Mercury Retrograde: What Does It Mean in Astrology?

One often sees mention of  Mercury retrograde on social media or news sites during a cycle. In fact, this astronomical event is renowned in Astrology. And Astrologers believe that it’s responsible for specific occurrences that affect our day-to-day lives.

Mercury retrograde is an optical illusion where the planet Mercury moves backward as per our perception from the Earth. It appears that way because Mercury orbits the sun faster than Earth. Astrologers believe Mercury retrograde influences events on our planet, causing chaos and distress. Therefore, they advise you to avoid taking specific actions during a cycle, like making important decisions.

This post explores the fascinating phenomenon of Mercury retrograde. We’ll discuss how it may affect you and its influence on the Zodiac Signs.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury retrograde is a spectacle where it appears as if the planet Mercury is moving in reverse when observed from Earth. When this occurs, Mercury looks like it’s traveling from west to east around the sun. This movement is unconventional for planets because they typically move from east to west.

Mercury moves around the sun faster than all the planets in our solar system. Where it takes the planet Earth 365 days to orbit the sun, Mercury achieves it in 88 days. Therefore, Mercury laps Earth on more than one occasion and appears to slow down whenever it passes by.

But the retrograde motion isn’t exclusive to Mercury. Scientists observe it with other planets too. The planet Mercury enters its retrograde phase three to four times a year for three weeks. During these times, Astrologers believe that things go haywire on Earth.

Mercury retrograde has long ceased being an astronomical term and now holds significance in Astrology. Let’s explore how Mercury retrograde influences us next, according to Astrologers.

How Mercury Retrograde Affects You

In Astrology, Mercury rules communication and expression. Therefore, Mercury retrograde affects everything in the realm of communication. This means things will be more unusual where communication, logic, thinking, and energy-consuming devices are concerned.

During Mercury retrograde, you may experience:

  • Confusion with work projects
  • Emails going missing
  • Flight delays or cancellations
  • Errors with online orders
  • Brain fog, anxiety, and headaches
  • Miscommunications with friends and family that led to arguments

Given those possible occurrences, Astrologers often advise you to avoid sensitive communication, concrete decision-making, and travel during Mercury retrograde. They also caution against executing important transactions. Therefore, read contracts thoroughly before you sign them to avoid being trapped in something you didn’t agree to during this time.

While working towards your goals isn’t off limits during Mercury retrograde, you may face several challenges to achieve them. As a result, focus your efforts on analyzing past plans when Mercury is in retrograde. That said, this cycle also poses an opportunity to change strategies.

Communicating with others may be challenging if you were born during Mercury retrograde. You may hold yourself back from speaking your truth, or people may often misinterpret what you say.

There are four stages in a planet’s retrograde movement. Astrologers state that each phase has unique effects on us. The phases include:

  1. Direct motion – The planet is moving in its forward direction, so it’s the best time to start working on plans and goals.
  2. Retrograde station – The planet slows to begin its retrograde movement. As a result, avoid starting a vital activity.
  3. Retrograde moving – The planet appears to move backward from our view on Earth. New activities and plans may not work out and cause more headaches than they’re worth.
  4. Direct station – The planet appears to stop moving before rectifying its motion forward. It’s time to prepare to execute your plans.

How Mercury Retrograde Influences Your Zodiac Sign

While Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, it also moves through every other constellation related to a Zodiac Sign. Therefore, we may all experience Mercury’s energy irrespective of our sign. Below we explore how Mercury retrograde affects the different Zodiac Signs.


It’s a frustrating time for individuals born under the Aries Zodiac Sign when Mercury is in retrograde. You may experience setbacks when making plans and feel more frazzled than usual.

Also, you may struggle with uncontrollable spending. Therefore, pay attention to how you use your money by tracking your expenses with an app or notebook. This will help you learn how to control your finances during these cycles.

Ariens can be impulsive, so pay attention to what you say to others and your tone during this time. You should also be mindful of what others say to you and how you react toward them.


During Mercury retrograde, it will serve Taureans well to analyze their relationships. Perhaps you’re holding onto a partner or friend who’s draining your energy. If that’s the case, it may be time to sever your connection.

It’s also vital that you manage your temper. Someone may be a stone in your shoe, especially if their behavior doesn’t suit you. Therefore, practice restraint to avoid starting a serious argument and think before you speak during this cycle.


Take care of your health because Mercury retrograde places strain on your physical well-being. If possible, stock up on your vitamins and invest in healthy food. Also, don’t avoid your doctor’s appointments.

Communications may be out of whack when Mercury is in your sign. Therefore, expect misplaced mail and several missed phone calls. You may also find it challenging to get your message across, and gossip may circulate to your dismay.


Domesticated Cancerians may experience challenges when gardening, baking, and executing household chores. Your washing machine may break, or your oven could stop working.

Although Mercury retrograde is associated with misunderstandings between family members, it may be the best time to bond with your relatives. Perhaps you haven’t spoken to your grandparents or siblings in a while. In that case, reach out to them and restore the balance that faded during your time away.


Your return on any investment will be lower than expected when Mercury is in retrograde. Therefore, anyone born under the Leo Zodiac Sign must be extra careful about where they put their money.

If you’re unsure about an investment, it’s best to hold off on it. Also, avoid trading or buying and selling shares during this time. Instead, parse your investment portfolio and use your investment skills to help friends.

In addition, avoid signing important contracts and making irreversible decisions. Keep them in mind for later. If you can’t stall, read the contract thoroughly and analyze all sides of a decision before making any moves.


Since Mercury rules Virgo, it gives you more strength and motivation to achieve your goals. However, it can make you impatient, quick-tempered, and anxious during its retrograde phase.

It’s best to avoid going with the flow of things. Take control and tell yourself that you have the power to manage whatever situation you’re facing.

Obstacles may arise in the workplace, including machinery breakdowns and email delays. Your subordinates may also be grouchier than usual when you give them instructions. Be sure to double-check any proposals and documents before you submit them.


Use Marie Kondo‘s guidance to declutter and make space in your apartment or relationship. Mercury retrograde is also the ideal time for Libras to clear out the cobwebs in their minds. Take time by yourself to sort through mental clutter by meditating or journaling.

Avoid eating fast food and strenuous exercise if you’re under immense stress. Instead, look after your body and well-being. Also, you’ll be indecisive, so you may buy things you don’t need and make multiple returns.


You may be used to living at a faster pace than others. However, when Mercury is in retrograde, you’re reminded to slow down. Sink into the present moment and execute your current tasks with all your strength and focus.

However, don’t overdo it. Your energy resources will deplete before you can make the most of them. Instead of doing everything, focus on those tasks you’ve been putting off that require your immediate attention.

You may experience challenges where the heart is concerned. Also, your secrets may get out when you don’t want them to.


Travel plans may not pan out for the adventurous Sagittarius during this cycle. Therefore, reschedule your vacation plans with friends, family, or colleagues. Otherwise, you may experience delays and long queues or get lost.

Your patience will be tested, so manage your irritability over things not moving fast enough. Also, having a sense of humor won’t hurt, especially with those who try to push your buttons.


Expect changes in your relationships with friends and colleagues while Mercury is in retrograde. Some may cut ties with you, while others will prove they’re in it for the long haul. Also, be alert at work, as your superiors may require you to stay on top of things more than usual.

In addition, avoid selling, buying, or renting property during this time. This is because you may experience problems with documentation and movers.


Mercury retrograde is the best time for Aquarians to pause and reflect on their life, actions, and plans. Draw up a detailed action plan to execute your goals. And be sure to focus on what’s important.

You may experience more disagreements with friends, such as miscommunication and petty fights. Although unpleasant, you may discover who your true friends are during this time.


Pisceans can expect brain fog and a need to escape when Mercury is in retrograde. Day-to-day realities may challenge your clear and grounded thinking as well. However, it’s the ideal time to embark on a creative pursuit like painting, photography, or writing.

This cycle presents you with an opportunity to make your dreams come to fruition. However, you may experience some minor obstacles with your finances.

Therefore, pay attention to your spending and implement a budget. It’s also best to consider reducing your debts and loans during this time.


The retrograde motion of planets is nothing new to astronomers and astrologers. Yet, Mercury retrograde has gained more popularity than ever before. Although the event is an optical illusion, Astrologers believe the planet’s backward movement influences us on Earth.

You can expect disruptions with communication, travel, and electronic devices three or four times a year. And this cycle lasts approximately three weeks each time. Quarreling with friends or family is a possibility, as is losing emails or experiencing a flight delay. Therefore, Astrologers advise against certain activities during Mercury retrograde.

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