Numerology Compatibility – Everything You Need to Know

Numerology compatibility? – you are thinking. I wanted to find out if my partner and I are compatible. Am I in the right place?

Do not leave! You are in the right place!

Numerology compatibility is precisely what you need to ensure the relationship commitment you are about to enter into is the right one for you.

I will give you all the information you need to find out once and for all if you have found your true love.

Numerology provides us with so many tools to help us safely navigate through life. This is why it is the perfect way to see if your personality, destiny, and life purpose are compatible with your crush, girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancé, husband, or wife.

Before we dive head-first into your life path compatibility test, let us begin with a quick overview of the practice of numerology.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of numbers and the vibrational energy associated with them. This vibrational energy brings meaning to the numbers and represents a numerical code for determining certain factors about ourselves and our lives. They are also a means for communication between us and the spirit world.

Ancient civilizations held a primitive understanding of the energy present in the universe and everything in it. These civilizations also made use of symbols to represent different energies which, in turn, had meaning attached to them.

Some Eastern cultures still practice a more traditional version of numerology that evolved from that of the ancients. But, in the Western world and the more contemporary Eastern areas, a modern form of numerology is practiced.

For the most part, this modern-day numerology stems from a discovery that the Greek mathematician Pythagoras made in approximately 500BC. While playing the piano, Pythagoras noticed a correlation between the vibrational energy of the notes and different numerical values.

In other words, Pythagoras found that certain numbers were related to specific vibrational energies. And these vibrations and energies, related to deeper metrics that gave us insight into our innermost selves, our lives, and the world around us.

Today, numerology can help people discover their true destiny, personality, intended life purpose, and ideal life partner.

The practice of determining the compatibility between you and your potential life partner is known as numerology compatibility. Let us take a closer look at what numerology compatibility is and how it works.

What is Numerology Compatibility?

With numerological calculations, you can compare the numbers present in different charts. In this way, you can determine whether those people are a romantic match. In other words, calculating specific numerological values for two people can give us some insight regarding their life path compatibility as a couple.

The numbers, and the vibrational energy behind them, allow us to examine someone’s personality, aspirations, and path in life. When we compare the numbers of two charts we can tell whether their fundamental values, expressions, and viewpoints will work together.

This test is known as a numerology compatibility test and is a great way to develop a roadmap for your relationship. Having a numerology compatibility test done will give you a better idea of what you can expect from your relationship. It will provide a chance to prepare for the ups and downs you are likely to face, given your compatibility.

What is a Numerology Compatibility Test?

In terms of numerology compatibility, there are a few different calculations available to determine a perfect fit. The primary numbers used to verify numerology compatibility are the five core numbers of a person’s numerology chart.

The five core numbers in anyone’s chart are the life path, soul urge, expression, personality, and birth date numbers. But, sometimes, these core numbers are combined to delve deeper into the specifics of a relationship and level of compatibility.

Calculations used to determine these core numbers make use of your birth name and your birth date. When comparing those values calculated using the birth names of two people, the result is called birth name compatibility. Likewise, when we compare numbers determined using your birth date, the level of compatibility revealed is known as birth date compatibility.

When dealing with your birth name, we use a table that denotes numerical values to letters of the alphabet. For either calculation, the numbers must be added until you have one single-digit number left. Or, in some cases, you are left with one of the three master numbers.

The three master numbers that can appear in a numerology chart are 11, 22, and 33.

The following section will give us a little more information regarding the difference between birth name and birth date compatibility.

Birth Date Compatibility

Birth Date Compatibility

Utilizing a birth date compatibility measurement to determine numerology compatibility will give you the most accurate test results.

When we apply the birth date compatibility test to two individuals, we gain a variety of insights that help to establish their level of compatibility. Some examples of the type of information gathered through a birth date compatibility test include:

  • Personality
  • Life purpose
  • Relationship with their family
  • Mental stability
  • Self-confidence
  • Natural abilities
  • Innate character and disposition
  • Spiritual outlook
  • Courage and fortitude
  • Level of vibrational energy

As you can see, birth date compatibility gives us a thorough overview of the most vital components that will influence any relationship. It is, therefore, the most common metric used when determining numerology compatibility.

Birth Name Compatibility

If we use the letters of a birth name to calculate numerology compatibility, the results give us an understanding of some specific elements.

For instance, one of the specific numerological measurements that result from using your birth name is your expression number. We can, therefore, calculate the expression number, or destiny number, of each person and compare them to determine their birth name compatibility.

In this case, if the two people have a common destiny determined through their expression number, the chances are that they would have a strong bond. This kind of bond would have a strong foundation through their similar ideals and would likely result in a life-long partnership.

That said, when calculating numerology compatibility, the key metric to consider is your life path number. Comparing the life path numbers of a couple, also referred to as life path compatibility, will give you a more accurate overview of what lies ahead for the relationship. The test itself is also less complicated and quick to complete.

Numerology compatibility tests can forecast both monthly and annual cycles of any given relationship.

While most people use this test to determine birth date compatibility on a romantic level, numerology compatibility tests can also clarify the birth date compatibility of other relationships, such as friendship.

Let us have a look at how we use life path numbers to determine numerology compatibility.

How To Determine Your Life Path Compatibility

The life path compatibility test is the easiest to calculate and gives us the best overall synopsis of a couple’s potential. For this reason, I decided it would be a good idea to focus on this calculation for this blog post.

The following section will give you the tools you need to work out your life path number, as well as that of your partner, friend, or colleague. I have also provided you with a breakdown of each life path number and which other life path numbers are most compatible with it.

Through these life path numbers, we will examine the differences, similarities, and inherent traits associated with each life path. This study will provide you with a good idea of what to expect from the relationship going forward.

Let the life path compatibility test begin.

How To Calculate Your Life Path Numbers

In this section, I will walk you through the calculation used to determine your life path number. Once you have completed the calculation and discovered the necessary life path numbers, we will take a closer look at the various traits and ambitions inherent to both. This will give us some insight into the birth date compatibility for each life path number.

For this example, we will use the birth dates of a famous couple who have been together, seemingly, forever. They are Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell.

To execute this calculation, all we need to do is write down the birth dates of both Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. We will then add up the numbers for each date until we have a single digit left for each. This digit will represent their respective life path numbers, as follows:

Life Path Number Of Goldie Hawn

Goldie’s birth date is 21 November 1945 (21/11/1945). We would, therefore, carry out the following calculation:






Goldie Hawn’s life path number is, therefore, 6.

Life Path Number Of Kurt Russell

Kurt’s birth date is 17 March 1951 (17/03/1951). We would, therefore, carry out the following calculation:






Kurt Russell’s life path number is, therefore, 9.

Now that we have calculated the life path numbers for the couple, we will have a closer look at what that means for their specific relationship. We will also go through all the different life path numbers to determine your numerology compatibility with your partner.

How Your Life Path Number Defines Your Numerology Compatibility

Life Path Number Defines Your Numerology Compatibility

The purpose of this section is to compare the characteristics and life purpose represented by each life path number to confirm life path compatibility. The below breakdown for each number will give you an idea of how these factors will influence your relationship in the years to come.

So, let us have a brief look at how the life path numbers of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell influence their numerology compatibility.

As per our calculation above, we found that Goldie Hawn has a life path number of 6, and Kurt Russell has a life path number of 9.

When we take a closer look at the energies associated with life path number 6, we find that these are caring and have a great deal of love to give. They are very much down-to-earth individuals who are all too happy to make personal sacrifices for the happiness of others.

Looking at life path number 9, we notice that they are gentle souls with a humanitarian nature. These individuals, however, tend to feel easily vulnerable and are not big on sharing at the best of times, as a result.

Comparing these two life path numbers, we can already see that there is a common interest in the welfare and care of others. Having a similar passion or interest goes a long way to stabilize a relationship. Also, Goldie’s life path number 6 brings a great deal of flexibility and sensitivity to the table. So it is easy to see why Kurt’s vulnerable side might feel more comfortable with her than most.

As you can see, life path compatibility is an important metric to consider. It gives you a window into the future of your relationship based upon your respective characteristics and passions. Understanding your numerology compatibility will provide you with an invaluable awareness regarding how and why your partner makes the choices he/she does and what draws their attention.

This information is vital to understanding your partner and navigating your relationship for the best possible results going forward. Let us take a closer look at each of the life path numbers and their ideal life path compatibility.

Life Path Number 1

If your life path number is 1, you are probably a social butterfly. But when it comes to true friends, you generally stick with a small, intimate circle of individuals you feel they can trust. And you do not trust easily.

Your often bossy and stubborn nature has the potential to place strain on your romantic relationships. That is why an understanding and easy-going partner is ideal when it comes to numerology compatibility.

You are most likely to enjoy a harmonious relationship with individuals who have a life path number of either 3 or 5. Life path number 3 brings with it a creative and fun-loving nature. Life path number 5 will add an intense level of energy and excitement to your more serious personality.

Because life path number 6 relates to individuals who are down-to-earth and willing to adapt according to the needs of others, they could also be a solid fit for you. Similarly, life path number 2 might prove a match with their gentle and peace-loving nature to complement your sometimes inflexible approach to things.

Finding love with those who have a life path number of 7 might be challenging. However, their thoughtful nature might earn your trust as a good friend. On the other hand, a romantic relationship with the competitive nature of life path number 8 is probably unlikely.

It may be possible for you to spark a relationship with someone else with a life path number of 1. However, two head-strong individuals together do not always make for a healthy balance.

Life Path Number 2

With life path number 2 in your chart, you may find that your emotions take the lead, and you tend to be sympathetic to the wants and needs of others. You require a combination of stability and spontaneity in a relationship and want to feel anything but bored with your chosen partner.

Again, those with life path number 6 are considerate and compassionate individuals, who generally are a good match for most. Your mutual respect and care for others make for a powerful, shared understanding when in a social environment.

The enterprising and diligent energy that accompanies life path number 8 could offer a healthy balance to your relationship. Individuals displaying life path number 8 in their numerology charts are incredibly business-savvy and are, thus, skilled decision-makers. The presence of life path number 8 in your life could be just what you need to give you that sense of security you desire.

You may find that you also get along well with those who have a life path number of 9 or 4. Individuals with life path number 9 are most often altruistic, which aligns well with your empathetic nature. Those with life path number 4, on the other hand, are reliable and easy-going. However, they can often be predictable to a fault.

Life Path Number 3

You are an extrovert and a free spirit who likes to have a good time and tries to avoid settling down. When it comes to relationships, your unpredictable and often unreliable streak can sometimes rock the boat. For this reason, you might find that you have paired well with the equally adventurous soul of the life path number 5 variety in the past.

Individuals with life path number 5 will make fun partners. But you may find that those showing life path number 7 in their charts are more suitable in a romantic relationship. The reclusive and spiritual energy associated with life path number 7 might be your polar opposite but, for some reason, they complement you almost perfectly.

You also get on very well with those displaying life path numbers 1 and 2 in their charts. In the case of life path number 1, one would like that their need to dominate and control would conflict with your free-spirited nature. However, you will likely find that you welcome these characteristics, possibly because they provide some sort of stability and seriousness to your playful lifestyle.

It is advisable to steer clear of those with life path number 6, however. Although people with life path number 6 are highly flexible and tend to get along with almost everyone, the combination of 3 and 6 often results in a massive clash which should be avoided if possible.

You should also think twice about pairing up with someone else who has a life path number of 3. Double the fun and unpredictability may prove a bit much.

Life Path Number 4

If you have life path number 4 in your numerology chart, you are probably a diligent, detail-orientated individual. You like a certain amount of predictability and look forward to a long-lasting stable relationship with your chosen partner.

For this reason, the focused and dependable characteristics that come with life path numbers 1 and 8 will likely be a strong match for you. You are also highly compatible with individuals who have a life path number of 2 or 6, as their level of care and selflessness compliments your loving nature.

You have a down-to-earth personality and prefer to approach life sensibly and practically. For this reason, life path numbers 3 and 9 should be avoided. Those with life path number 3 can be unreliable and spontaneous. While life path number 9 individuals are the dreamers of the bunch.

You could also develop a strong bond with someone who has a life path number of 7. Those with life path number 7 are grounded, honest, and spiritual souls and bring a great deal of stability and emotional support to any relationship.

Life Path Number 5

Those with a life path number of 5 in their charts are daring and adventurous. You are always on the hunt for a new and exciting experience but can become a bit self-centered if you are not careful.

Again, a partner with life number 7 is ideal, as their introverted and grounded nature will bring balance to your untamed spirit. While the energy embodied by life path number 1 and life path number 7 are complete opposites, those with a life path number of 1 will bring a sense of stability to your world.

The light-hearted and creative individuals displaying life path number 3 in their charts also make for a good match. Their fun-loving and excitable nature will compliment your high-energy lifestyle.

It is usually not always advisable for people with the same life path number to become romantically involved but others with a life path number of 5 might prove to be a good fit for you. Many might find your impulsive, always-on-the-go lifestyle difficult to keep up with, except for others that have the same passion and perspective as you do.

You should, however, steer clear of individuals with a life path number of 8 or 9, as they will likely not be keen to tolerate your constant unpredictability. Those with a life path number of 4 may seem like a good match at the start, but you could find yourself becoming bored with their need for routine.

Life Path Number 6

With life path number 6 in your chart, you are likely an easy-going person who tried not to take life too seriously. That said, you would prefer a long-lasting and stable relationship with someone reliable, honest, and gentle.

You will find that you can build flourishing romantic and plutonic relationships with almost anyone. While you are extremely patient and considerate of your partner, you prefer to avoid conflict and are not attracted to people who are arrogant or overly extroverted.

It is most likely that you will find everlasting love with someone who has a life path number of 2, 9, or 4. These display caring, considerate, reliable, and empathetic characteristics, which is the perfect accompaniment to your soft and nurturing nature.

You could also find that the balance brought about through the more authoritative nature of life paths 8 and 1 makes for good numerology compatibility.

Avoiding people with a life path number of 5 would be in your best interests. They tend to be a bit more self-centered and sometimes inconsiderate of the needs of their partners.

Those with a life path number of 3 can come across as reckless and often immature in their behavior, which is not something you want to have to deal with at all.

Life Path Number 7

Enter the dreamer. You are a true romantic at heart, but because you set the bar so high for your future love interest, it may take you some time to find that special someone to spend the rest of your life with. But that is not to say that you do not enjoy your fair share of short-lived relationships along the way.

Your sense of identity is not reliant on the presence of a romantic partner, nor are you hellbent on starting a family. You are not in a hurry, and you will settle down when you find the person that ticks all (or at least most) of the boxes.

You might be introverted, for the most part. But when you get to know someone, you allow yourself to be more open with them. You find intellect extremely attractive and, for this reason, those creative individuals with life number 3 in their charts make great companions.

In the same way, those that have a life path number of 5 offers deep philosophical conversation and can open your mind in ways that interest and excite you.

Because of your deep spiritual roots and accompanying values in life, you would likely avoid individuals who seem insincere, selfish, controlling, or pretentious. As a result, those with life path numbers 1, 2, 8, and 9 could pose a challenge for you.

Life Path Number 8

As someone with a life path number of 8, you incline to want a certain level of control in a relationship. This control may sound like a negative attribute, but some will be happy for you to take charge, and it is simply in your nature to make sure things go your way. You are also very faithful in love and are willing to do everything it takes to make a relationship work.

You may find that your best match is someone with life path number 4 because you share so many personality traits. You are both detail-orientated, organized, disciplined, and motivated individuals.

But, if you believe that opposites attract, then look no further than life path number 7. Individuals with this life path number are focused more on the spiritual than anything else. While you may feel that you observe a good balance between the material and spiritual worlds, the level of materialism present in your life may be too off-putting for those with life path number 7.

On the other hand, people who have a life path number of 2 or 6 will be compatible, considering your dominant nature. Both will probably be all too happy to accommodate your need to control, as they approach most situations with compassion and consideration towards others.

Life Path Number 9

If you have life path number 9 in your numerology chart, you tend to distance yourself from others. You do not trust others easily and find it hard to let your guard down until you have established a certain level of loyalty in the other person.

Distancing yourself from others could be interpreted as pretentious. And, to a certain extent, perhaps you do sometimes judge others a little too harshly. But, for the most part, your need to distance yourself from others stems from your desire to avoid being vulnerable in front of others.

When it comes to numerology compatibility, you will find that your best match is probably with life path number 2. It is a perfect match partly because they can often see through the shield you hold up to the world, but also because they are gentle and empathetic individuals.

Similarly, the caring and supportive people with a life path number of 6 will compliment your personality and bring out your more outwardly sensitive side. You also both share a true passion for helping others, which will help you to cultivate a common goal within the relationship.

The fun-loving and creative energy of life path number 3, as well as the practical and responsible nature of life path number 1, may each prove a good combination for you. But it is probably best to avoid those with a life path number of 5 or 7, as they are generally not as compatible with the life path number 9.

The Master Life Path Numbers

numerology compatibility by life path number infographic

Click HERE to download the full size infographic.

While most life path compatibility tests involve a calculation that results in a single-digit number (1-9), there are some exceptions.

There is a special kind of number in numerology, known as a master number. There are three master numbers in total, and they are the numbers 11, 22, and 33.

When it comes to certain equations, such as the life path number equation, you might reach a point at which the result of your calculation is 11, 22, or 33. If this is the case, you need not carry out any further addition. The individual for whom you are calculating the life path number will, therefore, have a life path number of either 11, 22, or 33.

Master numbers carry incredible power and hold tremendous responsibility for those who have them in their numerology charts.

The following will give you some insight into their numerology compatibility.

Life Path Number 11

If your life path number is 11, you should consider it as an intensified representation of life path number 2. There is also a focus on spiritualism present. You would, therefore, find many similarities between life path number 2 and life path number 11 when it comes to numerology compatibility.

Your most compatible life partners will be those with life path numbers 6 and 8, as is the case with life path number 2. You will also be highly compatible with life path number 2 individuals because you have a great deal in common with them.

Due to your sensitive and kind nature, you are drawn to the loving and nurturing energy of life path number 6. You tend to accommodate the controlling nature of life path number 8 individuals because of your willingness to compromise.

When it comes to those with other life path numbers, there is potential for you to develop lasting relationships with them. However, these relationships may face several challenges along the way. The strength of the relationship will depend on the ability of each party to communicate, listen, and understand each other.

Life Path Number 22

As with life path number 11, life path number 22 is an amplified expression of life path number 4 because 2 + 2 = 4.

As someone with life path number 22 in your numerology chart, you understand that you are looking for a long-lasting and stable relationship. Your ideal partner is on the same wavelength as you and understands your approach to life.

An overly sensitive and emotional partner, for instance, would not be ideal. This is because you tend to enjoy your own space and do not always show affection to your partner. That is not to say that you do not feel deep emotional connections with people, but you just do not often express those feelings on the outside.

Your perfect match is happy to leave you to focus on your passions and goals, and simply enjoys the supportive companionship and intellectual conversation you provide. You would, therefore, be happiest with a life path number 4 individual, with whom you would share the same characteristics.

Other suitable partners, according to your numerology compatibility, would be people with life path number 6 or 7 in their charts. Those that have a life path number of 6 are happy to accommodate and adapt to their partner’s wants and needs.

Because your life path is that of a master number, a great deal of your life mission will revolve around your spiritual practice. This is why the spiritual focus of someone with a life path number of 7 will align well with your passion and purpose.

The overly sensitive life path number 2’s and bossy life path number 1’s are usually not compatible partners. It is also advisable to avoid the sometimes unpredictable and erratic ways of those with life path numbers 3 and 5, as stability is vital to your world.

Life Path Number 33

As with life path numbers 11 and 22, the vibrational energy of life path number 33 represents an enhanced manifestation of life path number 6. As we know, those with life path number 6 in their numerology charts are the consummate caregivers and counselors. It stands to reason, therefore that as an individual with life path number 33 you have the makings of a master healer and teacher.

You feel a strong sense of duty and are at your happiest when you are nurturing those around you. Having a family is, therefore, important to you and you take your role as a parent very seriously. Your ideal partner should have similar family values, which is why partnering with another life path number 6 is optimal.

That said, you may find that you connect with individuals who have a life path number of 3, as their optimistic and imaginative nature will inspire your natural creativity and energize you.

You will also find a kindred spirit in those who have a life path number of 9. Your shared interest in the creative arts and love of giving back to the community make for a strong foundation for a great partnership.

Be cautious when starting a relationship with life path number 1 individuals, as their need to control the relationship might create a clash. Also, you should try to avoid the impulsive and free-spirited life path number 5’s, as they will not bring that much-needed stability to your relationship.

What If Our Numerology Compatibility Is Low?

Through this blog post, you have determined your and your partner’s life path numbers and have, hopefully, gained some valuable insight into your numerology compatibility.

But, if the numbers are telling you that you and your partner are not a match, do not worry.

The above numerology compatibility is merely a guide to give you more information about the core values and characteristics represented by the different life path numbers. This is not to say that you or your partner will behave or communicate in exactly the way described above.

Life and our human experience provide us with countless opportunities to learn from our mistakes and adjust the way we approach others. As a result, many people in this world are self-aware. They understand how their behavior affects those around them and they have become more considerate and compassionate people because of this.

Therefore, if you find that your life path numbers are not compatible, it does not mean that you cannot make the relationship work. It just means that you might face more challenges and have to put a bit more effort into the relationship than others.

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