Life Path Number 1: Your 6 Romantic Matches

Life Path Number 1 - Your 6 Romantic Matches

The outgoing nature of someone with life path number 1 in their charts calls for a grounded and creative romantic partner. Your dynamic personality calls for an equally vibrant soul or well-rounded individual.

If you are a life path number 1 person, you’re likely to be highly sociable and full of life. You love meeting new people and have many contacts as a result. However, you tend only to allow a few trusted friends into your inner circle. The creative life path number 3 and lively life path number 5 will make the best matches.

On the other hand, life path numbers 6 and 2 will bring a sense of calm to the relationship. These are also very patient individuals, which will compliment your sometimes dominant personality.

In essence, you’ll want a partner who is happy to join you on your many outings to parties, events, and dinners. You’re attracted to an intellectual conversation and embrace new adventures. But you’ll also benefit from someone who is nurturing and more down-to-earth.

Finding one’s ideal romantic partner is never an easy task. But being aware of what to look out for is a good start. The person you choose to share your life with should be someone you’re comfortable with. You must find not only a friend but a partner who is supportive in everything you do.

We can determine who will be a suitable match through numerology compatibility based on their life path number. And you must understand what your life path number means to you before searching for the perfect partner.

Therefore, this blog post will examine the characteristics associated with life path number 1 as well as your numerology compatibility. But, first, let’s define what we mean by the term “life path number”,

What is a Life Path Number?

The life path number is one of the five core numbers of a numerology chart. This is the chart that a numerologist will draw up for you when you go for a numerology reading. The other core numbers in the chart are the birthday, expression, soul urge, and personality numbers. And each of these numbers tells the numerologist something about you and your life.

A numerologist uses your birth date and name to determine these core numbers and several others that make up your chart. And the life path number is considered the backbone of all the numbers in the chart. This is why it is used to determine romantic compatibility.

Life Path Number 1 - Your 6 Romantic Matches

In short, your life path number indicates the primary path you’re meant to follow in this life. In other words, it provides insight into your purpose and the work you’re meant to do during this lifetime. As such, knowing your life path number can be immensely helpful in figuring out which career path you should choose.

But how is your life path number determined? And is it possible to calculate your life path number and that of your partner’s, yourself? Let’s examine the calculation used to work out someone’s life path number.

How do you Calculate Your Life Path Number?

It’s easy to calculate your life path number without the help of a numerologist. However, having a proper reading with a numerologist is more beneficial. This is because they’ll give you more context on how the number relates to all aspects of your life.

That said, all you need to work out someone’s life path number is their birth date. You’ll need the day, month, and year in numerical format to begin. Then you’ll simply add the individual single-digit numbers together. This usually leaves you with a double-digit number which you’ll reduce further by adding the two digits together.

The single-digit number you’re left with is the life path number. Unless, during your calculation, your total comes to 11, 22, or 33. These can be reduced further to read 2, 4, and 6, respectively. But these three numbers are usually left as double-digit numbers.

The reason is that 11, 22, and 33 are considered master numbers. And they’re linked to individuals on a special mission in life.

To illustrate how this calculation is done, we’ll use the famous rapper Eminem’s birth date as an example. Eminem, or Marshall Mathers, was born on the 17th of October 1972. Therefore, if we write this date out in numerical form, it would be 17/10/1972. And your calculation would look like this:








Therefore, as you can see from the above calculation, Eminem’s life path number is 1.

What Does Life Path Number 1 Mean?

Before you dive deeper into your perfect romantic partners, let’s take a closer look at your life path number. It’ll be helpful to you to understand how life path number 1 is linked to you and your life. And this knowledge will help you understand how other life path numbers might be compatible.

If life path number 1 is in your numerology chart, it means that you have a dominant personality. This isn’t to say that you’re a dictatorial person. It merely means that you’re a force to be reckoned with. And as such, you’ll likely most often find yourself in a leadership role.

You tend to be hard-working and driven in all that you do. And usually succeed at whatever you put your mind to. It’s in your nature to work independently, and when you are part of a team, you’re often at the helm. As a result, you are destined to be the director or owner of a business.

Innovative thinking is your strong suit, and you use this skill to overcome challenges and solve problems. You also enjoy stimulating conversations and are most often drawn to interactions with creatives.

There is sometimes a tendency to be self-centered, so an independent partner is ideal. However, those who can tolerate this behavior and are not emotionally hurt by it will be a good match.

Trust is important to you. And it’s a critical factor in every friendship you have. While you love to socialize and surround yourself with people, your circle of friends is small. This is a result of your inability to trust easily.

Now that you have a better idea of who you are at your core, let’s find out who your best romantic matches are and why.

The 6 Most Compatible Life Path Numbers for Life Path Number 1

1.   Life Path Number 3

The ideal partner for life path number 1 individuals is someone with life path number 3 in their charts. The reason is that you share many personality traits with life path number 3 individuals. And you respond well to their shared love of being creative and having fun.

While you are both outgoing individuals, those with life path number 3 in their charts are more of a free spirit. They follow their hearts when it comes to being creative and making decisions. Whereas you tend to follow your mind.

Life path number 3 individuals can be unreliable and impulsive. But you’ll find that the leader in you will add that much-needed stability to the relationship.

2.   Life Path Number 5

The second most compatible person for life path number 1 is someone with number 5 in their charts. These are spontaneous and adventurous people who embody a free-spirited outlook on life. Life path number 5 individuals are always on the go and believe in living life to the fullest.

You’ll enjoy many experiences with a life path number 5 person in your life. And they’ll be an outstanding balance when your more serious workaholic side is at the fore. In the same way, you’ll help to ground their seemingly turbulent lives somewhat.

Either way, you’re both happy to do your own thing independently. And you’re each capable of being very engaged and passionate when together. Your relationship with a life path number 5 individual will be a fun and emotionally charged journey in the best possible way.

3.   Life Path Number 6

YLife Path Number 1 - Your 6 Romantic Matchesou may be aware that those with life path number 6 in their charts are incredibly easygoing. Because of this, they’re compatible with most life path numbers, including life path number 1. Life path number 6 individuals bring an element of calm and dependability to any relationship.

They may not necessarily be as extroverted as you are. But they’re still great listeners and conversationalists. You can look forward to hours of deep, heartfelt, and intellectual conversation with a life path number 6 partner.

Be mindful that your dominant personality could come across as forceful to them. But, being compassionate people, they tend to be patient, tolerant, and sensitive to the needs of others. You’re unlikely to experience any conflict with a life path number 6 individual. And can look forward to sharing life with an honest, kind, and reliable partner.

4.   Life Path Number 33

Life path number 33 is linked to life path number 6 because when you add 3 and 3 together, you get 6. And as such, they share very similar personality traits and more with life path number 6 individuals. However, the journey of a life path number 33 individual is more intense.

With master number 33 as their life path number, they are destined for a challenging life. They’ll likely be laser-focused on personal and spiritual growth. And will often go on to fulfill a significant purpose in this world. That purpose usually has a positive effect on the lives of many people.

As a life path number 1 individual, you’ll benefit from the life path number 33 individual’s nurturing and caregiving nature. In fact, the combination of life path numbers 1 and 33 could result in a loving power couple. And if you’re thinking about starting a family, they’ll make excellent, attentive parents.

5.   Life Path Number 2

Those with life path number 2 in their charts are typically well-balanced, gentle souls. They’re great communicators and often find themselves acting as spokespersons or intermediaries in certain situations. They would like nothing more than for everyone to get along in peace.

They adapt well to change and know how to compromise to avoid conflict. This could be beneficial to you, as life path number 1 individuals are sometimes stubborn about their views on specific matters. This will pave the way for a harmonious life together.

You share a need for stability, and both lean toward being more on the responsible side. Your sense of adventure and love for socializing is not something life path number 2 individuals naturally gravitate towards. However, their inclination to take fewer risks could add a good helping of balance to the relationship.

6.   Life Path Number 11

Life path number 11 is another example of a master life path number. When the individual digits 1 and 1 are added together, the result is 2. And as such, the characteristics associated with life path number 11 are very similar to those of life path number 2.

They carry the same peace-loving nature of life path number 2. But they are bound for some ups and downs in their lives. However, it is all in the name of growth and part of the greater plan. These individuals will bring spiritual balance to the life of a life path number 1 person.

You’ll both have big dreams and need to support each other as you work towards them. But you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your combined efforts later in life. Patience and consideration will be key in this relationship. But you’ll find a trustworthy and dependable companion in this with life path number 11 in their charts.



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Finding love can be difficult for some. And because it takes the life path number 1 individual some time to trust someone, it can prove a challenge. But with the above information in hand, you should have a better idea of what to look out for in a partner.

Essentially, you’ll want someone who both compliments your personality and brings new things to the table. And with any of the above life path numbers, you’ll find the love and support you need to be the best version of yourself.

Remember, the above compatibility advice is only a guide. Perhaps your current partner has a life path number not mentioned above. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a healthy, happy relationship. It just may not be as easy as it would be with those listed above.


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