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dates to avoid for marriage

Have you ever thought that a simple or usual date can destroy your whole life? You shouldn’t have thought of it. But in reality, there are some dates that you should avoid for marriage.

You should avoid the dates that are the combination of 5 and 7. These dates are the worst for marriage. It can bring various marital problems, childlessness, even divorce. So wonder?

You might not have understood what are the dates that are the combination of 5/7. Or how to calculate those dates in terms of 5/7. I don’t wanna see you awaiting. Let’s dive in deeper.

What are the Dates to Avoid for Marriage in Numerology

As I already told you that If you find any dates that are the combination of 5/7, you shouldn’t set that date for your marriage day. But How will you find which dates to avoid?

There is a formula for it. Add the digits of the day, month, and year. And you will find out whether that date is to avoid or for getting married.

For example, if the date that you have decided to marry is 5th July 2002, then calculate as follows:

In numeric, it would be 05/07/2001. First, add each digit with the other on. So it will be, 0+5=5; 0+7=7; 2+0+0+2=4 . Now sum up the total number. So, it will be 5+7+4=16.

Now find the value after doing the addition. It will be 1+6=7. This is the process of finding the numerology number of your marriage date.

This example clearly shows that the numerology number of the date is 7 which is not a good date for marrying. So, whenever you get such a result, it’s strictly recommended that you avoid that date and choose another lucky date.

If you are not aware of the lucky dates, don’t worry. I am here to help you for finding the best date for your marriage.

Which Dates Are Not Good For Marriage

divorce There are some worst dates on the calendar which are to avoid for marriage. Those dates are 5, 14, and 23. For every month, these dates remain the same, which means bad for marriage.

The numerology number 7 is bad but the date itself is not the worst though. You can marry on the 7th, 16th, 25th date only if your birthday isn’t the same as like 7th, 16th, 25th.

You might laugh and belittle but it is proved that 99% of the people who got married on these dates are not happy in their life. They faced several marital problems, wasn’t happy in their sex life, and ended up with divorce.

To help you and make your life better and happy, I have decided to disclose these days. So that you will not have the same problem as the other 99% of people. If you have a strong wish to marry on any date among these, it’s your life, go for it.

Which Dates Are Good For Marriage

According to numerologists, 1st and 9th days of any month are the best dates to get married,.

These dates are perfect for any couple. You don’t have to check the marriage number or the day you were born. If you choose any day between these two days, you are likely to have a happy life with your companion.

Till now, I have discussed what are the dates you should avoid for a successful happy marriage life. But didn’t the question occur in your mind what are the reasons behind this? Let’s find it out.

Why you should avoid these dates

I have discussed the worst dates for marriage like 5, 14th and getting married on these dates can steal your happiness from your life.

So, it’s always a better choice to avoid these dates and choose another great date for your marriage. Still, if you are willing to marry on these dates, keep some courage to face these.

  1. Long-distance Relationship

long distanceStudy shows that those couples who have got married in these dates have ended up with a long-distance relationship. Who wants to get separated from their loved ones after getting married? Obviously no one.

But they get separated after their marriage for any reason. Even if you do everything right, any cause will occur naturally to separate you and your loved ones.

Sometimes, couples get separated because of work issues. Maybe the husband or spouse works abroad or out of the state. So all these incidents happen just for no reason? A big no.

These incidents are configured and you don’t have any control over these. You had the control while getting married but once you have done the mistake, you will have no way.

So, it’s always recommended that you avoid those mentioned dates for marriage and choose other better dates like the 1st or 9th of any month.

  1. Childlessness for a long period

If you marry on a date that is combined with the 5/7 rule, you are most likely to be childless for a long period of time.

In this case, experts say that 99% of people who got married on those « prohibited » dates have taken 14-15 years to bear their first child.

If any couple doesn’t want to get a baby for a long time, that’s not a problem. But think about those who are eagerly waiting for a cute baby. How would they feel if they fail again and again to get a baby?

That’s the reason you shouldn’t have taken any risk with your life and with the desire of your life. So, choose a lucky day and get married and live a happy life with your companion and your children.

  1. Financial Downfall

How will you feel if you do everything right yet getting a financial downfall? Most probably, no one will be happy in such a situation.

Also, you might ask if I am doing everything right, why will I face such a situation? For now, I have no answer for you because that is how it’s configured.

Those who didn’t avoid those dates for marriage have faced financial downfall after their marriage life. A situation will come when you can’t even run your family and you will try to find out what mistakes are you doing. Though you can’t find it.

Because you may not be doing any mistake now but you have already done a big mistake which can’t be recovered.

It is said that “Think twice before making an action” But once you make an action, sometimes it becomes impossible to restore. So, don’t put your life at risk and enjoy the rest of the life with your companion or loved ones.

  1. Divorce

Divorce is the last option for any marital adversities for any couple. And no couple wants to make it happen.

But if you don’t avoid those dates for marriage, the probability of happening divorce gets high. So, if you are willingly taking the risk to marry on the prohibited dates, keep enough courage to bear these. I am only telling these 4 points but there are many things to happen.

These four things have been seen in many people’s life after not avoiding those prohibited dates. I don’t want to see any crisis in your life. So, I took the responsibility to warn you about these crises that might happen.

Conclusion – Final Words

Have you ever imagined that just avoiding some dates for marriage can make your life happier? No one would ever be imagined. But it is your good luck that you have come to this article and become conscious of these facts.

Whether you do it knowingly or unknowingly, the facts work for all with the same effect. So, it’s your duty to thank God that you have come to know about those serious facts before getting married.

If you get even a little benefit from this article, help your friends or loved ones to know these facts by sharing this article. So, they will be conscious of these dates and make their life happier with their companion.


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