Numerology Life Cycles: The Complete Guide

Numerology Life Cycles are a window into the different phases of your life. They can tell you about the opportunities and challenges you’ll face from birth until your later year in life.

There are three Numerology Life Cycles: the Cycle of Youth, the Cycle of Maturity, and the Cycle of Wisdom. Your Numerology Life Cycles are unique to you. This is because you derive them from the day, month, and year you were born. Depending on the Numerology Life Cycle Number you calculate, you can derive different meanings for your three phases in life.

This post explores all you need to know about Numerology Life Cycles. We’ll discuss their meanings, how to calculate them, and how to interpret them.

What Are Numerology Life Cycles?

According to Numerologists, three significant phases or cycles define your life:

  1. First Cycle – Known as the Cycle of Youth or introductory phase, this stage starts from birth and lasts until about your 27th
  2. Second Cycle – This stage is known as the Cycle of Maturity or the middle phase of your life. It typically lasts for 27 years.
  3. Third Cycle – Named the Cycle of Wisdom or the final phase, this stage governs the remainder of your life.

Your Life Path Number determines when you’ll move from one phase to another. Here’s a chart to determine when exactly your Numerology Life Cycles begin based on your Life Path Number:


Life Path Number 1st Cycle 2nd Cycle 3rd Cycle
1 0 – 26 years 27 – 53 years 54 years +
2 0 – 25 years 26 – 52 years 53 years +
3 0 – 33 years 34 – 60 years 61 years +
4 0 – 32 years 33 – 59 years 60 years +
5 0 – 31 years 32 – 58 years 59 years +
6 0 – 30 years 31 – 57 years 58 years +
7 0 – 29 years 30 – 56 years 57 years +
8 0 – 28 years 29 – 55 years 56 years +
9 0 – 27 years 28 – 54 years 55 years +
11 0 – 26 years 27 – 53 years 54 years +
22 0 – 32 years 33 – 59 years 60 years +
33 0 – 30 years 31 – 57 years 58 years +

Numerology Life Cycles introduce opportunities and obstacles that contribute to your personal growth. As you grow and transition from one phase to another, you may discover your destiny and purpose in life.

How to Calculate Your Numerology Life Cycle Numbers

The calculation of Numerology Life Cycle Numbers is similar to calculating Life Path Numbers. However, in the case of Numerology Life Cycle Numbers, you don’t reduce your entire birthdate to get one number.

Instead, you’ll derive three single digits for the day, month, and year you were born. These represent each cycle:

  • First Numerology Life Cycle: Your birth month = Cycle of Youth Number
  • Second Numerology Life Cycle: Your birth date = Cycle of Maturity Number
  • Third Numerology Life Cycle: Your birth year = Cycle of Wisdom Number

Say, for instance, that your birthdate is 15/11/2001. In this case, your Cycle of Youth Number is 11, your Cycle of Maturity Number is 6, and your Cycle of Wisdom Number is 3.

The months from January to September don’t require calculation because they’re already numerically denoted as a single digit. However, you’ll have to reduce the numbers from October to December. The same goes for the days of the month after the 9th.

If the digits 11 or 22 appear during your calculation, don’t reduce them to a single numeral. These are Master Numbers, which are significant in Numerology because of their powerful energies.

Each number you derive per cycle has different meanings for the associated phase of your life. Let’s explore these meanings in the next section.

Meanings of Numerology Life Cycles & Their Numbers

The First Cycle: Cycle of Youth

The Cycle of Youth is the period of your life where you’re working to discover your identity and values. It represents your childhood and early adulthood. External forces, such as your family’s socio-economic state, environment, and society, heavily influence you during this cycle.

Cycle of Youth Number 1

Independence rules your first Numerology Life Cycle. You may come on it on your own or because of your circumstances. As you focus on your dreams, your sense of direction is challenged. Therefore, you must foster resilience and strength and develop your individuality.

Cycle of Youth Number 2

If your Cycle of Youth Number is 2, the first part of your life is a slow progression toward development. Sensitivity to your environment and profound intuition are the norm. Also, you may develop a habit of people pleasing and being quieter than most. It’s up to you to cultivate your musical or artistic gifts, peacemaking abilities, and companionship with those around you.

Cycle of Youth Number 3

The early years of your life are a period of unfettered self-expression and socializing. You lean towards the arts and realize your artistic potential in acting, music, or writing. As a natural-born social butterfly, be wary about spending your energy on superficial endeavors or relationships. Fostering discipline and focus are vital during this cycle.

Cycle of Youth Number 4

Expect hard work and priority on your family, career, and community in this Numerology Life Cycle. Pragmatism is your go-to, motivating you to attain solid financial footing. You need to tap into your self-motivation, discipline, and organization to emerge from this cycle a success.

Cycle of Youth Number 5

Freedom, quick learning, rapid progress, and accelerated change mark the first part of your life. If you’re unsupervised in your youth, you may overindulge in various forms of excitement. Later in this cycle, you travel and develop an affinity for learning foreign languages. It’s up to you to seize all the opportunities that come into your life.

Cycle of Youth Number 6

Harmony and support are vital to you if your Cycle of Youth Number is 6. Your home life during childhood dramatically influences the rest of your years during this cycle. And family, commitment, and marriage are essential aspects of your life. Therefore, you may marry early to ignite a sense of protection and stability. You need to work on your ability to compromise, cooperate, and be flexible.

Cycle of Youth Number 7

This phase of your life is all about inner development and contemplating the deeper meanings of your existence. Because you tend to spend a lot of time alone and in your thoughts, you’re misunderstood. You may also find it difficult to express yourself to others. As a result, develop a habit of sharing your deeper feelings with others and spreading your knowledge by teaching.

Cycle of Youth Number 8

Early on in life, you discover your inherent ability to lead. It guides you towards a path that rewards you with power and money. Getting financial freedom so early in your life requires developing good money habits. You also have to remain wise when using your power.

Cycle of Youth Number 9

This cycle can take you down two paths: change and instability or deep concern for humanity. The former will be challenging, so you may lean towards some form of creative expression. While the latter helps you gain acceptance, tolerance, and empathy for those around you. You’ll receive spiritual and personal rewards if you focus on your ethics.

Cycle of Youth Number 11

Cycle of Youth Number 2’s energy dominates the first years of your life. Later in this cycle, you’ll experience high levels of creative inspiration and spiritual awareness, thanks to Master Number 11. Making practical decisions that aren’t geared towards material rewards is vital during this stage. Focus on seeking higher morals and gaining as much knowledge as possible.

Cycle of Youth Number 22

Master Number 22 is all about leadership and humanitarianism. Those who show great leadership skills and build something that benefits humanity will inspire you. However, you may only live on the energy of Cycle of Youth Number 4. As a result, hard work and pragmatism dominate your early years, while family and matrimony will be more important later.

The Second Cycle: Cycle of Maturity

The Cycle of Maturity is where you come into your own by discovering your individual and creative strengths. In your early to mid-30s, you grope to find where you belong physically and spiritually. And by your late 30s, 40s, and early 50s, you’ll discover assuredness in your beliefs, heart’s desires, and values.

Cycle of Maturity Number 1

A second Numerology Life Cycle ruled by 1 entails self-empowerment and self-improvement. Therefore, your personal growth journey may be intense. Your circumstances may require you to foster independence and rely on your strengths. Also, for the 27 years of this cycle, you will notice your intuition is something you can count on.

Cycle of Maturity Number 2

During the second phase of your life, you’ll have to cultivate your sensitivity and intuition. This helps you connect with people on a personal and emotional level. You can help people and amass great success in your life through such connections. You need to be realistic, grounded, and focused on improving your partnerships and marriage.

Cycle of Maturity Number 3

Your need for self-expression and social abilities enhance during this cycle. You not only flourish in social settings but also in your choice of creative expression. Your sales skills are at their peak, so you do well at any job that requires such expertise. Although it’s a period of maturity, you feel youthful in your mind and more creative than in your younger years.

Cycle of Maturity Number 4

During the middle part of your life, you’ll be focused on establishing solid foundations for your home and career. Hard work will dominate this cycle, so focus your productive energies on what you love. That way, you will be rewarded with success and a sense of accomplishment.

Cycle of Maturity Number 5

Your pursuit for freedom continues into your second Numerology Life Cycle. You continue traveling and avoiding anything that ties you down. Your ability to express yourself improves, and you come out of your shell. This phase of your life is chaotic and unstable, so you must foster an open mind and tolerance.

Cycle of Maturity Number 6

Responsibility and duty govern the second phase of your life. Since others often depend on you, focus on building strength and resilience. This is the time to make roots and pay attention to your marriage, as commitment and family become more important. Your creative gifts enhance, allowing you more room for self-expression.

Cycle of Maturity Number 7

Your external and internal worlds come into vivid focus during your second Numerology Life Cycle. You continue prioritizing alone time as you expand your intellect, which your partner will learn to understand. The middle part of your life is when you focus your energies on becoming an expert in your field. You also lean towards meditation and self-reflection to enhance your inner development.

Cycle of Maturity Number 8

If you started a business early on in your life, success is possible in this cycle. You’ll amass power and wealth as long as you plan your life and manage your finances well. Develop a vision and willingness for risk-taking to advance your business or career. However, be wary of get-rich-quick schemes.

Cycle of Maturity Number 9

The second cycle of your life is about emotional maturity. You must learn to co-exist with your emotions, and you may lean towards the arts to express them. Humanitarian pursuits are as important to you as in your previous cycle. And living according to higher ethical standards is your goal.

Cycle of Maturity Number 11

The middle phase of your life carries high vibrational energy, so you will be more in tune with your higher self. Given the power of Master Number 11, it’s likely you’ll experience profound achievements on a spiritual and mental level. Sometimes the energy of the number 2 will dominate. In that case, you’ll have to foster cooperation to be successful during this Numerology Life Cycle.

Cycle of Maturity Number 22

During the second phase of your life, you’re a master at everyday living and bringing your heart’s desires to fruition. You should focus on fixing universal problems because you can profoundly influence humanity’s well-being. The energy of the number 4 may crop up occasionally. Therefore, you have to be disciplined, organized, and diligent.

The Third Cycle: Cycle of Wisdom

Numerology Life Cycles - The Complete Guide (3)

The Cycle of Wisdom is the stage in your life where your true nature becomes evident. It’s the most powerful cycle because you experience greater self-expression and self-mastery.

Cycle of Wisdom Number 1

The self-reliance you fostered since your formative years comes in handy later in life. You depend on yourself and continue chasing your dreams. While some become less active as they age, the opposite is true for you. Your drive and renewed energy lead you to a leadership position and gives you a self-starting attitude.

Cycle of Wisdom Number 2

You step further out of your shell in your final Numerology Life Cycle. Expressing yourself to others isn’t something you hesitate about any longer, and you rely on your intuition more. You find it easier to work with people, and you may find younger persons coming to you for guidance and advice. This is the time to concentrate on developing your relationships, as they’ll become more important to you the older you get.

Cycle of Wisdom Number 3

Despite being in the final stage of your life, you exhibit youthfulness. People flock to you because of this, but you must ensure you maintain your focus to reach your goals. You continue leaning towards self-expression through the arts. And your life is more enjoyable because of your friends and socializing.

Cycle of Wisdom Number 4

The final stage of your Numerology Life Cycle involves continued discipline. You remain busy and productive by settling into your career or taking on new projects often. Fulfillment isn’t hard to find, as long as you do something you love. As you age, you attain stability in all areas of your life, including your home, family, and finances.

Cycle of Wisdom Number 5

Your inherent restlessness prevails in the later years of your life. You continue being drawn to travel and different cultures, as in your earlier years. Also, socializing and promoting yourself is your forte. And all the activities you do and the variety they bring are what keeps you young.

Cycle of Wisdom Number 6

Home building is paramount in your final Numerology Life Cycle. Therefore, build a solid life that revolves around family and friends. That way, you’ll be comfortable in your later years. You may turn towards volunteering or teaching to remain connected to your community.

Cycle of Wisdom Number 7

While this is the final cycle of your life, your later years will be the most exciting. Your need for quiet reflection will strengthen. However, society may still not appreciate your inner qualities. As a result, find like-minded people through art events and book clubs to feel less isolated. You’ll also continue searching for knowledge and a deeper understanding of yourself during your later years.

Cycle of Wisdom Number 8

Retirement is far from your purview during the final cycle of your life. You won’t slow down like others but instead, take on projects and work on your ambitious goals. The personal power and authority you fostered throughout your life will come in handy. They lead to admiration, respect, and even people coming to you for guidance.

Cycle of Wisdom Number 9

In the later years of your life, you derive more happiness from helping others. You experience mind expansion like never before and connect with people from different backgrounds. Humanitarian and political issues ignite your passion for making the world a better place. And you become more creative, so it could be a great time to retire and focus on artistic pursuits.

Cycle of Wisdom Number 11

The vibrant energy of Master Number 11 means you’ll be more intuitive as you grow older. You become more direct and self-expressive, so fame might even be within reach at this point in your life. Cultivating the dreams and visions of youth may draw you in. However, you may live on the less intense energy of the number 2, which will deliver more peace and social interaction.

Cycle of Wisdom Number 22

The final stage of your Numerology Life Cycles carries powerful energies, so don’t get swept away by them. Remain in control by thinking big and not limiting your potential. This is the time to manifest a grand idea, invention, or dream. The energy of the number 4 is readily available if you want an out for a less demanding life.


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In Numerology, your life is divided into three phases. The Cycle of Youth is the first, and it tells about the time from birth to your late 20s or early 30s. Afterward, you cross into the second phase, known as the Cycle of Maturity, which lasts for about 27 years. The final stage is the Cycle of Wisdom, where you realize enhanced self-mastery.

The numbers you calculate for your Numerology Life Cycles each carry different meanings. Knowing what you’ll experience at different points in your life can help you cultivate specific characteristics. Your Numerology Life Cycle Numbers can also help your personal growth journey.


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