Tarot Numerology 101 – Read and Understand Your Tarot

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If you are new to tarot cards, you must have heard that there are 78 cards in tarot. And memorizing them can become a huge issue. With tarot numerology this becomes super. But what is tarot numerology? – You may ask.

Tarot numerology is a fast and efficient way to remember tarot cards. For beginners, it can help them understand the system of learning tarot at ease. Learning tarot cards is hard, but not with tarot numerology.

There is more to it than just this. In this article, I will teach you how you can use tarot numerology to memorize and use your tarot cards much more easily.  So, keep on reading till the end to have a complete understanding of tarot numerology.

Tarot and Numerology: Explanations

As you know, tarot cards are a set of playing cards with 78 individual cards. Besides playing, they are now used in numerology as they all have different meanings. Tarot cards are complex and have their own numbers and signs. All of them have significant meanings to their own, and that’s what helps in the numerology section.

Generally, you will find 56 cards in minor arcana. 40 of them are numbered cards and the rest are court cards. Basic numerology will help you learn those 40 numbered cards. In the major arcana, there are 22 cards. Both of the arcana form the 78 card pack. Believe me, the tarot cards have an unbelievable significance in numerology.

Why Should You Learn Tarot Card Numerology?

Tarot card numerology helps you learn the tarot cards efficiently. You will understand the deeper meanings of tarot cards if you learn numerology correctly. Tarot numerology can help reading tarot cards in the following ways:

  • A repeating number in tarot cards can make you learn the importance of the numerical meaning.
  • Repeated numbers can represent the length of time too.
  • If a number can be found sequentially, it can highlight when something may begin and end.

How to Read Tarot Cards?

read tarot numerology

Actually, there are no specific ways to read tarot cards. You cannot call a way of reading tarot cards the perfect way. When you learn tarot cards, you will gradually develop your own way of reading tarot cards. However, I will show you a process to start with for now. Later, you must build your own ways.

Step 1: Select a Deck

There are a lot of decks available in tarot cards. Every single deck has some unique symbols and systems. You will need to create new stories using those unique symbols. Therefore, it is important to choose a deck. The artwork of the deck is going to resonate with you.

Probably the best starter deck is the Rider-Waite deck. This is minimalistic and common, so reading would be simpler than other decks. However, you are free to choose your own deck.

Step 2: Have a question in your mind

If you are reading this, surely you have some questions in your mind. People seek the help of tarot cards when their life becomes full of uncertainty. When you are able to use those cards correctly, they will help you consider the choices of your life, and soon you will find out the best choice among them.

Remember, the tarot does not directly show you the future. Instead, it helps you find out the inner beauty of yours. You will be spiritually awakened after using tarot cards and be able to solve your problems by yourself. Gradually, you will unlock the hidden perceptions of yours.

Step 3: Shuffle your cards

Shuffle the cards and think of your life, your problems, where you want to succeed or want clarity. While you shuffle, not only the card positions are changed, you also get connected to the tarot cards physically. Bring yourself to the tarot cards and shuffle them.

Shuffle as many times as you want. Keep shuffling until you feel the cards to be “cleared”. Also, you can try cutting the deck into 3’s and shuffle the order manually. Remember, you must shuffle the cards, at least once. When you are done, put the cards face down.

Step 4: Try Tarot Spreads

The structures of tarot spreads containing 3 cards help you to explore your questions. The positions of the cards in a spread will show you different aspects of your questions you need to consider. No, using them each time you read is not needed. But while you are learning, they will help you for sure.

Probably the simplest way to familiarize yourself with tarot cards is using the past, present, and obviously, the future spread. Use the shuffled deck and take the top card from it. Keep revealing cards one by one and organize them from left to right.

Step 5: Consider your reactions

Before reading every single card, scan them and consider your reaction to those images. Think about the images on the cards and feel them like emotions, objects, feelings, colors, and symbols. Find individual reactions of yours and remember how the images are acting.

Step 6: Understand Tarot Meanings

As a beginner, you need a reference for your tarot cards to start with. Generally, you will get a guide with the tarot cards you have purchased. You can use that or search online to find individual card meanings. In the next section, I will describe them too.

Gradually your reading skills will be developed and you will no longer need this online guide or the one you found with your tarot cards set. Remember, you need to rely more on your intuitions than third-party guides. Try to find how the cards are related to your questions of life. You should be able to tell your own story using those cards.

Tarot reading is nothing but connecting the events of your life with cards and giving them your spiritual meanings. It’s just your start, so don’t worry. When you get used to this stuff, nothing will seem impossible anymore.

Step 7: Complete the reading

How people perceive world events are different. Treat your cards with significance and respect. After you finish reading your cards, ensure they are kept in a safe and secure place. These are the cards that can change your life, so make sure they are stored with respect.

You should practice reading cards from now on. Time and practice make a man perfect. Soon you will be able to read your cards confidently. As an example, the minor arcana will relate the events of your life to each other, and the major arcana will tell a beautiful story about that. Keep track of your progress and see how you are getting benefited.

Meaning Of Tarot Card Numbers

Here is the detailed guide of tarot card numbers that will help you learn tarot card numerology. There are basically two different sets of cards in tarot. The Minor Arcana and Major Arcana.

The Minor Arcana

As I mentioned before, the minor arcana has 56 cards.  In this section, I will use pure numerology to define those. Keep reading the article to learn more about this arcana.

One – The Aces in Tarot Cards

The aces begin a journey of a newbie. They are pure raw energy waiting to be unleashed. You need to give it a shape and bring your own opportunities. Remember, raw energy is unstable, you must take good care of it. Present these cards as your new information and ideas. This does not ensure pure success, but you have an opportunity to convert it in the near future.

Reverse aces mean that the opportunities are not for you, and you are not ready for a challenge. The new beginning may not help you at all. It is time to move to the twos now.

Twos in Tarot Cards

Twos represent the union when twos become ones. The twos are not going to be self-centered because they are not the ones. They have to think about the others, so no time should be wasted thinking about their own ego anymore. Partnership and balancing are the mottos of the twos.

Twos may show you two opposing choices, and you have to choose your path. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to handle the twos with care. Reverse twos can represent the opposite of partnership. That will result in imbalance and disharmony. Always remember that trust is the key to partnership.

Threes in Tarot Cards

Threes represent groups, and indicates your success from using a group outcome. Confused? Let me explain. Think of a group of individuals or ideas. A group is better than one, and by using this, you complete a phase of your life. You are slowly achieving something in your life and moving through the steps of achieving success in your life.

Threes collaborate with each other. One was yourself, two were with your partner, now threes are groups. Friendship and teamwork are the keys to the threes. If you get the reverse of the threes, you need a distance from your friends and families. They might be hindering your progress.

Fours in Tarot Cards

Fours represent the foundation of your life. If you have found the fours, you need to evolve and grow. Attract your desires and construct your foundations. It is a good sign which manifests your desires. Wake up, it’s time to work. The foundation is the start of a good journey, a journey to your success.

Reverse four represents the lack of grounding. When the foundation is not strong, you can’t expect the building to be strong at all. You need to create stability and break free to the next phase. The future is yours.

Fives in Tarot Cards

Fives don’t represent positive energy. When fives are in front of you, it will show conflict between your choices, fluctuations, unstable positions, and changes. Actually, this energy is similar to the fours. To remove these obstacles, you need to push forward and overcome all instabilities.

Fives should not be feared and you should think of it as an opportunity. These challenges will teach you newer lessons and day by day you will become stronger than ever. The reverse of the fives represents that you are not going to face those challenges. It is not a negative sign though; it just shows that you have done everything needed to overcome those obstacles.

Sixes in Tarot Cards

Don’t get depressed after reading the negative signs of the fives, because the sixes are going to bring a positive sign to you. You are getting a solution to a problem and all of the conflicts are going to vanish. Light comes after the dark, and the sixes come after the fives. Sixes are good and bring a balance to your life.

Calm yourself and enter the spiritual world. Cooperation will come along and your challenges will not be there anymore. However, the reverse is not a good sign. Disharmony and lack of balance may try to embrace you.

Sevens in Tarot Cards

Although a lot of people think sevens are good for everyone, it might not mean the same for tarot cards. When you get the sevens, you may need to step back and think about the situations in your life. Gain wisdom and reflect them in your work. Analyze the situations and balance them. Focus on your problems and try to overcome those.

Reverse sevens represent that you have a lot of options in your life, which is not good for you. You are lacking clear focus and you are not exploring the possibilities at all. Use your logical mind and do what you think is good for you.

Eights in Tarot Cards

Eights represent that you have completed the second phase of your challenge. Eight looks like the symbol of infinity and they actually show the eternal flow of motions. You need to continue the effort you were giving to your job to reach your final goal. Work and action, that’s what rights are telling you to do.

The reverse of the eights means that the path you have chosen is not the right one. Success is not going to come anytime sooner and you are not working for it. Success does not come by magic. It’s time to put in some hard labor to reach your destiny.

Nines in Tarot Cards

Nines represent that your journey is coming to an end. You will soon receive your reward for the hard labor you gave in your job. You have made your way to success and the hard work is going to pay off. You will sense the fulfillment of your desire. Success is near and it’s time to enjoy it.

If nines are reversed, it represents that you are not close to your achievement. Tie up the loose ends before you move forward. Redefine your goals and try to achieve the bigger purpose. Sooner or later, you will achieve your goal.

Tens in Tarot Cards

Tens are the completion of the whole cycle. The current journey is finished, and it’s time to start another journey to another goal. As 1+0 = 1, it shows that the race to the finish starts at the finish line of another race. Tens are fulfillment, you are successful if you have reached the tens.

But if you find the reverse of the tens, it shows that something is wrong in your journey and you need to work more in order to reach your destiny. The journey is not finished and the work is not completed. Be confident and keep working until you receive the tens.

The Major Arcana

Although it’s called the major arcana, it has a minor number of cards in the deck. 22 cards assemble the major arcana and as I told before, they tell a story. Let me describe the numerology of these tarot cards in brief.

Zero – The Fool

This world calls innocent people fools. If you can’t or don’t want to outwit someone, people will recognize you as a fool. The fool tarot card tells you a story of a fool like that. A fool lives in his own paradise and doesn’t care about anything else in this world. He carries a bindle with all of his worldly possessions.

If you get the fool, it indicates that you need to believe in someone or something without thinking. Although it can be risky, it will bring good news for you. You will be able to open new areas in your own life. While the fool is reversed, that means you were being an actual fool which is not good for you. You need to work now and enjoy freedom later.

One – The Magician

A magician’s mind is focused on a single thing. It does not move from decisions to decisions. Because of that, a magician can do anything. This tarot card brings positive changes to your life. You will get connected to your body, your spirit, your mind, and emotion. All you need to do is believe in yourself. Stay on track and keep focused on a strong plan.

The reversed magician shows that you are going to have a lot of traps and confusion ahead of you. Probably someone is trying to manipulate you and you don’t even know. Instead of a person, it can be your own mind or emotion too. Be careful at every step of your life.

Two – The High Priestess

The high priestess is the symbol of balance. Some call it a feminine card, but it actually balances the love between a male and a female. The high priestess is a wise person. One attracts another and forms the two. The two understand and help each other in their own journey. Think about your significant other if you got the two.

It’s time to prioritize your emotions instead of your intelligence. The reverse of the two shows that you are not listening to yourself enough. You need to allow your own feelings to dominate you and that will bring prosperity to your life.

Three – The Empress

The Empress encourages you to find your feminine side. Similar to the two, the three also represent love. But this time, you love yourself and find your own happiness in life. Explore your creative and artistic energies. Take a new hobby, spend some time with yourself.

The reverse of the empress tells you that you have been ignoring your feminine side for a lot of time. If you do not explore that now, it might bring danger to your life. You have not taken enough care of yourself and that’s why you are not achieving anything good in your life.

Four – The Emperor

The emperor is a sign of power and strength. While the last two cards symbolized females, the emperor shows masculine power. If you got the emperor tarot card, you are going to achieve a higher position in society. However, that won’t come for free. You need to work hard and lead others for your success.

The reverse of the emperor is a negative sign. Someone is abusing you by their power and you need to get out of that. Maybe you are dominating your loved ones and you should not be doing that. Either way, the reverse emperor shows negative dominance.

Five – The Hierophant

The hierophant is another tarot card with masculine energy. It asks you to follow the current plan and learn existing techniques. A mentor, teacher, or leader can help you with this. You need to follow your own religion and bring back family customs.

The reverse of the fives represents that you are not controlling your own life anymore. It’s time to bring back your own understanding and control to your life. Do not listen to others and follow your heart. It will surely lead you to greater success.

Six – The Lovers

Yet another tarot card to represent love in your life. When you find this one, it means that you need to make some life-changing decisions. Go for the temptations first, it will help you undergo the rest of your challenges. Love towards your partner is the key.

Reverse lovers mean you are going to face a breakup or you are going to lose your lover. Try to make your connection and love stronger than ever. You need to get out of this situation as soon as possible, so try your best.

Seven – The Chariot

Seven encourages your inner desire and spiritual awakening. It is time to get what you want. Achieve your own goal and keep focused on your own abilities. Be confident and use your willpower. Bring out the stronger one from yourself and go for a long journey. The present is yours and the future will be yours.

The reverse chariot represents the opposite of the upright chariot. Probably you are going to face a massive failure or defeat. Obstacles are going to block your path and unless you remove them yourself, you are not going to succeed in your life.

Eight – Strength

As I told you before, eight shows the symbol of infinity. Just like the name, it encourages you to bring out your inner strength. Act with sensitivity and force, you cannot gain everything with brutality. Stay calm and be nice to others. Your behavior is the key to success.

The reverse of the strength means that you are being rude to others without reason. You get easily angered and compare yourself to others. You need to calm down and be positive. Say nice things to yourself and others. Success does not come with rudeness.

Nine – The Hermit

The hermit is one of the most important tarot cards. It represents truth and wisdom. If you found this card, you need to be patient and let everything go. Search for the higher truth and don’t be scared. Make yourself comfortable, perhaps with a few distractions.

The reverse hermit represents the negative effects of disconnecting yourself from society. Are you lonely or isolated? Do you run from your own problems instead of facing them? You should not be doing that. Accept the reality and go talk with your friends. Socialization is going to free yourself from this isolation.

Ten – The Wheel of Fortune

The magician and the fool prepare the wheel of fortune. This tarot card is ruled by Jupiter. If you find this card, consider yourself lucky. You will be surprised by the positive things going to happen to you. Your dream is coming true and you have nothing to fear. You might have some abilities that others do not know about.

The reverse wheel of fortune shows that things are not going as planned as they should. Challenges and difficulties will come from external factors and you need to prepare yourself for that. Things will not go well at all.


Thanks for the time you have spent reading the whole article. I am sure your patience is going to pay off if you have read the full article attentively. Tarot numerology is fun, but only when you have practiced enough. So, grab your tarot cards and start practicing.

I hope this article was informative enough to help you learn the basics of tarot numerology. Thanks for stopping by and farewell.


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