Your Guardian Angel: 10 Astonishing Things You Didn’t Know

Your Guardian Angel - 10 Astonishing Things You Did Not Know

Did you know that your Guardian Angel is genderless? That’s right. They are neither male nor female. And this is just one example of a surprising fact about your spiritual guardian you probably didn’t know.

The truth is that there’s so much we don’t know about our Guardian Angels. Most are just aware of their existence and that they might help us from time to time. But they are with us all the time, and they work hard to help us find happiness in our lives. They want nothing but the best for us and love us unconditionally.

But there’s more to your Guardian Angel than just that. They are multifaceted and majestic celestial beings, and their many qualities will leave you in awe. And we feel it essential for you to know more about the angelic entities that guide and watch over you.

So, let’s find out more about our Angels and explore the great virtues these spiritual guardians embody.

What is a Guardian Angel?

Guardian Angels are beings that are born and reside in the spiritual realm. Their birth, however, is not the same as a human birth in that they do not have a paternal mother and father. They are created by light energy from The Source, where all that exists originates from.

It’s important to note that they are not the spiritual representation of someone who has passed on. While the deceased may move on to working with the Angels in the spiritual realm, they cannot become Angels themselves.

All Angels are tasked with teaching and advising humankind. But Guardian Angels work with one specific person to help them achieve their goals and find happiness. They are considered God’s messengers because they carry out their work for the highest good.

While each of us has a Guardian Angel, there are many things we don’t know or understand about them. However, learning as much as possible about your Guardian Angel will bring your closer to them. And it will allow for more accessible communication with them.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Guardian Angel

Your Guardian Angel

Finding out as much as you can about your spiritual guide is crucial to their ability to guide and protect you. And there are some things you may not know that are about to amaze and surprise you. Therefore, in this section of our

1. Guardian Angels Don’t Have a Bodies

We’ve seen Angels depicted in book illustrations and artworks many times. And these figures are always shown as divine-looking humans, some with glowing halos and wings. However, this representation of Angels can give us the wrong idea.

The reality is that Angels are spiritual beings comprising magnificent vibrational energy. Therefore, they do not exist in a form similar to humans. In fact, to describe how they look in their natural state, one could say that they are entities of light energy.

That said, on the rare occasion, Angels have visited humans on earth either in a vision or dream. They only do this when absolutely necessary, which is why it doesn’t happen too often. But revealing themselves as they are could be unsettling for humans. Not to mention the intensity of light energy they exude might be too overpowering.

Therefore, when humans have seen Angels, they’ve appeared in human form, but perfect. They are always breathtakingly beautiful, and their bodies, face, and hair are always immaculate. They also tend to have a bit of a glow about them.

2. Every Guardian Angel is Unique

Each Guardian Angel in the spiritual realm is distinctive. In the same way that you have a unique personality and appearance. Therefore, they each have their own sense of humor and quirks, just like humans.

While their natural appearance is a body of light, each one carries its own exceptional brilliance. This makes each distinguishable from the other when seen by other divine beings. But, as humans, we can only tell them apart based on the physical features they display if they appear to us.

3. Guardian Angels Don’t Understand Time

Time as we know it is a concept designed by humans. It only exists in the minds of the human race and, therefore, only has meaning to us. No other species on earth or lifeform beyond this earth conforms to the concept of time.

Therefore, it stands to reason that your Guardian Angel wouldn’t operate within the confines of time or the calendar. The same goes for the rest of the spiritual realm and all that the cosmos comprises. It’s simply not something these entities think about or use.

The human race has developed the concept of time to make sense of their world. It gives us the ability to define and control things to a certain point, which is helpful to us psychologically. But it isn’t something your angelic guardian needs.

So, when you ask your Guardian Angel for help, try not to count the days until you receive a response. You must exercise patience and understand that you will receive exactly what you need at the time you need it. But keep your eyes peeled for any obvious signals, like an Angel number or an Angel color.

4. Your Guardian Angel Knows Everything About You

Your Guardian Angel Knows Everything About YouMany may not realize this, but your divine guardian is with you, at least, from the day you are born. And they stay with you until the day you pass on, or possibly beyond that. Some have theorized that your Guardian Angel is connected to your soul. And that they are with you beyond this life as well.

That said, you should know that your spiritual guide is tasked with helping you discover your purpose and ultimate happiness. As a result, they know everything there is to know about you. They know your deepest desires and fears, and they are fully aware of what you’re meant to do with your life.

This is why it’s essential to listen to the advice you receive from your Guardian Angel. They know you better than you know yourself, and they understand the road that lies ahead for you. Therefore, opening yourself up to them will be in your best interests.

5. Your Guardian Angel Loves You Unconditionally

Unconditional love may be a foreign concept to some, especially those who’ve not experienced the love of a parent. In essence, unconditional love is a level of compassion and caring for someone irrespective of anything they may say or do.

This is the level of love and affection your Guardian Angel has towards you. They love you as a parent would, without condition and no matter what. Understanding this should make you realize that you are always loved and supported. In fact, you are never alone because your Angel is and always will be in your corner.

6. Guardian Angels are in Direct Contact with The Source

First, let’s address what we mean by “The Source”. Because Guardian Angels are non-denominational, we don’t refer to a specific deity or creator when talking about them. Everyone has a Guardian Angel, irrespective of their religion or belief system. Therefore, we use the term “The Source” as a broader term to mean God, Allah, Jehovah, the universe, the cosmos, etc.

A deeper understanding of who we are, who we’re meant to be, our life path, and more lies within The Source. And your angelic guide is connected with The Source, which is why they understand precisely how to help you achieve your purpose in life.

Think of your Guardian Angel as your direct link to God. This is your resource for discovering the meaning of life and where you might go after this life. But to receive this knowledge, you must start communicating with your divine guide regularly. And you’ll need to work on elevating your vibrational energy through meditation to improve your ability to communicate with them.

7. Each Guardian Angel is Part of a Team

It isn’t just your spiritual guardian that watches over you. There’s a team of spiritual beings working toward the greater good of humankind. Your Guardian Angel is merely the entity with you at all times.

Other spiritual guardians include Archangels and the Ascended Masters. These divine beings are tasked with specific goals that apply to multiple individuals. Therefore, they will work closely with you and your angelic guardian at particular times. This could be when there’s a specific lesson for you to learn or something especially challenging to overcome in your life.

It’s also possible for Guardian Angels to team up temporarily to assist someone. This assistance would be focused on either your spiritual or personal growth. And they would likely band together at a pivotal point in your progress.

The important thing is that you are never alone. In fact, you are loved, protected, and supported by your own personal team of spiritual warriors.

8. Guardian Angels are Empathetic

Your divine guide is sensitive to your emotional well-being and can sense what you feel. They know when you’re sad, fearful, content, or joyful. And they use their ability to detect your emotions to direct their assistance your way when necessary.

Therefore, if you have opened the channels of communication to your Guardian Angel, they’ll be able to sense when they are needed. Opening yourself up to communicate with them is as easy as praying, meditating, or simply asking for their help.

In doing this, you have established a deeper connection with your spiritual guide that cannot be broken. And, as a result, they’ll know precisely how you’re feeling and when you need their celestial support. This will also make it easier for you to identify any signals they send your way, such as Angel numbers.

9. Guardian Angels Want You to Contact Them

Nothing gives your Guardian Angel more joy than when you acknowledge their existence and ask for their help. Except, perhaps, for when you fulfill your life purpose and find true happiness in all you do. Other than that, your angelic guide simply wants to connect with you.

Therefore, when you’re faced with a challenge or difficult decision, call on your Guardian Angel for assistance. And when things are going well and extraordinary opportunities come your way, thank your spiritual guide for all that they’ve done.

But when life is uneventful, without any significant ups or downs, remember to stay in touch with your Guardian Angel. Continue to express your gratitude for both the big and little things you have in your life. And let them know how much you appreciate them. Your Angel will even love to hear about your day if you’re looking for someone to talk to.

10. Your Guardian Angel Chose You

We often hear about God or The Source assigning Guardian Angels to help and guide us through life. However, the truth is that your divine guardian also has a say in who they end up working with. You could say that it’s more of a mutual decision between the Angel and The Source.

When you’re born, or perhaps even before that, a Guardian Angel is tasked with watching over you. But a large part of their job is to ensure that you follow your intended life path and fulfill your purpose. And, dependent on your specific purpose, your Guardian Angel may require a particular skill set to help you reach your goals.

For this reason, Guardian Angels select humans to work with based upon the type of guidance they may require. They’ll also choose to work with humans at different stages of development depending on their own experience.

For instance, certain Angels may be better equipped to assist individuals at the beginning of their spiritual development. While others might have the wisdom to help highly evolved human beings attain a state of enlightenment.


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Your Guardian Angel is a complex and fascinating being, as seen from the above 10 astonishing facts. And knowing more about them will strengthen your bond and make it easier to communicate with them.

Remember that your angelic guide is always with you and loves you unconditionally. They want nothing more than for you to be happy and fulfilled. Talk to them, ask for their advice, and always tell them how grateful you are for their help and guidance.

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