5 Ways To Find Out Your Lucky Numbers in Numerology

numerology lucky numbers

Numbers form the basis of many things in our universe. For mathematicians and scientists, they tell us how stars move, how things grow, and in general describe many fundamental laws that allow the world to function as it does. Numerologists use numbers in a very similar way: they use them to discern information about the universe. 

Numerology is often compared to astrology, in that each practice uses aspects of your birth to determine certain things about you, such as predominant personality traits, skill sets, and life paths. But each practice is its own system, and indeed, some believers in one might not believe in the other. 

With your number chart, also called your “lucky numbers”, you can learn a lot about yourself. It can reveal your core personality traits, your desires in life, your purposes, and many other things. 

Most people getting into this practice think that finding your numerology lucky numbers is hard, so you should always just go to somebody for a reading. But this isn’t entirely true. While the practice can be time-consuming, and it takes time to learn the meanings of numbers, anyone can find out the core of their own numerology chart. 

Today, I’ll explain to you how to find the 5 numbers that make up your core numerology lucky numbers, as well as a bit about the meaning of each number. So let’s take a look!

Master numbers: What are they?

Before I teach you how to calculate your numbers, you must understand how numerology works. You calculate your numbers by taking various numerical values and adding them together until you get a single-digit number. This means that in numerology, there are only 9 numbers that matter: 1-9. 

Except, not exactly. There are three other numbers that are treated as special, and if you get them alone, you do not add their digits together; 11, 22, and 33. These are referred to as master numbers, as they are considered the most powerful of numbers. 

Master numbers are powerful for many reasons. For one, they are the double versions of the first three numbers— 1, 2, and 3— creating a sort of magical trinity. They also represent the three stages of life, and of spiritual and personal growth.

Just know this: when calculating your numerology lucky numbers, do not continue to add digits together if you get one of these numbers. And consider yourself lucky, because master numbers usually mean a lot of good things for you.

Method 1: Your life path number

When talking about your numerology lucky numbers, I will tell you how to calculate the five most important numbers. For more in-depth explanations for each process, although not a lot about the meaning of each number, check out this post

Your life path number is probably the most important of your numerology lucky numbers. It is the number that details that outline of your life, what direction you may take, and what skills you may have. Negative traits associated with this number can mean things you lack personally, or areas you need to improve upon to reach your full potential. 

This number can tell you, in a general sense, what direction your life will take. It can hint at good career choices, and at what struggles you might face. And it can reveal some of your core personality traits, the ones that will most affect how you interact with the world. 

Of course, as with any lucky number— or indeed, any form of divination— you have the power to shape your own destiny. If you choose to go against what your lucky numbers tell you, that is ok. Just know that following a life path number is usually the most self-fulfilling route one can take. 

Ok, with all that said, how do you actually know your life path number? Well, all you need is your birthday and some simple mathematics. 

I think the easiest way to learn is by example, so let’s pick a random date: August 10, 1962. If that was your birthday, this is how you would find your life path number. 

First, add up the digits in the month, day, and year individually. So the month would be August= eighth month= 08= 0+8=8. The day would be 1+0= 1. And lastly, the year would be 1962= 1+9+6+2= 18= 1+8= 9. If any of the numbers are not single digits, repeat the process until you have one digit. 

Then, add up each number together. So in this example, it would be 8+1+9= 18. Then, to get it down to one digit, 1+8= 9. So your life path number would be 9! 

Also take note of master numbers. In general, master numbers, when part of a month or day, would be simplified normally, but not in the case of life path numbers. So if you were born in November, you keep your month digit as 11. 

When adding all three numbers (month, day, year) together, if you get a master number, do not keep simplifying. It means that your number is a master number, which is considered very lucky indeed!

Method 2: Your expression number 

The next of your numerology lucky numbers is called your expression number, or alternatively, your destiny number. This number reveals the core of your personality, and what kind of experience you bring into this world. 

Your life path number can be thought of as the road on which you will walk. This number, then, is how you will walk that road, and what influences you may be bringing from a past life. It hints at the most important aspects of who you are, and how that will affect what experience you have during your life. 

To calculate your expression number, you will add up the letters of your full birth name. This means first, last, and middle (if you have one), of whatever name you were assigned at birth. 

But wait, how do you add letters together? Well, use a chart, like the one given in the previous source, to assign a numerical value to each letter in your name. Then add the numbers of each name together until you get single digit answers; then, add the answers from each name to each other to get one final number. 

Let’s take a look at an example. Say your full name was Suzanne Collins. Your first name, Suzanne, would be 1+3+8+1+5+5+5= 28. Another step would give you 2+8= 10. One final step would give you 1+0=1. 

Then the last name, Collins. It would be 3+6+3+3+9+5+1= 30. Simplifying that down, 3+0= 3. 

Lastly, add the numbers from each of your names together. So 1+3=4. That is a single digit number, which means that your expression number would be 4 (and maybe then you’ll write the Hunger Games?). Remember that if you get a master number as your final answer, don’t simplify it down anymore.

Method 3: Your heart’s desire number 

Your life path number tells you the road you will take; your expression number the personality you bring with you on that road. The next of your numerology lucky numbers, your heart’s desire, also called the motivation number, tells you what your deepest sense of purpose is. 

Most people believe that we are put on this Earth for a reason. Even if it isn’t to cure cancer or find the answer to world peace, everyone has a drive, something that keeps them going, and that they feel they are destined to do. Your heart’s desire number can tell you yours. 

Although you may feel you have many purposes, this number will find the one at the heart of it all. It is your deepest drive, and what truly gives you a sense of purpose.
It can help guide you on your journey through your life path, and even inform what relationships you might want to foster. 

Calculating this number relies on the vowels in your name. Using the same chart as for your expression number, assign each vowel (A,E,I,O,U) a numerical value. Add up the numbers for each name individually; then add the values of each name together. Working with our previous example, we get: 

The first name has the vowels U+A+E, which translates to: 3+1+5= 9. Then, the last name: O+I= 6+9= 15= 1+5= 6. Lastly, add the two together: 9+6= 15= 1+5= 6. So Suzanne Collins’s heart’s desire number is 6. 

Method 4: Your personality number 

You have the road you travel, the inner personality, and the purpose driving you. Now, for your fourth number: your personality number. 

Once again, this number deals with your personality. But instead of your inner self and the history you bring with you, this number focuses on the parts of your personality that are most seen by others. It can also reveal how others tend to think of you, and what are the parts of you others notice most. 

This number is very useful to you. It gives you a better understanding of your place in the world, in relation to others. And it can help you figure out what types of people you might be best hanging out with, or even just being around. When combined with your expression number, it gives you a pretty holistic view of yourself as a person. 

To get this number, you do the opposite of the heart’s desire. Which makes sense, doesn’t it? Instead of focusing on the inside, you’re now focusing on the outside. So you use the consonants of your names. Once again, use the same table as before, and follow the same steps: get the number of each name, and then add all of the names together, eventually distilling it down to one digit. 

Let’s use the same example I’ve been using. The first name would be S+Z+N+N= 1+8+5+5= 19= 1+9= 10= 1+0= 1. For the last name, C+L+L+N= 3+3+3+5= 14= 1+4= 5. Last, add the two together: 1+5= 6. So the personality number is 6.

Method 5: Your birthday number 

numerology birthday number

The last of your numerology lucky numbers, this one is a bit simpler. The others provide you with a general overview of your life: the path you’ll take, your inner self, your deepest purpose, and how others perceive you. To top it all off, your birthday number tells you a special talent or gift that will help you along your path. 

In many cultures and beliefs, your birthday is incredibly important. In fact, your life path number is also derived from it. So it’s no wonder it would come into play again. This time, it tells you a facet of your personality that will work to your advantage. This is your strongest skill or trait, and can be very helpful in figuring out how to address obstacles during the course of your life. 

This number is much simpler to calculate. And like with life path numbers, a master number does not need reduction. There is some differing opinion on how to find this number, but I, and many others, recommend this: 

Take the day you were born. Just the day of the month. In our example, the 10th. If this number is already a single digit or a master number, congratulations! That is your birthday number. If not, simplify it down to a single digit: 1+0= 1. 

This will be your birthday number. However, if you want more insight, you can also look at each individual number in your birthday, pre-simplification, and include those meanings in your understanding of your gift or talent. 

So, those are your 5 numerology lucky numbers. There are others, certainly, but those are the 5 that will have the most effect on you, and be the most prominent. 

To summarize my example: if her full birth name was Suzanne Collins, then famous author Suzanne Collins’s life path number would be 9, her expression number 4, her heart’s desire number 6, her personality number also 6, and her birthday number would be 1. 

But what do all of these numbers mean? Well, that is a big question, and each number could be its own post. I encourage you to do your own research to find out what your numbers mean. But I’ll give you a very brief intro to each number’s meaning. 

What do my numbers mean? 

Each number has its own meaning, and it can be interpreted differently depending on where in your chart it falls. When looking at your numerology lucky numbers, follow your heart, and interpret them by following whichever characteristic of each number feels right to you. Here is a brief explanation of each number: 

  • 1: The number 1 is strong and bold. It is related to leadership, originality, and self-confidence. On the negative side, it can mean impatience and aggression. 
  • 2: This is a harmonic number, and implies balance, partnership, collaboration, and diplomacy. On the negative side, 2 can suggest self-doubt and lack of responsibility. 
  • 3: This is often a number of artists and inventors, and suggests creativity, self expression, and innovation. Conversely, it can mean moodiness and an inability to keep secrets. 
  • 4: 4 is a solid number, and often associated with stability, discipline, and dedication. Its negative traits can include over-caution and stubbornness. 
  • 5: A number of movement, 5 suggests being progressive, adventurous, and opportunistic. This can also make you rebellious and rash. 
  • 6: People with a 6 are often empathetic, compassionate, and nurturing. This can also make you a chronic worrier and be more melancholy. 
  • 7: Often considered a magical number in many systems, 7 implies intelligence, intuition, and spirituality. Its negative side can be loneliness and secrecy. 
  • 8: 8’s are often ambitious, organized, and practical, making it a good number for someone like a lawyer. The negatives can mean being selfish and materialistic. 
  • 9: The last of the normal base numbers, 9 means someone who is generous, passionate, and altruistic. Conversely, they can be egotistical or fragile. 
  • Note: the master numbers often share meaning with their base number (so 11 shares meaning with 1), but at a higher level and with more intensity. 
  • Master Number 11: The first master number, 11 means someone who is visionary, idealistic, and a great teacher. Negatively, it can make you a perfectionist, and aloof
  • Master Number 22: This means honest, practical, and peaceful, but negatives can be extreme or manipulative. 
  • Master Number 33: The final number, this number makes you knowledgeable, humanitarian, and once again a great teacher, but can also mean being self-centered or preachy. 


So there you have it. You now know how to calculate your numerology lucky numbers, and a little bit about what the numbers could mean. To find out more about what numbers mean, I recommend doing your own research. You can even find you lucky name by using numerology, find out about it in this post.

Remember, your life path number tells you the path you will tread; your expression number the inner self you take on that path; your heart’s desire is your driving purpose; the personality number is your external self; and your birthday number is your biggest gift or talent. Combine all of these together, and you can get a pretty big sense of who you are, and what your life might be like. 

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