The Science Behind Numerology [Explained]

Science Behind Numerology - Human Vibrational Energy

There’s a great deal of debate regarding the meaning of numbers and whether there is any real science behind numerology. My hope is that this blog post will put an end to the confusion. And that it will create a better understanding of the link between science and numbers.

While the practice of numerology is not considered a science itself, the central theories on which it is based stem from scientific principles. The majority of these core principles correlate with the universal laws of energy and vibrations. And it was Pythagoras who first recognized and studied the connection between energy and numbers on a modern scientific level.

In fact, a connection between vibrational energy and numbers has been evident for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations across the globe believed in the power and meaning behind numbers.

However, the beginnings of a more formal method of interpreting these meanings were developed by Pythagoras and his followers around 500 BCE.

In this blog post, I’ll examine the connection between science and numerology. I’ll also discuss how meaning and interpretations have been associated with the energy and vibrations linked to numbers.

The objective is to provide a deeper understanding of the fundamental science behind numerology.

What is the Science Behind Numerology?

The Different Branches of Numerology

Science Behind Numerology - Energy in All ThingsThe origins of numerology are widespread. It is believed that civilizations as early as the Babylonians and Mayans denoted meaning to numbers. Evidence suggests early forms of numerology were practiced in ancient Greece, India, China, Japan, and Europe.

As a result of this broad and disconnected practice in different parts of the world, multiple branches of numerology have developed. The Pythagorean chapter is the most common variety practiced in the West. However, Chaldean, Kabbalah, Chinese, and Tamil variants of numerology also exist.

Pythagorean/Western Numerology

Pythagorean numerology developed as a result of studies conducted by the Greek mathematician Pythagoras and his followers. These studies involved using string instruments to examine the correlation between vibrations, energy, and numbers.

After years of intense analysis, Pythagoreans concluded that everything in existence could be quantified and explained through numbers. These studies support the central principles of the science behind numerology.

Chaldean Numerology

The Chaldean branch of numerology dates back to the ancient Babylonian civilization. This is believed to be the earliest form of numerology. The practice draws from the energy linked to numbers and associates them with human characteristics and life events.

This branch of numerology still has a large following in the East.

Kabbalah/Hebrew Numerology

The Kabbalah branch draws upon ancient Hebrew numerology known as Gematria. This system is built around the understanding that everything and everyone comprises energy. And that energy is what gives and propels life in all its forms.

The core practice within this branch relates to a person’s birth name only. It is believed that one’s birth name is not a coincidence and holds a great deal of energy and power.

Chinese Numerology

Chinese numerology is believed to have originated some 4000 years ago from a Chinese emperor named Wu. It comprises three different systems known as Western, Traditional, and Ki numerology.

These systems use a numerical grid formation to analyze an individual’s birth date and determine personality traits and life events.

Tamil/Indian Numerology

Tamil numerology involves the use of Vedic squares and geometric patterns to determine certain human traits and characteristics. The Indians deduced that there are three core numbers associated with each person.

These numbers reveal how people view themselves, the world around them, and their relationships with others. They are determined using their birth date and mathematical calculations based on sonic frequencies associated with particular numbers.

Indian philosophers and scientists share a fascination with the relationship between numbers and the natural world. Many sequences, ratios, and critical values have been identified that link all living things to each other, space, and the cosmos. This is a link that draws upon the science behind numerology.

Numbers as Symbols

Science Behind Numerology - Calendar

So, we understand that numbers have been linked to vibrational energies and meaning for thousands of years. But why numbers? The answer is actually quite simple.

Of all the cultures, languages, and belief systems globally, the “language” of numbers remains constant across all spheres. It can, therefore, be considered a universal language that everyone understands.

So, it makes sense for numbers to be the chosen symbols to communicate information that transcends the limits of our society.

The Core Principles of Numerology

As you may have gathered, numerology is the study of the meaning behind numbers. More accurately, it’s the interpretation of the vibrational energy of numbers into meaning, which is where the science behind numerology lies. The meaning associated with the numbers provides further insight into a person’s character, passion, and mission in life.

The purpose of numerology is to help people navigate through life and discover their true calling. In doing so, numerologists aim to bring happiness, peace, and abundance into people’s lives.

Knowledge of the connection between numbers, symbols, and vibrational energy has been recognized for thousands of years. This understanding has been used to request and receive guidance from the universe.

But how does this relate to science? While these ancient civilizations did not understand modern scientific concepts, they did understand energy on some level.

The foundation of the science behind numerology incorporates physics, metaphysics, transcendental physics, and geometry. In fact, the methodologies used in numerology are very similar to those used in astrology.

Numerology requires the skill to calculate and delineate the numbers and meaning of a person’s numerological chart. Numerologists must have the ability to read and translate the vibrational energy associated with the numbers into meaning.

They understand how different numbers work together, combining energies to influence the meaning associated with them. With this skill and insight, numerologists can establish core information within a numerological chart, such as one’s intended life path.

Numerologists believe that everything exists by design and that there is reason and meaning linked to everything. This includes the day that you were born as well as the name you were given at birth. As such, all calculations in numerology begin with your birth date or name.

The Link Between Energy, Vibrations, & Numbers

There is positive, negative, and neutral energy present in the world. Everything that exists is made up of and exudes some form of energy. It is present within us and is all around us. It is how we connect and align with the universe.

It’s this energy that determines what you are drawn to and what you repel in life. The energy you share with the world also dictates what you attract into your life. This principle forms the backbone of the science behind numerology.

In 2018, the Institute of Noetic Sciences in California carried out a study of the effects of meditation in individuals. The objective was to examine how the human body and mind responded to meditation.

An interesting result of the study was that in group meditation, individuals felt the presence of the group’s collective energy. This is a feeling that the majority of the participants experienced with every meditation session.

Similarly, through his in-depth study of energy, famed physicist Albert Einstein recognized that everything is made up of vibrational energy. Einstein understood that all things make up an intricate network of energy that flows from one element or being to another.

This understanding of connectedness and the flow of energy is even used in medicine today. Vibrational medicine, such as acupuncture and reflexology, involves using vibrational energy to influence positive energy flow in the body. Healing energy interacts with the body’s cells to ward off disease and bring balance to the body and mind.

Numbers embody this same vibrational energy, which can have positive, negative, or neutral significance. The meaning behind it is interpreted by numerologists who understand the symbolism associated with this vibrational energy.

It’s through vibrational energy that all the elements of the universe connect and communicate with each other. This connection plays a vital role in the science behind numerology. Some refer to it as the universal energy system or cosmic energy, while others know it as super-consciousness.

The Meaning & Interpretation of Vibrational Energies

Science Behind Numerology - Universal EnergyIn this blog post, we’ve covered the history of numerology and the objective behind its practice. We’ve also examined the fundamental principles associated with vibrational energy and how it connects everything.

In this final section, we’ll explore how that vibrational energy is interpreted into meaningful information related to our existence and being. This is where we take a closer look at the role of the numerologist as an intermediary between the universe and humans.

The Numerology Chart

When studying numerology, one learns about the core vibrational energy linked to each single-digit number. These are based on historical practices and studies, as discussed above. Each number carries a meaning that is associated with its vibrational energy.

When interpreting readings for individuals, a numerologist draws up a numerology chart for that person. Each section of the chart relates to a different aspect of that person’s life or character.

Although multiple values make up a numerology chart, the 5 core numbers in a person’s chart are as follows:

  1. Life Path Number: It relates to the path you are meant to choose in life and is calculated using your birth date.
  2. Birthday Number: This is your actual birth date, and it represents your natural abilities.
  3. Expression Number (or Destiny Number): It tells you about your strengths and weaknesses in life and is calculated using your birth name.
  4. Personality Number: This number indicates how you present yourself to the world and is calculated using only the consonants in your birth name.
  5. Soul Urge Number (or Heart’s Desire Number): This reveals your deepest desire and ultimate fulfillment in life. It’s calculated using only the vowels in your birth name.

Numerological Calculations

When calculating one of these core numbers with the person’s birth name, a numerology table is used to convert the letters of the name to numbers. The Pythagorean table is the most common of these, but a slightly different Chaldean table also exists.

Numerologists will add the numbers that make up the birth date or name. They do so, reducing the equation until either a single digit or master number remains. The master numbers in numerology are 11, 22, and 33.

Once the final number relating to that section of the chart is determined, the numerologist will draw upon its vibrational energy.

This energy communicates the connotations associated with the number. The overall meaning is predetermined, as per studies done by Pythagoras and scholars that lived before and after him.

The process is then taken a step further when numerologists interpret the meaning of the number based on other information they have about the individual.

In other words, the meaning of the number is applied to that person’s specific circumstances. The objective is to help the person navigate any potential challenges or important decisions they might be facing.

Further to that, numerologists understand how the vibrational energies of numbers influence each other.

Each number in a person’s numerology chart does not exist in isolation. One number will affect another. And when their energies and meanings are combined, further interpretation is needed.

This skill of interpretation is also used when working with tarot cards and Angel numbers, which can comprise multiple digits.


Science Behind Numerology - Pythagoras

Numerology may not be considered a science as such, but there is evidence of science behind numerology.

What we can conclude is that energy and vibrations are the very fabric of our universe and existence. And they are measured and understood through scientific studies such as physics and astronomy.

Everything in the universe embodies this vibrational energy, including numbers. And it is through numbers that numerologists can interpret the meaning of the energy present.

This is the real science behind numerology.

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