Master Saint Germain: The Violet Flame

Master Saint Germain - The Violet Flame

Humankind has experienced significant transformations thanks to Master Saint Germain. He has embodied several prominent historical figures. And he was present at various pivotal events in human history.

Master Saint Germain is the overseer of the seventh ray and hierarch of the Aquarian age. He’s the keeper of the Sacred Violet Flame of Healing. And he encourages us to be courageous and enlightened beings. This spiritual guardian grants us the gift of freedom. So, you can call upon him when you feel you have no direction or purpose in life.

This post will explore the significance of the Ascended Masters. And we’ll discuss who Master Saint Germain is, his purpose, and the symbols associated with him. Let’s dive right in.

What Are the Ascended Masters?

Various beings exist in the spiritual realm. You might be familiar with some already, like Archangels and Guardian Angels. The Ascended Masters fall in the same group, but they differ in several ways.

Where Angels are celestial beings born into the spiritual world, Ascended Masters are humans who transcended to the non-physical realm. They lived on earth as we do. And each Ascended Master has assumed various identities and lived through multiple lifetimes.

Through intense spiritual growth, they attained a state of enlightenment most humans can’t yet comprehend. Their minds, hearts, and spirits evolved once their gratitude, mindfulness, and compassion transcended. During their evolution, their vibrational energy is amplified.

This allowed them to be more attuned to their higher selves. Once this occurred, they experienced enlightenment. Essentially, their spirits left their physical bodies and ascended to the spiritual realm.

Since the Ascended Masters are believed to have mastered the human experience, their wisdom trumps that of Guardian Angels and Archangels. These beings have firsthand experience with the struggles humanity faces. Therefore, their guidance and wisdom can significantly help us.

We’re all experiencing individual spiritual journeys where enlightenment is the end goal. The Ascended Masters are there to help you achieve that coveted state of enlightenment. And they help us do so in the following ways:

  • Inspiring a spiritual outlook within you
  • Encouraging interest in your personal spiritual growth
  • Offering insights into aspects of life and existence you’re yet to understand

The Ascended Masters are always paying attention to the spiritual needs of humanity. And they frequently send messages our way when we need them most to overcome life’s obstacles.

The Ascended Masters and Religion

Master Saint Germain - The Violet Flame

It’s believed that the Ascended Masters were derived from the Theosophical concept of the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom. These were enlightened beings discovered by the Theosophists Henry S. Olcott and Helena Blavatsky.

In fact, Helena Blavatsky was the first person to introduce the concept of the Masters to the West. She claimed that Master Saint Germain was one of her “Masters of Wisdom’. And she allegedly held several secret documents written or communicated through him.

Ascended Masters became more popular after Guy Ballard’s alleged interaction with Master Saint Germain. He subsequently authored several books on the subject and formed what is termed the “I AM” Activity Movement.

Amongst Christians, the Ascended Masters are controversial beings. Therefore, they don’t exist in their teachings. Christians regard Jesus Christ as the only enlightened being they call upon for help and guidance.

Who Is Master Saint Germain?

Master Saint Germain carries the title of “Chohan of the Seventh Ray”. This means he’s the overseer of the seventh ray. And he represents the seventh color that emanates from the heart of the Source through the prism of manifestation.

He’s also known as the keeper of the Sacred Violet Flame of Healing. And his ultimate gift is freedom for world transmutation.

Master Saint Germain is the main Ascended Master overseeing the forthcoming 2000 years, often referred to as the Age of Aquarius. He is renowned for inspiring courage, perseverance, self-expression, and self-love. And he also helps us discover and follow our purpose in life and manifest our desires.

Master Saint Germain existed as several significant historical figures in his mortal life. These include:

  • Sir Francis Bacon
  • Samuel, the biblical prophet
  • Saint Joseph
  • Merlin
  • Christopher Columbus

He was present at important global events, such as the signing of the Declaration of Independence. And was there during the siege of the Palace of Versailles in France.

Master Saint Germain’s identities allowed him to experience several different worldly circumstances. And he has, therefore, gained incredible insight into the human experience. Some of the vital roles he has played throughout his many lifetimes include psychic, alchemist, linguist, and artist.

Since he’s an Ascended Master, he’s believed to have magical powers. This includes inspiring people through telepathy, levitating, and walking through walls.

What Does Master Saint Germain Represent?

As the Chohan of the Seventh Ray, Master Saint Germain represents the seventh path one must take to individual spiritual awakening. He is the Ascended Master of mercy, freedom, transmutation, and healing. By calling out to Master Saint Germain, he can inspire these feelings in us all.

Colors, Numbers, and Other Symbols Associated With Master Saint Germain

Master Saint Germain is symbolized by the color violet, which is linked in significance to the violet Angel Color. The Violet Flame associated with him represents protection and healing. So, if you see this color, then Master Saint Germain is likely attempting to communicate with you.

His vibrational energy takes on other shades, too, including purple, pink, aqua, and teal. These colors are also representative of Aquarius. Therefore, this divine guardian is tied to the Aquarius zodiac sign.

The amethyst gemstone also has strong ties to Master Saint Germain. And the Maltese cross rendered in violet is also said to be linked to this spiritual guardian.

Interestingly, the Ascended Masters also have a deep connection to Angel Numbers. In fact, Master Saint Germain is believed to embody Angel Number 333. Therefore, when you see this Angel Number around you, it may mean that he’s trying to communicate with you.

What Is Master Saint Germain’s Mission?

Master Saint Germain - The Violet Flame

Humanity and the future of humans are Master Saint Germain’s most significant concerns. His work on earth is dedicated to protecting our future.

This divine being is focused on spreading wisdom and guidance through mediums. In other words, he uses spiritual human beings and speaks through them. This can be in physical speech through the person’s body or simply by sending them visions.

Master Saint Germain’s messages help us understand the changes happening around us. And they assist with our personal awakening and spiritual growth. This spiritual guide is responsible for overseeing and manifesting a Golden Age known as the Age of Aquarius.

The Age of Aquarius is the age of heaven on earth. Harmony, peace, and wholeness dominate on the planet. Humans live together in unity and in the service of God and man. Nature is untarnished by environmental pollution and destructive weather.

Since Master Saint Germain doesn’t have the authority to bring this vision to life on earth, he calls upon us. Through humans, he can manifest a new era for our planet. However, we are first encouraged to embark on a spiritual journey that prepares us to pursue his vision.

How to Contact Master Saint Germain

Reaching out to the Ascended Masters isn’t much different from contacting Archangels. As such, the methods used to contact your celestial guides can be used to call on Master Saint Germain.

Meditation is one way to connect with this spiritual guide. When you sit down to meditate, make sure you choose a quiet space. Burn incense or light a candle to elicit a tranquil and pleasant environment. It’s often a great idea to start the session with an affirmation or setting an intention.

Alternatively, you can say a prayer to connect to Master Saint Germain. Ask him for direct guidance on the issues you face in your life. Focus and reflect silently on him and his Violet Flame as you seek the answers.

Your message will get across easier as you work on your spiritual self. This way, you’ll elevate your vibrational energy and better align with the Universe. So, adopt the practice of spiritual work into your daily routine to strengthen this connection with your divine guides.

After calling upon Master Saint Germain, you may start seeing Angel Number 333 or the color violet around you. He often communicates with earthly beings in this way.

Master Saint Germain may also inspire thoughts, shapes, and visions of violet light. Look out for signs because guidance comes in many forms.

Remember to open your heart, mind, and body to receive the energy of this divine guide. He wants nothing more than to communicate with you. And his aim is to help you achieve mastery in this lifetime.

When to Call Upon Master Saint Germain

Master Saint Germain - The Violet Flame

Master Saint Germain is the embodiment of mercy, freedom, and healing. You can call upon him for these and psychic protection and space clearing.

You can also contact this spiritual guardian when you hit a rough patch and need a reminder about your life’s purpose. He’s available when you need courage as well.

Master Saint Germain is there to help all humans navigate the obstacles they face. Once you call upon him, prepare to receive the solutions you seek.


Master Saint Germain is one of several spiritual beings who operate on a higher vibrational level than humans. Unlike Guardian Angels and Archangels, this spiritual guardian was once a human.

He assumed various identities during his many lifetimes. This allowed him to experience what it’s like to be human and gain insight into our existence. Therefore, he can better understand the obstacles we face here on earth.

Master Saint Germain’s purpose is to help humanity. He’s overseeing the coming of the Age of Aquarius, where heaven will exist on earth. You’re encouraged to contact him when you need courage, direction, healing, freedom, protection, and perseverance.

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