Life Path Number 6: Your 7 Soul Mates

Life Path Number 6

The loveable life path number 6 individual carries tremendous charm and finds it easy to make friends. As a result, finding and settling down with an ideal life partner won’t be too much of a challenge.

With life path number 6 in your chart, you’re a patient, laid-back individual who doesn’t take life too seriously. The result is that you can make almost any relationship work. However, there are still those that are more compatible than others. You’ll experience deep and fulfilling connections with those who have life path numbers 2, 9, or 4 in their charts.

That said, you may also form a loving and supportive relationship with a life path number 8 or 1 individual. On the whole, a kind, considerate, and dependable person is what you need in a partner.

Essentially, what you should be cautious of are arrogant and unreliable people. Those who are unable to empathize with others will not make suitable partners. Nor will those completely self-absorbed with themselves and don’t take the time to support you.

Understanding who your perfect romantic partner is is crucial to your happiness, both emotionally and in terms of success in life. The most compatible life path numbers are perfectly aligned with each other. In other words, they complement and support the growth and success of both parties.

Let’s begin with understanding what exactly your life path number is. This will give us more insight into the numerology compatibility breakdown we detail later in this post.

What is a Life Path Number?

If you’ve ever had a numerology reading done by a trained numerologist, you’ll know what a numerology chart is. Essentially, it’s a chart comprising numbers that relate to different aspects of your life and character. The numerologist carefully calculates each number using your birth date and name.

There are five core numbers on the chart, and your life path number is one of these. It works in conjunction with the other numbers in the chart, but it also holds significant meaning on its own. Alone, it signifies the path you’re meant to take to fulfill your purpose in life.

In fact, your life path number could be considered the foundation of your chart. And it’s for this reason, we use this number to denote compatibility with potential partners. Your life path number represents a significant outlook on who you are and what you’ll become.

Next, we’ll explore the calculation a numerologist uses to derive your life path number. It’s a simple calculation you can execute yourself. And you’ll find information relating to each life path number on our website. However, it will not be as thorough as receiving an extensive reading from a trained numerologist. Having your complete chart drawn up and assessed by a professional is advised.

How do you Calculate Your Life Path Number?

Life Path Number 6 - Calculating it

As mentioned, calculating your life path number is not complicated. In fact, the equation comprises straightforward arithmetic using your birth date as a starting point.

Simply put, you’ll begin by writing down your birthdate in numerical format. After that, you’ll add each single-digit number together. Then, you will split the resultant number into its individual digits and add those together. You’ll continue to add the digits, reducing the equation to one single-digit number or a master number.

Master numbers are the numbers 11, 22, and 33. While these can be reduced further to 2, 4, and 6, respectively, they also carry significance as a double-digit. They do align with the properties of the reduced single-digit number. But individuals with a master life path number are destined to impact the world in a big way.

Let’s consider the following example. We’ll use the birth date of the iconic Beatle, revolutionary musician, poet, and artist, the late John Lennon. His date of birth was 9 October 1940 (09/10/1940). Therefore, your calculation would look as follows:






So, through the above calculation, we have determined that John Lennon’s life path number is 6.

What Does Life Path Number 6 Mean?

Those with life path number 6 in their charts are often referred to as the nurturers or caretakers. Essentially, this means that you are a naturally loving and compassionate individual. And you are drawn to helping and serving others wherever you can.

Often a life path number 6 individual will be drawn to settling down with their ideal partner and starting a family. Your inherent nurturing qualities are typically directed toward your immediate family, especially your children. But this isn’t necessarily the case for everyone with life path number 6 in their charts.

Those who don’t start a traditional family will see those around them as their “children”. Irrespective, your greatest joy and ultimate fulfillment will come from helping and caring for others.

Other prominent characteristics associated with life path number 6 are charisma and creativity. You have a great deal of artistic talent and, with some effort, could excel in a creative field. People also admire and are drawn to you because of your warm and attractive personality.

As a Life path number 6 individual, you’re very easy-going and humble. Therefore, you could well be compatible with almost anyone. However, numerologically 7 perfect matches will enrich your life in the most positive ways.

With life path number 6 in your chart, you’re most compatible with life path numbers 2, 9, and 4. This includes those with master life path numbers 11 (reduced to 2) and 22 in their charts (reduced to 4). You’ll also find love with individuals who have life path numbers 8 or 1 in their numerology charts.

But let’s take a closer look at the relevant compatibility of each and how these other life paths align with yours.

The 7 Most Compatible Life Path Numbers for Life Path Number 6

1.   Life Path Number 2

The sympathetic and generous nature of a life path number 2 individual would be the perfect match for you. These individuals strive for peace and balance in their lives and enjoy helping others. You may, therefore, find that your respective missions in life are intertwined.

Your relationship will be strengthened when you and your life partner work toward a common goal. Even more so if you share a similar life purpose. This is rare, but your like-mindedness and shared views will bring you closer together.

People with life path number 2 in their charts bring a bit of spontaneity to the relationship. But they are reliable individuals who place immense value on structure and stability both at home and in their careers. This is an attractive quality to life path number 6 individuals and is needed for their own growth.

2.   Master Lift Path Number 11

As those with life path number 2 are compatible partners, so are master life path number 11 individuals. When reduced to a single digit in a numerological calculation, 11 becomes 2. However, as you know, master numbers 11, 22, and 33 carry their own special meaning and purpose.

Most traits associated with a life path number 2 individual will also be true for master life path number 11 individuals. However, the overall life purpose and responsibility tend to be more challenging. You could refer to master life path number 11 as an intensified version of life path number 2.

The inherent qualities of kindness, sensitivity, and a need to help others remain. And, with your respective life missions aligned, you could affect positive change at scale. Therefore, you’re bound to share a great partnership and enjoy immense fulfillment in life together.

3.   Life Path Number 9

Life path number 9 individuals are equally caring and find joy in helping those around them. They are sometimes withdrawn and challenging to communicate. However, once they know you and are more comfortable with you, they’re inclined to come out of their shells.

If you’re looking for a loyal companion, individuals with life path number 9 in their charts fit the bill. They make for sensitive and trustworthy partners, ideal for the equally sensitive life path number 6 individual.

Partnering with a life path number 9 individual will ensure a stable, loving, and rewarding relationship. You’ll find them supportive of your dreams and will provide you with the encouragement you need to chase them. They are also profoundly loving and affectionate individuals once they’re comfortable with being themselves around you.

4.   Life Path Number 4

Life Path Number 6Similar to life path numbers 2 and 9, those with life path number 4 are steadfast and kind companions. Therefore, a relationship with these individuals will result in a great deal of care and compassion from both parties. But, life path number 4 individuals can be incredibly predictable, so don’t expect much spontaneity in the relationship.

That said, this predictability brings structure, organization, and reliability to the table. All qualities that will bring about harmony in the relationship and help you thrive. You both also have an inherent down-to-earth nature, which reduces the likelihood of conflict or friction. Something you like to avoid.

Your personalities compliment each other so well that you could liken them to puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together. They act separately as an integral piece of the puzzle in their own right. But when combined, they contribute to something much more significant than themselves.

5.   Master Life Path Number 22

Again, master life path number 22 is strongly connected to life path number 4. This is because, when adding 2 and 2 together, you’re left with 4. And these individuals are a good match for the same reasons that those with life path number 4 make ideal partners.

But, as with any master life path number, this is a more intense version of life path number 4. Therefore, the responsibility that lies on the shoulders of the master life path number 22 individual is tough to carry. Your selfless and caring nature will be a great support to them. And you’ll both enjoy success in life if you continue to work together and help each other.

Remember that the master life path number 22 individual will be consistent, diligent, and highly organized. This will alleviate a great deal of stress as they walk their rugged path. The fact that you are both easy-going individuals will also be to your advantage.

6.   Life Path Number 8

While the life path number 8 individual doesn’t share many personality traits with you, they make for a good match. This is because they bring qualities to the relationship that will complement yours. A classic case of opposites attract.

One of the most prominent character traits of those with life path number 8 is the need to control. Although this can be perceived as a negative quality, it may be beneficial in your case. They’re also incredibly motivated and organized individuals.

As a life path number 6 individual, you’re generally laid back and not worried about the finer details. Having a partner who maintains structure at home would allow you to focus on things that matter more to you. And your considerate nature won’t feel threatened by their more dominant approach.

7.   Life Path Number 1

Because you have life path number 6 in your chart, you’re able to adapt to the needs of others. Having a dominant or bossy partner doesn’t create conflict because their controlling nature doesn’t bother you. In fact, you find it useful in many ways, as is the case with life path number 8 individuals discussed above.

When it comes to those with life path number 1 in their charts, we find a similar dominant personality. But the life path number 1 individual is also a socialite, which compliments your charismatic nature. You’ll enjoy going out and socializing with your partner. And you’ll likely build a close-knit circle of friends around you.

It should be noted that people with life path number 1 in their charts don’t trust easily. But, once you’ve gained their trust, they become profoundly loyal and faithful partners and companions. Like you, they want a stable, lasting, and loving relationship.

What Do I Do If My Partner’s Life Path Number is Not Compatible?

There’s nothing to worry about if your current partner’s life path number isn’t mentioned above. Just because your level of compatibility on paper isn’t high doesn’t mean that your relationship is doomed. There’s no reason to call it quits based on this information.

In fact, the true success of any relationship is open communication and understanding one another. When you understand your partner’s thoughts and behavior, you can better adjust your approach. And if any issues arise, it’s paramount that you’re able to air your concerns opening with each other.

The compatibility of life path numbers, as detailed in this post, should serve as a guide. These numbers provide insight into personality traits and specific life journeys. Therefore, entering into a relationship with a compatible life path number will simplify things.

In other words, there’ll be less of a learning curve, and much of your connection will come naturally. It may even feel that the relationship flourishes on its own, and you’re just along for the ride. In this case, you’re able to focus your energy on other things.

But that doesn’t mean that you cannot cultivate a loving, supportive, and rewarding relationship with others. It’s entirely up to you and the effort you’re willing to put in to love your partner unconditionally.



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Being in a stable and devoted relationship is essential to those with life path number 6 in their charts. Settling down to raise a family or give love and care to others is first and foremost for you. So, your partner must give you the support and freedom to be the nurturer you were meant to be.

Therefore, sparking relationships with life path 2, 9, and 4 individuals will be most rewarding. While those with life path numbers 8 and 1 in their charts will also make for great companions. And those with master life path numbers 11 and 22 will be a good match.

But don’t be discouraged if your life partner doesn’t carry one of these life path numbers in their numerology charts. These are only intended to serve as a guide. And they’re not meant to imply that you cannot enjoy a perfect romantic relationship with others.

What matters is that you respect each other and are happy together. Compassion and loving-kindness will go a long way to cementing a match made in heaven.

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