Is Numerology Real or Just a Delusion?

is numerology real

Numerology has been studied since ancient times. The world around us follows a system, and if you observe the system carefully, you can see it is based on numbers. These numbers around us are studied in numerology. As anyone new to such concepts you might ask yourself, “Is numerology real?”

Numerology is real. When you look around, you will see how life and the universe follow orderly systems. Numbers can reveal your true personality and future. You will always find numbers present around you giving directions to follow.   

In this article, I will talk about numerology, and how it has been practiced as real since ancient times. Next, I will tell you how to figure out your numerology number. Finally, I will talk about the benefits of numerology.

Is Numerology Real?

Numbers are always present in our life. Numerology is the scientific study of these numbers. As you know, the universe follows a system that is made of numbers. As we are a part of this universe, our birth date and time is also a part of it. Hence, it is possible to study a person’s birth date and even name to understand his present, past, and future.

The study of numbers is so ancient that no one can clearly say when people started studying numerology. Although it has been studied for a long time in different names, the term numerology was first introduced in 1907.

If you look into history, you will find that Egyptians and Babylonians were the earliest civilized people who believed in studying numbers. There is also evidence that numerology was studied in China, Japan, Rome, and Greece thousands of years ago.

mayan numerology

Even the Mayans believed in astronomy and numerology. Their calendar system was influenced by numerology. They have predicted the future crisis of human civilization, and many of them have come true. So, how did they predict the future? Of course, it is based on astronomy and numerology.

Pythagoras, the Greed philosopher, is the one who might have invented a serious study of numerology. His disciples were called Pythagoreans. All of them studied mathematics fervently because they knew mathematics has the answers to a lot of mysteries of the world.

So, is numerology real? A lot of people believe so. Numerology works differently for different people based on situations they are facing. To understand things better, you should reflect on your life.

You probably have seen some recurring numbers in the past, or you still see them, but you brushed them off from thinking it was just a coincidence. However, you get surprised and curious whenever the numbers reappear in front of you. It is better not to ignore those numbers because the universe is probably trying to send you a message.

How Do You Figure Out What Your Numerology Number Is?

When you see recurring numbers, find out the meaning of the numbers or talk with an expert numerologist. You will definitely learn about your life and future, which you would have never imagined.

Also, you should find out your numerology number, which is calculated from your birth date. Once you find out your numerology number, you can see what the number means for you. The number will accurately describe your personality and the things that can affect you.

So, let us learn how to find out a person’s numerology number based on the date of birth and year.

According to numerology, the most important number of a person’s life is his or her life path number. This number is calculated with the digits of your birth date. The number will be any magical numbers from 1 to 9. It means your calculation must add up to any single digit between numbers 1 to 9.

For example, your birth date is May 25th, 1990. To find out his path number, you have to break down the number and then add them to find the magic number.

So, May= 5th month of the year, and the day is 25= 2+5= 7

The year is 1990= 1+9+9+0= 19. Now, add 1+9, which will become 10. Again, break down the number and add the numbers. So, 1+0= 1.

Next, add all the numbers which is: 5 (month) + 7 (sum of day) +1= 13. You have to do some more calculations because you must get a single number. Thus, 13 means 1+3= 4.

Finally, you will get the number 4, which is your magic path number of life. This number is the outline of your life and a guideline for your future path. The number will not only describe your basic personality traits but also tell you how you are affected by your surroundings.

For instance, People who have path number 4 are confident and balanced. They are patient and better at organizing things. The number can also tell that people having this number can be stubborn and rigid, which can be problematic in many situations.

What Are the Benefits of Numerology?

Numerology will certainly help you understand your path, but it is also helpful to understand the people and the environment around you. The number can guide you in various situations. Here is how numerology helps us:

  1. Understanding Oneself: Studying your magic numbers like path number and personality number can give you a lot of insight about yourselves. People often do not give much attention to their personalities. The numbers remind people who they are and what they should do to achieve their goals.
  2. Understanding Others:  Numerology will help you to understand the people around you. When you are in a relationship, understanding your partner can make things easier for you. You can also find out who you are most compatible with the help of numerology.
  3. Choosing The Right Career: Your path number can also tell you which career is the best for you. For example, number 1 is all about leading, power, and courage. So, if you have number 1, you should work in the political, business, or defense (Police, Army, and Navy) sector.
  4. Finding Solutions of Problems: Numbers can tell not just about positive traits but also negative traits. For example, people having the number 4 are confident and organized. But sometimes, they can be overconfident and stubborn. So, understanding these traits will stop you from being stubborn in situations where you should not be. Hence, you will not get into conflict with people like you used to.
  5. Warning about Future: Sometimes, you may number repeating around you. The number may have meanings for you. Many people believe that these numbers are from our guardian angels warning us about things. Find the meaning behind the numbers and act accordingly to avoid any misfortunes.
  6. Choosing the Right Name for Your Baby:  Believe it or not, names do affect people’s personalities. And a person’s characteristics influence how successful he is going to be. So, numerology helps you to decide on the right name for your baby so that he or she can be successful in the future.
  7. Choosing the Right Name for Your Business: Many people believe that naming a business according to numerology is very important. It can define the nature of your business and how much it will succeed in the future. The right name can bring huge success and a name for your business.


By now, you must have got an answer to your question, “Is numerology real?”. There are a lot of people who believe in numerology because it has really influenced their lives.  If you start to believe in numerology, you will also see how your life changes.

Numbers can guide you to the right path and make your life smooth and easy.

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