Archangel Metatron: Everything You Need To Know

Archangel Metatron - Everything You Need To Know

Many people know Archangel Michael and Gabriel, but few are aware of Archangel Metatron. Although he isn’t as renowned as other Archangels are, Metatron is considered the highest-ranking Angel in the angelic realm. And he has a significant role in heaven.

His various titles include Angel of life and guardian of the Tree of Life. Archangel Metatron is also a prominent spiritual figure in Judaism, where he’s dubbed the scribe of the Book of Life. Metatron is considered the spiritual incarnation of the Biblical prophet Enoch. And his purpose is to help us let go of negative thinking and attain spiritual enlightenment.

When we know an Angel or Archangel’s purpose, they can lead us down paths that bring us closer to spiritual awakening.

This post will walk you through everything you need to know about Archangels. We will also discuss who Archangel Metatron is and his associated symbols.

What Are Archangels?

Various spiritual beings exist in the angelic realm. And these beings include Ascended Masters, Guardian Angels, and Archangels. Each celestial being has a unique purpose and responsibility to humans.

Archangels reside in the nonphysical world, holding the highest rank amongst the Angels. The word Archangel is Greek for “ruler” (“arche”) and messenger (“angelos”).

These words correlate with Archangels’ dual duties. These entail watching over the Angels and conveying messages from God to humans.

While Guardian Angels and Archangels are known collectively as spiritual beings, they have significant differences. Ordinary Angels are responsible for taking care of the individual. Conversely, Archangels are messengers of God who play a substantial role in the fate of groups of individuals and entire societies.

Although Archangels have more substantial duties than ordinary Angels, they aren’t at the top of the spiritual hierarchy. According to medieval Christian theologians, Angels are organized into various orders known as Angelic Choirs. These theologians placed Archangels in the lowest order between Angels and Principalities.

There are seven Archangels acknowledged in the Christian and Jewish faiths. Archangel Metatron is recognized solely in Judaism. Christians accept four of the seven recognized Archangels, which include:

  • Michael
  • Gabriel
  • Raphael
  • Uriel

Archangels are important beings to many believers because they assist in navigating life. They also help in attaining spiritual awakening.

We can’t see nor speak to Archangels directly because their vibrational frequency is much higher than ours. Despite this, they can communicate with us by sending Angel Numbers our way. They can also reach out to us by displaying their unique ray of light or by igniting our senses.

Now that you know more about Archangels let’s dive deeper into how various religions perceive them.

Archangels in Religion

Archangel Metatron - Everything You Need To Know (2)

As mentioned before, Christians and adherents of Judaism recognize seven Archangels. Apart from these religious groups, Muslims also acknowledge Archangels.

Archangels differ significantly in the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic faiths. Their differences are not only in their names but also in their backgrounds.

In Christian tradition, Archangel Michael is the most renowned spiritual being. There are two references to him in the New Testament in the bible.

Protestants claim no other Archangel except Michael exists. And Jehovah’s Witnesses have a similar belief. They see Archangel Michael as the reincarnation of Jesus, dubbing him the solitary, most powerful creation of God.

Raphael and Gabriel are other recognized celestial beings in Christian tradition besides Michael. Uriel is recognized sometimes as an Archangel, but not always.

Muslims classify Michael, Jibril (Gabriel), Azrael, Israfil, Munkar, and Nakir as Archangels. Jibril is considered one of the most significant spiritual beings. According to the Islamic faith, he revealed Allah’s words to Muhammad as the Qur’an on the Night of Power.

Judaism has a similar perception of Archangels as Christianity. The seven recognized Archangels are Gabriel, Remiel, Michael, Raguel, Raphael, Uriel, and Sariel.

Adherents of the Jewish faith believe Archangels were introduced to the Jewish during the Babylonian captivity. However, there aren’t explicit mentions of Archangels in the official texts. References to Angels came about in the chapters after Daniel.

The mystical branch of Judaism, known as Kabbalah, introduced Archangel Metatron. The Zohar describes him as ‘the king of angels.’ Furthermore, the text claims Archangel Metatron rules over ‘the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.’

Who Is Archangel Metatron?

Judaic legends consider Metatron an Angel. In fact, there are three references to Archangel Metatron in the Talmud. According to the religious text, God gave Metatron permission to sit down and write the merits of Israel.

Metatron also appears in mystical Kabbalistic texts within Rabbinic literature. Believers identify Metatron as:

  • The Angel of life
  • Guardian of the Tree of Life
  • Scribe of the Book of Life

Archangel Metatron allegedly transcribes good acts on earth and in heaven in the Book of Life. Furthermore, believers recognize Archangel Metatron as one of the most powerful Archangels. He’s dubbed the Archangel of Empowerment.

In traditional beliefs, Archangel Metatron is the spiritual brother of Archangel Sandalphon. Some claim they both lived on earth as humans. In this scenario, Sandalphon was the biblical prophet Elijah, while Metatron was Enoch, the biblical prophet and scribe.

It’s widely believed Archangel Metatron is the spiritual incarnation of Enoch. Supposedly, God allowed Enoch to continue his earthly ministry in heaven forever once he ascended. The Zohar reveals this idea to believers.

Furthermore, Enoch scribed all choices made in heaven and on earth. He kept these records in the Book of Life, also known as the Akashic Records.

Metatron is a spiritual representation of our ability to achieve ascension and access spiritual power. He has an inherent knowledge of how Sacred Geometry is at the center of all life. This knowledge has earned him notoriety amongst many believers.

The origin of Metatron’s name is a moot point amongst believers. His name means ‘one who serves behind [God’s] throne’ or ‘one who guards.’

Colors, Numbers, and Signs Associated With Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron - Everything You Need To Know

Knowing the colors, numbers, and symbols associated with an Archangel is just as important as learning about their character. This is because it’ll help you recognize the spiritual being when they communicate with you. Therefore, let’s explore the various associations of Archangel Metatron.

Angel Number 11

Since spiritual beings can’t communicate with humans because of differing vibrational frequencies, they speak to us in creative ways. One such way is through Angel Numbers.

When you see an Angel Number repeatedly, it shows that you aren’t alone. It may also indicate that your divine guides have a message for you. Or that you are on the right path.

Archangel Metatron is associated with Angel Number 11. When you experience repetitive sightings of 11:11 on a digital clock or a number plate, it’s likely connected to Metatron.

It may be a sign that he’s supporting you. Alternatively, Archangel Metatron may be calling your attention to your higher purpose.

The number 11 is one of the most powerful Master Numbers. It’s known as the DNA activation code for spiritual awakening and ascension.

Swirls of Color and Bright Flashes of Light

Besides Angel Numbers, celestial beings communicate with their unique Angel Color. Visual receivers can recognize Archangel Metatron by bright flashes of light. Since his vibrational energy is higher than most Archangels, this light might even be striking.

Archangel Metatron is said to have a colorful aura that comprises an earthly red, deep pink, dark green, and white. You may see these colors in a brilliantly lit cube called Metatron’s Cube.

Buzzing Sounds

This sign is most recognizable by auditory receivers. You may hear a high-frequency buzzing sound in your left ear to indicate Metatron’s proximity. Believers also say you may be able to hear faint words when he’s with you.

Overpowering Scents

Archangel Metatron may also communicate with you through your sense of smell. If you notice intense or distinctive strong fragrances, it may be a sign from him. The scent can be anywhere from spicy to sweet floral.

The Third Chakra

Some believers associate Archangel Metatron with the third Chakra. This energy point lies at your Solar Plexus. Therefore, when you contact Archangel Metatron, he may strengthen your personal power, mastery, or sense of self.

Artistic Portrayals

Archangel Metatron appears as a guardian of the Tree of life in art. He is sometimes depicted with multiple sets of stunning golden wings. Metatron may be wearing a robe, which is bright blue, dark green, or bright pink.

What Is Archangel Metatron’s Purpose?

As mentioned earlier, Archangel Metatron has the sacred duty of making entries in the Book of Life. Besides that duty, he serves to help humans overcome negative thinking.

Metatron rids us of all the negative energy keeping us from achieving our higher purpose. He can do this because he was once human.

When you call upon the Archangel during a moment of despair, you might notice a flood of positive thoughts. He instantly clears your negative thoughts, replacing them with a desire to do better.

Archangel Metatron also serves as the patron Angel of children. This is because the Zohar recognizes him as the Angel who guided the Hebrew people to the Promised Land.

Therefore, he has the special task of aiding in raising children until they become adults. He watches over all children not only on earth but in heaven as well.

Archangel Metatron is also responsible for systematically directing the flow of the universe’s energy. He does this work through a geometric cube called Metatron’s Cube. We’ll explore the significance of this tool in the next section.

How to Contact Archangel Metatron

There are several ways to create a greater, personal relationship with Archangel Metatron. Therefore, if you find a method suited for you and approach your connection with an open heart, he may enter your life.

One of the most common ways to contact an Archangel is through meditation. During this practice, you’ll use various techniques to focus on Archangel Metatron and receive his energy.

Visualizing Archangel Metatron is an effective technique for contacting him. Picture him in your mind’s eye with the symbols and colors associated with him during meditation.

Chanting Sar Ha-Olam can also help clear the lines of communication. Alternatively, you can speak to him and ask to receive his wisdom. And for him to show you the reach of your power. You can also use Metatron’s Cube to strengthen your connection with the Archangel.

Metatron’s Cube

Metatron’s, or Merkaba’s, Cube is another tool you can use to contact Archangel Metatron. It’s a mystical, radiant cube derived from sacred geometry.

Two hexagrams formed by a set of 13 spheres form the imagery of Metatron’s Cube. The historical structure of the Flower of Life inspired the design. These three-dimensional shapes in Metatron’s Cube appear throughout creation, from snowflakes to human DNA.

Believers claim Metatron’s Cube contains all the geometric shapes and patterns that constitute God’s creations. Supposedly, it’s the blueprint of God’s creations in the universe.

Therefore, Metatron’s Cube symbolizes both the universe’s trivial and significant elements. It also signifies the energy within the universe that links everything. This energy is constantly flowing, spinning, balancing, moving, and expanding.

The Cube was originally named Merkaba before being given Archangel Metatron’s name. It was renamed to honor and acknowledge him.

Believers say Archangel Metatron uses the Cube to oversee the energy flow within the universe. Since God sends his energy through Metatron, the Archangel has the task of evenly distributing it to all aspects of nature.

Metatron’s Cube is a powerful tool to use to connect with him. It can be a visual aid during a meditation practice with a theme of peace and balance. Before meditating, place an image of the Cube nearby as a reminder of Archangel Metatron’s love and balancing nature.

Alternatively, you can use it to help you focus your energy and intention on healing yourself and others. Metatron’s Cube is accessible to you with an invitation from the Archangel.

When to Call Upon Archangel Metatron

Some believers call upon Archangel Metatron to help them discover their spiritual and personal power. Also, you can contact Archangel Metatron if you need help to release thoughts that aren’t serving you. He’s a master at riding us all of our negative thinking.

Archangel Metatron’s guidance is also available to believers who need help with their spiritual development. Call upon him if you require spiritual cleansing or lessons to help you achieve spiritual awakening.


According to the occult and New Age practices, Archangel Metatron is one of the most influential spiritual beings in the angelic realm. He’s known to have a higher vibrational frequency than most Archangels.

Known as God’s record keeper, Archangel Metatron has various sacred duties. He oversees the flow of energy in the universe through Metatron’s Cube and encourages humans to have positive thoughts.

Believers rely on Archangel Metatron when they need help to cleanse their spiritual energy. He’s also available to call upon when toxic thoughts start weighing them down.

Meditation is one of the best ways to contact Archangel Metatron. You can ask him your most pressing questions by visualizing his presence around you.

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