Ascended Master Allah Gobi: Everything You Need To Know

Master Allah Gobi is one of several divine beings living in the angelic realm. Like every Ascended Master, he has unique responsibilities and guides all of humanity.

Known as the Ascended Master of Stillness, Master Allah Gobi is symbolic of peace and tranquility. He’s the present Manu and Lady Karashu’s Twin Flame. Master Allah Gobi had most recently incarnated as Allah Sham Shalaman and Gobi Mam in the Middle East and Mongolia. His mission is to teach us to be still and connect with our higher selves.

This post discusses everything you need to know about Master Allah Gobi. We’ll explore his history and responsibilities. In addition, we’ll discuss how and when to contact him.

Who Are the Ascended Masters?

The Ascended Masters are spiritual beings residing in the angelic realm. Before ascending to the nonphysical world, they lived on earth. This makes them significantly different from other celestial beings, such as Guardian Angels and Archangels. These Angels originated in the celestial realm and have never taken human form.

There are several Ascended Masters, some of which include notable historical figures such as:

  • The Virgin Mary
  • Krishna
  • The Buddha
  • Jesus

These beings went on a journey of spiritual growth on earth to achieve self-mastery and become Ascended Masters. The road to self-mastery entails practicing self-awareness and detaching oneself from negative expression. You’re encouraged to lead with gratitude, forgiveness, and tolerance in circumstances where the opposite feelings might prevail.

Once you achieve self-mastery, you have reached a form of enlightenment. And when this happens, you will ascend to the spiritual realm, where you’ll assume the role of an Ascended Master.

Each Ascended Master has claimed various identities during their time on earth through incarnation. They incarnated by undergoing a series of spiritual transformations.

Because they lived through multiple lifetimes, they have experienced the broad range of struggles and obstacles that humanity faces. As a result, the Ascended Masters are considered to have more expertise than the Angels regarding humans. Therefore, their teachings and wisdom might be more helpful and impactful to us.

While every Ascended Master has a specific duty, they are all responsible for helping humans ascend to their higher selves. They encourage you to be interested in your spiritual growth and journey. And they help you tap into your consciousness to understand life and existence better.

The Ascended Masters can guide you on your spiritual and life journey. They can communicate with you by sending Angel Numbers your way. Alternatively, they may show you their unique ray of light to alert you to their proximity.

The Ascended Masters in Religion

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The teachings of the Ascended Masters are studied in Theosophy, an occult society founded in the US in the late 19th century. Theosophists Helena Blavatsky and Henry S. Olcott became aware of them through the Theosophical teachings of the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom.

Olcott and Blavatsky spoke about their encounters with enlightened beings during their time. And it was later understood that these were the Ascended Masters. Blavatsky had encountered Master Saint Germain, referring to him as one of her “Masters of Wisdom”.

Author and founder of the “I AM” movement, Guy Ballard, confirmed Blavatsky’s experiences. He also publicly shared his experiences with Master Saint Germain, which helped the movement gain popularity.

Today, many teachers and spiritually awakened individuals share their experiences communicating with the Ascended Masters. While Master Saint Germain still seems to be most prevalent, many have received guidance from other Ascended Masters.

Those who following the teachings of the Ascended Masters don’t only fall under the label of Theosophy. Many who simply have a spiritual outlook in life embrace their guidance. The Ascended Masters may not be tied to any traditional religions. And their students span numerous cultures, backgrounds, nationalities, and beliefs.

Who is Master Allah Gobi?

Master Allah Gobi is the Master of Stillness. He is the current Manu, overseeing the first ray of light, of which Master El Morya is the Chohan.

Lady Karashu, who introduced the idea of Shamballah in India centuries ago, is Master Allah Gobi’s twin flame. Twin flames are beings who have one-half of a soul. In a spiritual sense, the Holy Spirit guides them to accomplish God’s mission as light workers. Lady Karashu collaborates with Master Allah Gobi to provide a dynamic element to the strength and inner calm he provides humans.

This divine Master has experienced several incarnations on earth, like every other Ascended Master. His most recent incarnation was Allah Sham Shalaman of the Islamic faith in the Middle East. He also incarnated as Gobi Mam in Mongolia.

What Does Master Allah Gobi Represent?

Master Allah Gobi is symbolic of peace. He represents the connection with one’s inner self and the clearing of negative energy. In addition, he’s associated with stillness, mindfulness, and calm.

What is Master Allah Gobi’s Mission?

As the Ascended Master of Stillness, Master Allah Gobi is responsible for teaching us how to be still. He encourages you to quiet the noise resulting from the busyness of life. Once your mind is silent, you can connect with your inner, higher self and listen to what it’s telling you.

Master Allah Gobi and Lady Karashu remind us that we have all the knowledge we need. He also encourages us to believe we have all the resources we seek.

In addition, Master Allah Gobi is determined to help humans know themselves deeply. This is the key to empowerment on all levels and opening oneself up to immense inner wisdom and knowledge. Once you know yourself at a deeper level, your unity with the Universal Energies strengthens.

This spiritual guardian is also responsible for helping us release things that no longer serve us. He works to help us let go of deadweight and anything that’s holding us back from achieving our true potential.

Lastly, Master Allah Gobi points us towards what has true meaning to us. He also helps us figure out what matters most when faced with several paths to take.

How to Contact Master Allah Gobi

Communicating with the Ascended Masters involves similar methods to contacting Angels and Archangels. You can meditate, pray, use crystals, or chant to connect with them.

When you want to contact Master Allah Gobi, the best method may be meditation. As the Master of Stillness, he is all about tranquility and calm. Therefore, when you take time to sit in a quiet place and clear your mind, you may be able to reach him.

Knowing the methods to communicate with an Ascended Master is one thing. You must also know that a higher vibrational frequency will strengthen your communication with Master Allah Gobi.

Practices that elevate your vibrational energy, like meditation, should be at the core of your spiritual growth. It may be difficult to contact any spiritual being if you don’t regularly work on boosting your vibrational energy. Therefore, create a habit of it and trust that it’ll all be worth it.

Master Allah Gobi may communicate with you similarly to how an Angel speaks to you. For example, he may send an Angel Number your way. You can interpret the number to determine what he’s trying to tell you based on your communication with him.

When to Call Upon Master Allah Gobi

Each Ascended Master has a unique purpose. Therefore, they provide guidance and wisdom for specific aspects of one’s life. That’s why it’s essential to know in what circumstances to call upon an Ascended Master.

Perhaps you’ve been doing more than usual, but nothing is bringing you a sense of joy or completion. In that case, you might want to call upon Master Allah Gobi to help you determine what has true meaning to you. Once you know this, you can expand your energy towards it.

Master Allah Gobi is also available to you if you’re having trouble letting go of something that no longer serves you. Whether it’s a bad habit or a toxic friendship, he can help you navigate your dilemma. All you have to do is contact him with a specific message about the situation you’re finding difficult to release.

You can also contact Master Allah Gobi to help you connect with your inner self. Forging such a connection enables you to express your feelings without restraint and release your fears. As a result, you’ll be rooted in your strength and wisdom.

Master Allah Gobi can also help you assemble your inner wisdom. In addition, he’s available if you want to strengthen your link to the Universal Energies.


Master Allah Gobi is the current Manu and Lady Karashu’s twin flame. He grants us the spirit of harmony and tranquility. And he encourages all humans to integrate his spirit within them because it will bring stillness. That way, you can tap into your inner wisdom and access your higher self.

You can call upon Master Allah Gobi when you seek to connect with your inner self and inner wisdom. He’s also available if you need help releasing things that are working against you and interfering with your peace. In addition, he can help you discover what matters most to you.


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