Ascended Master Gautama Buddha: Everything You Need To Know

Master Gautama Buddha is a vital spiritual figure in many people’s lives. Some refer to him as the “Master-Adept” because of his level of enlightenment. Those who practice Buddhism rely on his teachings about mindfulness. But few know the true Buddha because his time on earth is shrouded in legend and myth.

Siddhartha Gautama was Master Gautama Buddha’s final incarnation. He was a prince who renounced his wealth and family. Once he left his home, he became a scrounger and ascetic, developing a need to end human suffering. He achieved enlightenment later in life, becoming a Buddha and founding Buddhism. Today, he’s known as the most enlightened being in human history.

This post explores all you need to know about Master Gautama Buddha. We’ll discuss his background and role as an Ascended Master. In addition, we’ll detail when and how to contact him.

Who Are the Ascended Masters?

The Ascended Masters are angelic beings who once lived on earth before ascending to the non-physical realm. They co-exist with Guardian Angels and Archangels in the spiritual world. However, the Angels differ significantly from Ascended Masters because they have never existed in a human form.

Several Ascended Masters are notable historical figures from human history. These include:

  • Jesus
  • Krishna
  • The Buddha
  • The Virgin Mary

They became Ascended Masters by embarking on spiritual growth journeys that entailed achieving self-mastery. Therefore, anyone can become an Ascended Master through self-mastery.

To become a master of self, you practice self-awareness and let go of negative thoughts and actions. You focus on improving your tolerance of adverse situations. And you allow gratitude and forgiveness to be your go-to.

Achieving self-mastery brings forth a form of enlightenment. Once this occurs, ascension to the spiritual realm becomes possible, and you assume the role of Ascended Master.

Each Ascended Master existed as various persons during their time in the material world because of incarnation. They incarnated into different people by undertaking a series of spiritual transformations.

With all the lifetimes Ascended Masters have lived through, they have encountered various experiences humanity faces. They’ve lived through our struggles and obstacles. Therefore, they’re regarded to have more expertise when providing wisdom and guidance to humans than Angels do.

All Ascended Masters have specific duties. However, their primary responsibility is to help humans connect with their higher selves. They achieve this by directing your focus to your spiritual growth and journey. And they help you understand life and existence better.

The Ascended Masters are the cornerstone of many people’s spirituality. These beings can guide you on your life and spiritual journeys by communicating with you through Angel Numbers. Or they may alert you to their presence through their unique ray of light.

The Ascended Masters in Religion

Ascended Masters are integral to Theosophy, an occult society founded in the US in the late 19th century. Theosophists Helena Blavatsky and Henry Olcott discovered enlightened beings that they dubbed the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom. They would later become known as Ascended Masters.

Olcott and Blavatsky spoke of their encounters with enlightened beings in different parts of the world. Blavatsky had encountered Master Saint Germain and referred to him as one of her “Masters of Wisdom.” In addition, both Olcott and Blavatsky recognized Lord Buddha as the “Master-Adept.”

Guy Ballard, founder of the “I AM” movement and student of Theosophy, corroborated Blavatsky’s encounters with Master Saint Germain. He publicly shared his experiences with the Master, which helped the “I AM” movement gain more recognition.

Several spiritually awakened individuals come across Ascended Masters and share their experiences with them these days. Master Saint Germain is the most encountered of the Ascended Masters. However, other Ascended Masters have guided many people.

While the teachings of the Ascended Masters are prominent in Theosophy, they don’t necessarily fall under one label. They also don’t belong to one religion. Instead, people follow the Ascended Master’s teachings regardless of their ethnicities, views, cultures, and backgrounds. In essence, the Ascended Masters can be relevant to any spiritual individual’s life.

Who is Master Gautama Buddha?

Master Gautama Buddha is considered the first being to achieve enlightenment. He was the most enlightened person in human history, having his final incarnation as Siddhartha Gautama over 25 centuries ago.

Buddhist teachings shed some light on Master Gautama Buddha’s life as Siddhartha Gautama. According to those teachings, he was born in Lumbini, modern-day Nepal, to nobles of the Shakya clan. His father, a king, known as Suddhodana, sheltered his son from the adverse happenings of life.

However, Siddhartha did not stay sheltered for long. On a trip to the capital city, he encountered an ill man. For the first time in his life, he witnessed suffering, which plagued his mind.

That encounter prompted him to renounce his family’s wealth. He left home, determined to put an end to human suffering. As he devoted his life to this mission, he walked several paths, searching for spiritual awakening.

Siddhartha spent some time as a beggar, and he practiced asceticism. Meditation was an essential part of his life too. He would meditate beneath a sacred fig tree since referred to as the Bodhi (meaning ‘awakened’) Tree. That was where he gained many of his insights.

Master Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment at Bodh Gaya. He became a Buddha, which is not a name but a title. It’s Sanskrit for a person who is awake. This relates to how a Buddha is awake to the actual realities of human existence.

In addition, Master Gautama Buddha built a monastic order while wandering through the lower Gangetic plain. His teachings revolved around the path to enlightenment and mindfulness.

Today, some refer to Master Gautama Buddha as the Lord of the World. And he’s an important spiritual figure in Buddhism. He’s among the most revered beings to walk the earth in various religions and groups across Asia.

What Does Master Gautama Buddha Represent?

Given Master Gautama Buddha was one of the most enlightened beings in human history, he’s associated with enlightenment. Many see how he lived his life as the key to connecting with their higher selves. He is also a symbol of peace and wisdom.

What is Master Gautama Buddha’s Mission?

Master Gautama Buddha devoted his life on earth to end human suffering. This ethos prevails today in his position as Ascended Master.

His mission entails helping us learn moderation, referred to as the “middle way”. At this point, one is neither sensually indulgent nor enduring severe asceticism. Instead, your actions fall in the middle.

You achieve moderation by training your mind through ethical teachings and meditative practices. This allows you to be free of ignorance, suffering, and craving.

Once you learn moderation, you can achieve enlightenment, which is Master Gautama Buddha’s ultimate goal. He also aims to help us understand the benefits and importance of meditation.

How to Contact Master Gautama Buddha

You can communicate with an Ascended Master using the same practices you’d use to contact your Angels. These include prayer, using crystals, chanting, burning candles, and meditation.

In the case of Master Gautama Buddha, mediation may be the best way to reach him. He discovered his insights through meditation, so he encourages us all to follow in his steps and take up the practice. Therefore, meditation should be at the core of your spiritual journey to help you to connect deeper with Master Gautama Buddha.

Mediation requires you to find stillness in a comfortable position to tap into the quiet of your mind. With consistent meditation practice, you can foster mindfulness. And boost your vibrational energy.

Elevating your vibrational energy will help you better connect with spiritual beings like Ascended Masters. It can be challenging to communicate with them because they exist at a higher vibrational frequency than humans do. Therefore, engaging in practices that raise your vibrational energy can improve communication.

You’ll know Master Gautama Buddha has received your message if you see recurring numbers on a receipt or license plate. These synchronicities are known as Angel Numbers. They’re how Angels speak to you. Therefore, you can interpret the number to better understand the message Master Gautama Buddha sent your way.

When to Call Upon Master Gautama Buddha

Master Gautama Buddha is the ideal Ascended Master to call upon when you need help building a consistent meditation practice. Mediation takes months to get used to. And even if you become better at it, it could take a lifetime to master it.

This is why people refer to mediation as a practice because one continually undertakes it. Therefore, Master Gautama Buddha can help you develop the habit and embark on the practice.

Master Gautama Buddha is also available to anyone who seeks to practice moderation. The things of the material world distract many of us. It’s easy to over-indulge and constantly satisfy one’s needs without pause. Therefore, we can learn to look beyond hedonistic pursuits by seeking help from Master Gautama Buddha.

If you’re experiencing any form of suffering in your life, you can also rely on Master Gautama Buddha. He has experience with suffering, so he’ll help you through whatever you’re facing.


Master Gautama Buddha is regarded as the most enlightened being in human existence. This label stems from his final incarnation as Siddhartha Gautama. He learned what actual human suffering was during this lifetime and developed Buddhism.

One can learn several lessons from Master Gautama Buddha. The most essential of which is that moderation is the key to enlightenment. Therefore, he encourages us all to free ourselves from cravings, ignorance, and suffering as we embark on our individual spiritual journeys.

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