Do Your Pets Have Guardian Angels?

Do Your Pets Have Guardian Angels

We consider our pets intelligent, sentient beings, but do pets have Guardian Angels? These creatures come into our lives and fill them with love and joy. And it would be nice to know if our pets have Guardian Angels in the same way we do.

We know that the Angels and the Ascended Masters watch over us and guide us as we navigate life. But did you know that your pets have Guardian Angels, too? in fact, animals find it easier to communicate with the spiritual realm than we do. It’s because they’re pure, innocent creatures filled with light and love that carry higher vibrational energy.

But if Fido has a spirit guide, does that mean he has an intended life path? And do our pets also have lessons to learn to help them grow and evolve in this life? Or are their Guardian Angels simply here to protect them and keep them from harm?

This blog post will delve into the spiritual journey of our pets and other animals. We’ll also discuss the role that the Angels and other spiritual guides have to play in their lives. And we’ll look at how the life path of a pet affects the life path of their humans.

Animals and Their Guardian Angels

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We know Angels as the divine light beings they are. They come to us in our hour of need and help us overcome challenges when we call upon them. And these powerful spiritual beings are just as involved with animals as they are with humans.

In reality, our pets have Guardian Angels in numbers, with at least two by their side at all times. Whereas humans each have at least one Guardian Angel with us day and night.

But just because our pets have Guardian Angels doesn’t mean that they’re also focused on spiritual growth or life lessons. The life path of an animal is not about enlightenment. The sole mission of these spiritual guides is to protect the animals from unnecessary harm.

Don’t get me wrong. Your pet may still be on a spiritual journey. But the lessons it needs to learn are far less complex, and enlightenment is simply not the end goal yet. In the animal realm, the goal is to experience life and give and receive love.

As sentient beings, animals may be able to reincarnate as humans. And, when in human form, they will begin to walk a more complex spiritual path toward enlightenment.

But it’s not only Guardian Angels that guide and protect animals. Specific Archangels are known to specialize in working closely with animals. And when we need to call on the Angels to help our pets, these are the Archangels we should call upon.

Your Pets Have Guardian Angels and Guardian Archangels

Here, we’ll explore the Archangels primarily responsible for guarding and guiding the animals of this world. Therefore, by extension, they are the spiritual beings we can rely on the protect and support our pets.

This is not to say that they are the only Archangels working with animals. But nature and the animals fall under the realm of expertise for these specific Archangels.

You may be interested in reading more about Archangels and how they communicate with us through color. If so, have a look at our blog post entitled, “Archangel Colors: The 7 Divine Rays of Light”.

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael is widely known as the consummate healer. This spiritual being is associated with the divine green seventh light ray. As you know, we can call on Archangel Raphael when we need healing. But we can also ask for his assistance when our pets are not well.

If your pet is anxious or in pain, you can call on Archangel Raphael to assist. This divine being can help heal and is also equipped to calm and comfort your pet when needed. In fact, Archangel Raphael can also be contacted to assist with finding animals that are lost or missing.

To contact Archangel Raphael, simply focus on the color green while meditating or praying. Archangels are there to assist us, and they want us to call upon them when we need them. Therefore, asking Archangel Raphael for assistance should bring him closer to help when needed.

This divine Archangel is also closely linked to nature. Therefore, spending time outdoors or being in nature will bring you closer to this Angel. When trying to communicate with Archangel Raphael, you can pray or meditate outdoors to get closer to him.

Archangel Michael

dog chilling on couchArchangel Michael represents the first divine ray of light. This spiritual light exudes a soothing blue color. And both Archangel Michael and the divine blue light linked to him represent protection.

While this Archangel is the primary protector of the human race, he can also be contacted to help with our pets. As such, Archangel Michael can often act as a guardian to our animals when we ask for his help.

This divine being is a source of comfort for your pet. But, for the most part, Archangel Michael can act as a defender when your pet needs protection.

Focusing on the blue light is a great way to draw Archangel Michael closer to you. You can also light a blue candle while you meditate or pray to ask for his assistance in times of need.

The spiritual blue ray of light helps to expel fear and install courage when facing danger. This way, Archangel Michael can provide your pet with protection and the courage it needs to transcend the situation.

Archangel Ariel

While Archangel Raphael is close to nature, Archangel Ariel is the Angel of all things related to nature. This spiritual guardian is tasked with protecting and overseeing all the animals and plants. And she takes the role very seriously.

In fact, this Angel safeguards all the fauna and flora on this plant with a great deal of passion. Archangel Ariel is associated with soft pink light but sometimes also exudes all the colors of the spectrum at once.

As both are closely associated with nature, Archangel Ariel and Archangel Raphael often work hand-in-hand to protect the animals. But Archangel Ariel’s primary objective is to care for and love all of nature.

Therefore, Archangel Ariel is the spiritual guardian to call upon if your pet needs comfort and loving-kindness.

Archangel Fhelyai

While Archangel Jophiel is most associated with the yellow second ray of light, Archangel Fhelyai also appears as divine yellow light. However, the light that Archangel Fhelyai radiates is said to be of the brightest, most brilliant yellow. And this brilliance is often compared with the rays of the sun.

This special guardian is on a mission to open the hearts and minds of mankind to the world of animals. His primary role is to watch over and nurture the animal kingdom. And he wants nothing more than for the human race to embrace animals as the sentient beings they are.

When an animal passes away, Archangel Fhelyai accompanies it as its soul is carried over into the spiritual realm. This divine being also helps humans communicate more effectively with animals. The emotional and spiritual well-being of the animals and your pets is Archangel Fhelyai’s primary focus.

Archangel Fhelyai also works closely with Archangels Ariel and Raphael. Therefore, if you need assistance for a pet that is fearful, ill, or in need of love, you can call upon Archangel Fhelyai. Again, color can open the communication channels with this Archangel. Therefore, either focus on or surround yourself with the color yellow as you attempt to contact Archangel Fhelyai.

We Are Our Pet’s Guardian Angels

dog paw high fiveWhile our pets have Guardian Angels who watch over them, their primary guardians are, in fact, humans. We are the ones who have been tasked with watching over and protecting the natural world around us. It’s our job to take care of the animals on this earth. And it’s up to us to protect those we have domesticated and brought into our homes as family.

Just as we look to our Guardian Angels for support, our pets look to us when they need guidance. It’s up to us to nurture and feed them. And when they are ill, we must take care of them. We hold them close like children and provide them with unconditional love. And we teach them the difference between right and wrong.

According to the Bible, loving and caring for the animals on this earth is something God has tasked us with. Therefore, on earth, we are the teachers, protectors, and caregivers to all the animals of this world. Especially those who live with us.

How the Angels Communicate Through Our Pets

Divine light beings from the spiritual realm don’t only use Angel Numbers and Angel Colors to communicate with us. They place images or visions in our minds to symbolize something or convey a message. And these images or visions appear to us while we are awake, or we see them in our dreams.

Sometimes, your Guardian Angels, the Archangels, or the Ascended Masters, will send a vision of your pet your way. Occasionally, this might be the spiritual embodiment of a pet that has passed away. Or it could be a current pet engaging with you in a dream.

You must pay attention to what you see in your vision or dream. Take note of how the animal is behaving and whether there’s anyone else with it. Whether physically or in your dream, the location you’re in could also be important. These elements may be clues to deciphering the message received from the Angels.

Bear in mind that our pets are also instinctively connected with the spiritual realm. As such, you may receive messages from your Guardian Angels through your pets. Most often, the message conveyed is that of comfort and support.

cat on the floorThink about it. You can probably recall an occasion when you were sad or not feeling well. And at that moment, your cat or dog came to sit next to you, as if to comfort you. Or, it may have appeared to give you an encouraging lick on the cheek when you were feeling blue.

It’s, therefore, vital that we pay special attention to our pets and take heed of how they communicate with us.


It’s great to know that our pets have Guardian Angels, just like us. There’s a certain comfort in knowing that there’s a spiritual being watching over your fur baby when you are not around.

But it’s important to remember that you are your pet’s primary guardian. So, it’s up to you to protect, love, and care for your animal. And if you ever need a hand, Archangels Raphael, Michael, Ariel, and Fhelyai are just a short prayer away.

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