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The 4 Most Common Zodiac Signs In Astrology

The 4 Most Common Zodiac Signs In Astrology (1)

Knowing the most common zodiac signs can put several strange coincidences into perspective. Perhaps you’ve noticed a month of the year filled with several of your friend’s birthdays. Or that the people you meet mostly fall under a specific zodiac sign. That’s because more people are born under particular zodiac signs than others. Virgo is […]

Taurus Zodiac Sign: The Mystery Behind The Bull

Taurus Zodiac Sign - The Mystery Behind The Bull

The Taurus zodiac sign is one of the most misunderstood signs on the zodiac calendar. Those attached to this sign are dedicated, resilient, and ambitious individuals. They’re big on hugs, cuddling, luxury, and good food. Taurus is the second zodiac sign in astrology. The planet Venus rules Taurus, and it’s an earth sign. Taureans have […]

The History Of Tarot

The History Of Tarot

The history of tarot encompasses mysterious origins and several pivotal events. Today, this divination tool is vital to many people, alongside astrology and numerology. However, it had a simple purpose before it became a vehicle of intuition and fortune-telling. Tarot was a leisurely card game played in different parts of Europe. In Italy, it was […]

Pisces Zodiac Sign: The Hidden Truths

Pisces Zodiac Sign - The Hidden Truths (1)

If you’ve discovered your birthday is linked to the Pisces zodiac sign, you may want to know more about it. After all, your zodiac sign is a window into your personality, habits, and interests. It can help you understand yourself and others better. Those born between February 10 and March 20 are Pisceans. Their ruling […]

Leo Zodiac Sign: The Power Behind the Sign

Leo Zodiac Sign - The Power Behind The Sign

The Leo zodiac sign is one of the most common astrological signs in the zodiac calendar. Knowing more about your zodiac sign can help you understand yourself and make better choices in life. It will help you understand your personality, life purpose, and even the kind of person you’re most compatible with. According to western […]

Archangels and the Zodiac

Archangels and the Zodiac

Did you know that there’s a link between the Archangels and the zodiac? Many spiritual practices believe in the power and presence of Angels. And one such practice is astrology, which links the 12 zodiac signs with 12 main Archangels. Each of these 12 core Archangels is associated with a particular zodiac sign. And as […]