Who Are The Ascended Masters?


Apart from your Guardian Angels and the Archangels, some of the spiritual messages you receive might be from the Ascended Masters. And while most people are familiar with the Angels, many aren’t aware of the Ascended Masters.

The Ascended Masters are divine beings that also operate at a high vibrational energy level. They are spirit guides who once lived as human beings on earth. And after multiple lifetimes in our world, they achieved a state of mastery and enlightenment. At the end of their time on earth, they ascended to merge with their higher selves in the spiritual realm.

Therefore, these spiritual beings have immense wisdom and understanding when it comes to life from the human perspective. This is why they work closely with the Angels to guide and protect us through our journey of life.

When an Angel number or color comes into your life, it’s most often a message from your personal Guardian Angel. If you need guidance on something the Archangels can assist with, you may receive a message or sign from them. But sometimes, the signals we receive are from the Ascended Masters. This is why it’s crucial to understand precisely who they are.

What is the Difference Between the Ascended Masters and the Angels?

While the Guardian Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters are our spiritual advisors, there are some key differences. One of which is that Angels are celestial beings born into the non-physical realm they now occupy. On the other hand, the Ascended Masters were once physical beings who lived as ordinary men and women on earth.

In fact, you could say that the Ascended Masters are just like us. Except that they are considerably further along on their spiritual journey. They have simply reached a point in their spiritual growth that most of us cannot yet comprehend. And this places them in the perfect position to advise us as we progress in this world.

The life path of a Guardian Angel and Archangel is very different from that of a human. They have their own lessons to learn and spiritual goals to attain. And they never fully manifest in a physical form to live amongst us on this planet.

These Angels are close to the Source and play a significant role in our spiritual growth. But they don’t understand the struggles of human life and evolution firsthand as an Ascended Master does. The Ascended Masters have overcome countless struggles through multiple lifetimes in different circumstances and have mastered the human experience.

In fact, it is believed that the level of mastery attained by the Ascended Masters surpasses that of the Archangels and Guardian Angels. This is why guidance from the Ascended Masters is vital to our success as we strive for spiritual enlightenment.

How Do the Ascended Masters Help Us?

Every human being is on a spiritual journey while on earth. And the end goal of that journey is enlightenment. Attaining a state of enlightenment means completely letting go of everything that weighs us down in this world. It’s about freeing yourself from the suffering we face as humans and elevating your consciousness beyond the bounds of karmic law.

Having reached this state of enlightenment despite all the hardship they faced, the Ascended Masters are there to help us. Their objective is to offer us insight into the aspects of life and existence that we do not yet understand. And to encourage our spiritual growth as we edge toward our goal of enlightenment.

Working closely with the Angels, these enlightened beings watch over several human beings at once. When required, the Ascended Masters intervene by sending messages our way to help us overcome life’s obstacles. The idea is to encourage a spiritual outlook and interest in personal spiritual growth.

Essentially, these spiritual guides will help us walk their path to attain full enlightenment. The goal is to gain as much knowledge and insight as possible in this lifetime and those that follow. As we progress, we will learn to be more grateful, mindful, and compassionate in everything we say and do. And, through consistent meditation and reflection, our hearts, minds, and spirits will evolve.

During this evolution, the vibrational energy we possess will be amplified. And as the level of our vibrational energy increases, we become more attuned to our higher selves. The moment we experience enlightenment is when our vibrational energy reaches its peak. And it is in this state we have the power to leave our physical bodies and ascend to the spiritual realm.

How Do I Contact the Ascended Masters?

The Ascended Masters communicate with us similarly to how the Angels speak to us. For instance, they may place an Angel number or divine Angel color in your path. And the messages they carry will always have something to do with your spiritual growth and mastery as you navigate your life path.

But how do you initiate contact with the Ascended Masters when you need them?

Contacting the Ascended Masters is not dissimilar to communicating with the Angels. However, you must actively work toward your spiritual growth to do so. This will elevate your vibrational energy and align you with the Universe, making it easier to get your message through.

The age-old tried and trusted meditation practice is at the core of every person’s spiritual growth. If you’re not meditating regularly, you’ll find it very difficult to contact any of your divine guardians. So, you must adopt a daily habit of sitting quietly, undisturbed, with a focus on love and peace.

Mastering the art of meditation takes a great deal of practice. But that doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from it at the onset. Every meditation session will elevate your consciousness and increase your vibrational energy.

When in meditation, cast your mind to the Ascended Masters and ask them for the guidance you need. Continue to do so with each meditation until you receive a response. This may be in the form of a thought, dream, number, color, or an interaction with someone. There are multiple ways our spirit guides can get a message through to us.

Know that the Ascended Masters want nothing more than to communicate with you. And it’s their primary objective to help you attain mastery in this life.

Who are Some of the Most Prominent Ascended Masters?

It’s important to note that there are many Ascended Masters. Granted, some were prominent figures during their final lifetime on earth. And these are the ones we’ll likely be more familiar with.

But there are also countless Ascended Masters that are unknown to us. These are the lesser-known individuals who achieved enlightenment before leaving this world. People like you and I. who worked hard at their spiritual growth and achieved the highest human vibrational energy level.

Like the Archangels, the Ascended Masters specialize in specific personal development fields. Therefore, those that work with you aim to assist you in achieving a particular goal. As a result, you might work with many of them throughout this lifetime alone. It all depends on your personal life path and spiritual journey.

That said, it’s not essential to know the name of the spirit guides that are working with you. Although it’s natural for us to want to address them by name, it’s not necessary. Therefore, even when you call upon them in meditation or prayer, those working with you will respond.

Let’s look at some of the more prominent figures in history who are now Ascended Masters. Who knows, one of these divine beings could be working with you.

Jesus (Christ)

the ascended master jesusI doubt there’s anyone alive that isn’t familiar with Jesus. Said to be the Son of God, Jesus lived a life of service healing the sick and preaching the word of God. As such, much of the New Testament of the Bible is dedicated to him. And he is the central deity of the Christian church.

But as is the case with almost every prophet throughout history, his core message was love and compassion. Therefore, his focus on helping others and exuding pure unconditional love in everything he did, led to immense spiritual growth.

At the end of his life on earth, Jesus ascended to the heavens to unite with his higher self. And he now assists us by facilitating better communication with God and educating us on forgiveness. He also helps in healing, learning how to manifest, and many others.

The Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama or Gautama Buddha)

the ascended master buddah

Most will know the Buddha, or Gautama Buddha, as the Buddhist religion’s deity. But Siddhartha Gautama was a man born into a royal family in about 560 BC.

Having led a sheltered life behind palace walls until his late 20s, he witnessed human suffering on his first outing to the city. From that point onward, he made it his life’s mission to ease the suffering of others. Siddhartha Gautama promptly gave up all his worldly possessions, leaving his family behind, to pursue enlightenment as a monk.

The word “Buddha” means “awakened one”, a title he received after famously attaining enlightenment while meditating under a bodhi tree. As one of the Ascended Masters, the Buddha focuses on balance, compassion, and inner peace. He also helps us understand the greater plan and find joy in life.

Saint Germain (Count Saint Germain)

Master Saint Germain is well-known in Theosophical and other spiritual groups as the keeper of the Violet Flame. And as such, he is most often associated with the color violet. The Violet Flame represents healing and protection. Likewise, Angel color violet or purple, associated with the seventh ray, carries a similar meaning.

This divine being has lived many lifetimes as significant figures throughout history. Sir Francis Bacon, the biblical prophet Samuel, and Saint Joseph are some of the most notable. And through these lives, he’s been a linguist, artist, psychic, and alchemist, to name a few.

It is said that Master Saint Germain is incredibly concerned about the future of the human race. Therefore, he is highly active in his work on earth and speaks through numerous human mediums to spread his message.

He is known to inspire self-expression, courage, perseverance, and self-love. Master Saint Germain also assists us in finding and following our purpose in life and manifesting our desires.

Krishna (The Divine One)

the ascended master krishnaIn Hinduism, three core deities watch over and protect life on earth. This trinity comprises the Hindu gods Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva. Krishna is said to have been the reincarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu. And he is one of the Ascended Masters.

Krishna was born around 3220 BC and was a playful and charismatic individual. He was also a powerful meditator and was seen as the protector of the village he great up in. And he was praised for offering compassion and assistance to all around him throughout his life.

This Ascended Master works with us in developing meaningful relationships with others. His work also includes conscious nourishment through food and conservation of the environment. And he is often associated with fostering joy in people’s lives.

Mary, Mother of Jesus (The Virgin Mary)

the ascended master maryMaster Mary is renowned as being the woman who gave birth to Jesus through immaculate conception. She is the central figure through which members of the Catholic faith communicate with God and Jesus.

This divine being was responsible for raising, supporting, and nurturing the King of the Jews. And she is often depicted as having been a devoted and humble servant of God. Mary died of natural causes in about 30 AD.

Like the other Ascended Masters, Mary is believed to have ascended to become one with her higher self after her death. It is said that the spirit of Christ came to her body a few days after her she passed. And many have testified to witnessing Christ’s spirit carrying his mother up into the heavens.

If Master Mary is working closely with you, she is likely assisting you with matters related to children. She’s also known to help with fertility, compassion, mercy, and healing.


Knowing that we have Angels and Ascended Masters watching over us is comforting. And when we receive signals from our spiritual guides, it fills us with hope and faith in what lies beyond this life.

But knowing these beings are with us should also be a catalyst to open our hearts and minds to the bigger picture. It should usher in an understanding that this life and these challenges you face are so insignificant in the grand scheme of things. And that, ultimately, nothing else but love and compassion really matter in this world.

However, we find it difficult to remind ourselves of this as humans. And as such, we often become lost in the worries and problems immediately ahead of us. So, when life is challenging, or you find yourself with more questions than answers, reach out to your spirit guides. Your Guardian Angels, the Archangels, and the Ascended Masters long to hear from you and want to help you.

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