Soul Urge Numbers: Your Deepest Desires Uncovered

Soul Urge Numbers - Your Deepest Desires Uncovered

Soul Urge Numbers: Your Deepest Desires Uncovered

Soul Urge Numbers are one of the most integral numbers in numerology. It plays a crucial role in determining how you’ll grow and the path you’ll follow through life.

Also known as Heart’s Desire Numbers, Soul Urge Numbers reveal the things that inspire and motivate us on the deepest level. It reveals our inner desires and what we’re most drawn to. In essence, it spells out your hopes and dreams and establishes your driving force. And to calculate your Soul Urge Number, you use the vowels in your full birth name.

Knowing your Soul Urge Number and the meaning behind it is incredibly beneficial. With this information, you’ll have a better idea of what might lie ahead for you as you journey through life. With your Soul Urge Number, you’ll understand yourself better. And understand more about where you want to be and how to get there.

This article will explore the ins and outs of this spiritual key to your deepest desires. We’ll discuss what Soul Urge Numbers are and how to calculate yours. And we’ll break down the overarching meaning behind each Soul Urge Number. After reading this article, you should be able to calculate your own Soul Urge Number and know precisely what it means.

What are Soul Urge Numbers?

A Soul Urge Number is one of five core numbers present in any numerology chart. As such, it is considered to be an essential pillar of a numerology reading. Together with the Birthday, Personality, Expression, and Life Path Numbers, a numerologist can provide you with crucial information about your future.

Soul Urge Numbers - Your Deepest Desires Uncovered

The Soul Urge Number reveals what inspires and motivates you in life. It also shows your innermost desires and what you are most drawn to. As such, your Soul Urge Number is significant in numerology. Knowing the meaning behind yours can help you understand who you are at your core. And it should give you further insight into your place in the world.

When we understand the meaning of our Soul Urge Numbers, we are better prepared to establish our dreams and pursue them.

How to Calculate Your Soul Urge Number

Soul Urge Numbers belong to a group of numbers in the numerology chart referred to as name numbers. This is because your birth name is used as the basis for calculating your Soul Urge Number.

However, only the vowels of your full birth name are used. And these vowels are converted into numbers for the equation using a Pythagorean alphabet table. There are other forms of numerology practiced in different parts of the world. And as such, there are variations on the alphabet table used in numerology. However, Pythagorean numerology is considered the standard in the West. And it’s for this reason we use the Pythagorean alphabet table for our calculation.

That said, to determine your Soul Urge Number, you’ll add up the numerical value of each vowel in your name. Then you’ll continue to add the resultant individual digits together, reducing this number to a single digit. The digit that remains is your Soul Urge Number.

Let’s take a look at a Soul Urge Number calculation example. And for this example, we’ll use the name of the late legendary TV actor Luke Perry (Coy Luther “Luke” Perry III). We’ll begin by using the table below to convert the vowels in his birth name to digits. And then, we’ll proceed with the calculation.

Soul Urge Numbers - how to calculate

6 + 3 + 5 + 5 = 19

1 + 9 = 10

1 + 0 = 1

Therefore, Luke Perry’s Soul Urge Number is 1.

What Does Your Soul Urge Number Mean?

Now that you’ve figured out your Soul Urge Number, you’ll want to discover what the meaning behind it is. And in this section, we’ll break down the meaning for each of the Soul Urge Numbers from 1 to 9. We’ll also detail the meaning behind the Master Soul Urge Numbers 11, 22, and 33.

Soul Urge Number 1

Let’s begin with Soul Urge Number 1. This unique number is all about freedom, self-reliance, and individualism. Therefore, if you have Soul Urge Number 1 in your chart, it means you’re an independent person. And that means that you prefer to do things on your own. In fact, your need to prove you can achieve success on your own is what drives you.

You’re also a self-sufficient and resourceful individual. However, when in a group, you enjoy nothing more than being in charge. The Soul Urge Number 1 individual will crave an influential leadership role when pursuing a career. As such, they often become successful in business owners and politicians.

Soul Urge Number 2

When it comes to Soul Urge Number 2, we recognize energies symbolizing cooperation, harmony, and balance. This indicates that you’re a cooperative person who likes to work with others. It’s your desire for everyone around you to work together in harmony.

You’re an advocate for harmony and balance. And, as such, you’re determined to keep things peaceful when there’s friction in your midst. If Soul Urge Number 2 is in your numerology chart, you may be interested in helping others. And you may have a penchant for ensuring others are treated fairly. Therefore, you may excel with a career in law or social work.

Soul Urge Number 3

Creativity, self-expression, and joy are central to what motivates the Soul Urge Number 3 person. In essence, you’re a creative person who enjoys expressing yourself through your art. Allowing your voice to be heard through your chosen medium is your happy place.

You’re also a joyful and fun-loving individual who likes to savor every moment in life. And chances are you also love the attention of others. As a result, Soul Urge Number 3 individuals most often pursue careers in the arts or entertainment industry.

Soul Urge Number 4

If Soul Urge Number 4 is in your numerology chart, you likely value stability, responsibility, and practicality. Therefore, it’s no surprise that you’re a stable person who likes to get things done. You could say that enforcing order in the chaos is your superpower.

You are the responsible and practical one in your social circle. And your need to have everything in your life organized in a particular way borders on obsessive. But, these strengths make the Soul Urge Number 4 person perfect in a business or finance role.

Soul Urge Number 5

Soul Urge Numbers - Your Deepest Desires Uncovered

Soul Urge Number 5 embodies change, freedom, and adventure. These are free spirits who thrive on adventure and variety in their lives. Experiencing absolute freedom and traveling the globe is what you desire most.

This is another one of the Soul Urge Numbers associated with a need for independence. Exploring new and exciting things with your friends and family fills your heart with joy. But you’re most content when it’s just you and the great wide open. You’ll do well as an entrepreneur, designer, artist, or the like if Soul Urge Number 5 is in your chart.

Soul Urge Number 6

Looking closer at Soul Urge Number 6, we can identify strong ties with family, love, and responsibility. If your Soul Urge number is 6, it means you’re a kind, loving, and responsible person. And as such, caring for others is high on your list of priorities.

Family comes first in your book, and you’re incredibly protective of those near and dear to you. But you’re also highly compassionate and find fulfillment in taking care of your community. Soul Urge Number 6 individuals often have successful careers in education or social work.

Soul Urge Number 7

Energies related to knowledge, wisdom, and introspection are intense with Soul Urge Number 7. With this unique number in your chart, chances are you’re a wise and reflective ‘old soul’. More often than not, Soul Urge Number 7 individuals are devoted to spiritual practice and growth.

Your pursuit of knowledge is relentless. And this makes you a curious individual. As such, you love learning new things and are the poster child for life-long learning. If you’re a Soul Urge Number 7 person, don’t be surprised if you gravitate towards a career in the field of academia or research.

Soul Urge Number 8

When we examine Soul Urge Number 8, we find it signifies energies associated with power, success, and material abundance. This means that Soul Urge Number 8 individuals are successful people who most often lead their peers. Being a pioneer and being revered by others for your many successes is your primary driving force.

You are a materialistic individual who strives for wealth and enjoys showing off your many costly possessions. You’ll typically find a Soul Urge Number 8 person at the head of a major corporation. Other potential careers include financial management and working with the stock market.

Soul Urge Number 9

Nothing says humanitarianism, global consciousness, and universal love more than Soul Urge Number 9. And if this is your Soul Urge Number, it’s an indication that you are a humanitarian-minded person who cares about others. In fact, you probably think more about others than yourself.

As a globally conscious individual, you’re intensely aware of the world around you. And you go out of your way to help others whenever possible. If Soul Urge Number 9 is in your chart, you’ll likely find your ultimate joy working as a social worker or in the non-profit sector.

Soul Urge Number 11

Soul Urge Number 11 is the first of three Master Soul Urge Numbers. Master Numbers are bestowed upon those whose life purpose has a far-reaching impact. These are individuals who are destined to change the world in one way or another. As such, their journey through life can be far more challenging than most.

That said, Master Soul Urge Number 11 resonates with spiritual awareness, intuition, and visionary power. It’s a sign that you are a spiritually aware person in touch with your intuition. On top of which, you’re a visionary blessed with remarkable imagination. As a Soul Urge Number 11 individual, you’ll likely find fulfillment as a writer or doing something in the creative arts.

Soul Urge Number 22

Our second Master Soul Urge Number is number 22. And this spiritual number carries intense energies of mastery, achievement, and success. You may find that you pursue excellence in everything you do if Master Soul Urge Number 22 is in your chart. This would be a key motivating factor in your life.

As a result, you’re highly achievement-oriented and goal-driven. You set out to succeed at everything you try your hand at. And this need for achievement is what will make you an incredible mentor to others. As a Soul Urge Number 22 person, you could well enjoy a lucrative career as an entrepreneur or work in business.

Soul Urge Number 33

Taking a closer look at Master Soul Urge Number 33, we notice that it symbolizes divine inspiration, spiritual enlightenment, and altruism. This is a sure sign that you’re a spiritually awakened individual inspired by the divine. It’s your deepest desire to attain spiritual enlightenment and help others on their spiritual journey.

You are a humanitarian-minded and compassionate person. And as such, you enjoy helping others when they need guidance, comfort, and care. You enjoy counseling those who are suffering mentally, physically, and emotionally. Therefore, Master Soul Urge Number 33 individuals most often pursue some form of light work, such as social work, caregiving, psychiatry, etc.


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We hope that this blog post has shone a light on Soul Urge Numbers. And that it’s provided you with the tools to calculate and determine the meaning of your Soul Urge Number.

It’s important not to feel discouraged or anxious when reading the meaning of your Soul Urge Number. You may not identify with the attributes and desires described here. However, if you don’t see these characteristics within yourself, it’s a sign that you need to do some soul-searching.

Likely, you haven’t discovered your inner voice and authentic self yet. But, when you do, all of the puzzle pieces will fall into place. And then, with the above information, you’ll know exactly what to do next.

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