicating effectively with your spiritual guardians. We may be aware that our Guardian Angels are ever-present and there to listen when we need them.

But when we experience the divine energy of the Archangels through these light rays, we know they are nearby. And when they are near, we have the opportunity to communicate with and learn from them.

Many of us are intuitively drawn to one or two of these Archangel colors, irrespective of their meaning. But it’s essential to embrace all of the colors and allow yourself to connect with the angelic energies they emit.

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